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POSITRACTION: Bet Olive Garden won’t offer that again


When You See What This Guy Used His ‘Never Ending Pasta Pass’ To Do, You’ll Have a New Understanding of What Generosity Really Means
Nov. 29, 2014 9:05am Zach Noble

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On his blog, Tribe explains that he worked hard to get as much use out of the pass as he could, staying up late to drive to different Olive Garden locations before their 10 p.m. closing time and spilling soup all over the backseat of his car as he sped around, trying to share as much free pasta with the world as possible during the seven weeks that the pass was valid.

When he decided to share pasta with the homeless, Tribe said he got a “incredible” lesson in generosity:

I was cruising around looking for someone homeless that I could give some pasta to. I finally found one sleeping in a park. I debated on whether or not it would be a good idea to wake her up, but in the end I decided to do it. I approached her and asked if she was hungry and would like some Olive Garden. She thanked me for the pasta and said she was going to share it with her friends. First of all, the initial thought of someone who has nothing was to share it with someone else–that’s pretty incredible. I asked where her friends were and she said behind that wall and motioned in the direction of a large wall. I walked over there and peeked around the corner and saw several people there. I went back to the car and got a few more bags of pasta and took it on over to them. I’m still blown away that the first thought of the lady receiving the pasta was to share with her friends.

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Wow, wish I’d thought of that.

A great idea.

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JASPER JOTTINGS Week 50 – 2014 Dec 14

Jasper Jottings – The achievement journal of my fellow Jaspers, the alumni of the Manhattan College


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ADMINISTRIVIA: Any suggestions for next year?


Getting the directories setup for next year. 

Any suggestions?

What did you like? What didn’t you like?

Mostly all I hear are crickets.

Is this worth my time and effort or is it an exercise of futility?

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Merry Christmas from Manhattan College 2014


JASPER JOTTINGS Week 49 – 2014 Dec 07

Jasper Jottings – The achievement journal of my fellow Jaspers, the alumni of the Manhattan College


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ADMINISTRIVIA: My Jasper wiki was hacked

My Jasper Wiki was hacked by Chinese hackers.

So I nuked it.

I’m planning to recreate it since I’m on vacation.

I had a vision of an open source Jasper “Green Book”.

I got the idea from Wikipedia’s rejection of my Fandel article.

Anything they reject, I was planning to put there. 


Oh well, that which doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.

I need something to keep the Alzheimer’s away.

Any contributions are welcome. Wikipedia is a pretty easy tool.

I’m going to have to figure out why I was hacked.


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PRAYERSREQUESTED: Colon, Philip J. (MC1962) has Prayer Request / Prayer Of Thanks


Good Evening All,

John Reinke, Jasper Jottings, tells us of a young relative and friend. Ed, a young Father and Husband has been in our prayers before. Our prayers are requested for Ed who will be going in on December 11, 2014 for what is expected to be a minimally invasive heart bypass procedure that will last two hours. Ed will be at Einstein Hospital. We pray that the Surgeon’s hands are quided by God’s hand for a successful outcome with no complications. Please keep Ed and his Family in your prayers that all goes as they pray for. I believe that Ed is related to Pete Sweeney but I wanted to get this request out before checking with Pete.

Mike McEneney tells us that Cathie is home now and continues to make good progress. Breathing is still not at a proper level but there is improvement their as well. A prayer of thanks is in order and we are happy to have Cathie and Mike both home again. Thank you. God Bless.

Phil Colon

Colon, Philip J. (MC1962) 

[JR: Ed is son-in-law to Andrew Joyce ’64. Andrew is married to Cathy, who happens to be both Pete ’64 and my cousin. The Moms of Cathy, Pete, and I are all sisters. Pete’s Mom Dorothy is the last surviving sister. Pete’s Dad just celebrated his 95th birthday. So, Pete will be attending Jasper basketball games for a long time to come. Laugh! ]

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JLINKEDIN: McDevitt, Meghan [MC2013] Project Engineer at STV


2014 Nov 30 McDevitt

McDevitt, Meghan [MC2013]
Project Engineer at STV
Greater New York City Area
Higher Education


Majored in Civil Engineering at Manhattan College
Concentration in Construction Management
Minor in Mathematics

In Progress: Masters of Science: Construction Management at Stevens Institute of Technology

Masters in Construction Management.
LEED AP Certification

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