ENDNOTE: Dunkin Donuts as a vital to catching the Boston Bombers?

Yeah, the lockdown has significant implications. The donut part is just funny!

security theater, martial law, and a tale that trumps every cop-and-donut joke you’ve ever heard

*** begin quote ***

First, just in case it’s not utterly obvious, I’m glad that the two murderous cowards who attacked civilians in Boston recently are off the streets. One dead

*** and ***

But the Boston police didn’t shut down an entire city. They shut down an entire city except for the donut shops.

boston.com “Law enforcement asked Dunkin’ Donuts to keep restaurants open in locked-down communities to provide… food to police… including in Watertown, the focus of the search for the bombing suspect.”

*** end quote ***

Now, I’m sorry, as a little L libertarian, I object to the “lockdown”, but I find irony and humor in Dunkin Donuts as a vital neighborhood service.

Surely this makes you laff and cry in the same instant?

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