ENDNOTE: The Cause of the Civil War


The Cause of the Civil War: Historian Thomas Fleming Discovers the “Yankee Problem in America”
By Thomas J. DiLorenzo
July 13, 2013

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In his final chapter Thomas Fleming writes about Oliver Wendell Holmes, who was an officer in Lincoln’s army who was wounded in battle.  After the war, “For seventy years, he repeatedly condemned the abolitionists and others who claimed they had a message from some higher power that everyone had to obey.  Above all he voiced his contempt for people whose claim to certitude often persuaded other men to kill each other.”  If this sounds familiar, it is because it has been the guiding principle of American foreign policy ever since 1865.

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Lincoln was my choice as “worst President”.

Interesting that everyone else in the world could “eliminate slavery” without killing and fundamental changing the civic ethic.

The rationale that the “frenzy to bloodshed” is reappearing with intrusion into the Middle East.

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