ENDNOTE: Transfer wealth and power from the outsiders to the insiders


The Greatest Wealth Transfer in History
by Bill Bonner
Bill Bonner’s Diary

*** begin quote ***

All governments engage in larceny and fraud, using their authority to transfer wealth and power from the outsiders to the insiders. But the clever government does so by deception… while the clumsy one does so with no pretense or excuses.

In the US, for example, the feds deny savers any financial return from their economies under the pretense of “economic stimulus.” Wage earners get nothing, while bankers, speculators and zombie grifters are rewarded with ultra low-cost financing, capital gains, bailouts and giveaways.

The scale of this wealth transfer is the greatest in all history. Trillions of dollars are changing hands… But not one voter in 1,000 understands what is happening to him.

*** end quote ***

By messing with the money, the Gooferment is robbing the Sheeple and Clovers blind.

The devaluation of the currency is a silent tax on the poor, those on fixed income (i.e., pensioners), and savers!

It’s fraud.

Money is supposed to be a store of value!


How stupid are we?

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