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Comment by the Collector In Chief

ENDNOTE: Superstorm Sandy demonstrates Gooferment incompetence


2-1/2 years after Superstorm Sandy, it’s far from over

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Robin Buck remembers how excited he was when he was first approved for a state grant to fix his flooded Long Branch, NJ, home.

“It’s like hitting the lottery!” he said. “I was telling everybody. It was the best thing that ever happened to me, and that’s the truth. They were going to lift my home, and they’re paying me to do so? That is great!”

After spending $43,000 on repairs to make his house livable, he signed his grant paperwork last fall, then disconnected the utilities, handed over his keys, and moved out in early November so his state-appointed contractor could raise his home to protect it from future storms. The whole process, he was told, would take less than 90 days.

*** and ***

But after months of delays, he grew increasingly worried. When he finally went back to check on his house last month, his worst fears had come true. The pipes had burst, and without electricity to run the sump pump, his basement had filled with several feet of water.

Two-and-a-half years after Sandy, the storm seems like ancient history to many people who don’t live near the coast or know someone who was personally affected. But for thousands of displaced residents like Robin Buck, the recovery is still a work in progress. To date, just 10 percent of homeowners in New Jersey’s largest grant program have finished construction and moved back into their homes. They’ve faced a variety of stumbling blocks, from contractor issues to battles with their insurance companies to state delays. And many of those problems continue to this day. State officials note that the pace of recovery has quickened in recent months, but all parties agree that it still has a long way to go.

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Yeah, I know you’re all tired of hearing about how immoral, ineffective, and inefficient the Gooferment is.

But permit me another GREAT example of it.

Remember the FEMA trailers in NOLA after Katrina that all were worthless.

Here we have a similar example.

The Federal Gooferment has nationalized “flood insurance”. Hence they are in the middle of it. As if dealing with an insurance company might be hard enough, then throw in a few levels of politicians and bureaucrats and it’s a mess.

I was lucky. My house in Seaside was inches away from serious damage. I lost a hot water heaters and some electrical wiring that was missed when I had the place rewired. But, I got NOTHING for my 30 years of “flood insurance” payments because it was not my primary residence. (Talk about fraud. Why did I bother paying it?)

So, anytime anyone says how much we need Gooferment, please remember all it’s GREAT “successes”!


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ENDNOTE: An aborted attack on the Church


France: perpetrator foils his own church attack
April 27, 2015 in Catholic | Tags: Catholic, church, France, Paris

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Then Ghlam ran into a spot of bother. He accidentally shot himself in the leg and was bleeding profusely. He drove his own car for some distance, then ended up ringing the emergency services! Police arrived on the scene and arrested him. He is currently in custody, although he is only answering certain questions from the authorities. Another weapons cache was found in his dorm room.

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Thought you might be interested in the above. Of particular note: the idea that they *want* to provoke violent response: that’s a tactic that’s been used by small groups rather commonly in history I believe.

– Michael

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McFadden, Michael J. (MC1973)

[JR: It’s sad that we can’t have peace. Hopefully, the attackers will all be so inept.]  

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Submitted on 2015/05/09 at 7:13 pm

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Thank you for the mention.

I did not receive a message from Michael J McFadden (MC ’73) on my post regarding the Ghlam incident in Paris.

Interesting, to say the least. If you can explain more about it, I would be grateful.

Many thanks.

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ENDNOTE: Scandalous Commencements


Scandalous Commencement Honors Announced at Eight Catholic Colleges
April 22, 2015, at 1:33 PM  |  By Kimberly Scharfenberger  

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At least eight Catholic colleges have announced scandalous speakers or honorees at their 2015 commencement ceremonies, according to The Cardinal Newman Society’s annual review of college graduations.

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Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, Conn., will award an honorary Doctor of Laws degree and host former Senator George Mitchell as commencement speaker on May 17, despite his legacy of pro-abortion support.

*** and ***

Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, Penn., will host Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter as the undergraduate commencement speaker and present him with an honorary degree on May 16. Earlier this year, Nutter officiated a ceremony granting marriage rights at Philadelphia City Hall to a same-sex couple— Israeli diplomat Elad Strohmeyer and his partner.

*** and ***

Saint Peter’s University in Englewood Cliffs, N.J., has selected Cornell Brooks, president and CEO of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), to serve as the commencement speaker for the University’s 2015 class and recipient of an honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters on May 18. The NAACP advocates for same-sex marriage, and although Brooks is also a minister in the African-American Episcopal Church, which has consistently voted against supporting same-sex marriage, Brooks has indicated that he would “defend” the NAACP’s position. – 

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How can one have a “brand” when this is allowed to take place?


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ENDNOTE: Twenty-Nine Dollar Challenge?


Jack’s Twenty-Nine Dollar Challenge
By Jack Perry
April 13, 2015

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See, we don’t need rich celebrities to “walk in our shoes” for a week. We want to keep the money we make. We want the government out of our lives and wallets. We want an end to these pointless wars and endless slaughter committed all over the planet in our name. We’ll take that $29 and buy bread and not put it towards another bomb to drop on people that did nothing to us whatsoever. Yeah, I’ve got $29 and I don’t need Hillary, Gwyneth, or Obama to tell me how to spend it. Or extract it from me in taxes and go out and kill people that never did anything to me. Or give it to bloated bureaucrats in other governments so they can waste it as our own does.

Yeah, I’ve got your Twenty-Nine Dollar Challenge right here. Jack’s Twenty-Nine Dollar Challenge: Give us our twenty-nine bucks BACK, how about that, huh?! 

*** end quote ***

Gwyneth Paltrow made the news and really looks to me like a horse’s <synonym for donkey>!

At least the “Ice Bucket” challenge made some sense.

Until those <synonym for donkey> (plural) dump urine on a disabled boy!

The takers are bankrupting the makers. And, the liberals keep want to tell us how to live.

Charity should be private. The Gooferment should only be a referee or umpire preventing force or fraud. 

Leave people alone to find their own way, create their own bonds, and “weave their own safety net”.


Just because someone is one of the “beautiful people” doesn’t endow them to lecture us on “social justice” topics. Or anything else.


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ENDNOTE: Politicians and bureaucrats are always trying to steal more of your wealth


WARNING Obama Plan Would Bar You From Adding More to Your IRA and 401Ks Under Certain Conditions

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If we assume even a conservative interest rate of only 10%, an individual who only has approx. $245,000 in tax deferred savings accounts at age 40, would be barred from adding to the savings accounts FROM AGE 40 ON. (At an interest rate of 12%, the savings cut off would be approx. $165,000)

And money outside the deferred accounts, under this scenario, would be taxed on what for the most part would simply be interest earned to maintain the purchasing power value of the funds. That is, the tax, for all practical purposes, would be an extraordinary tax on retirement savings beyond a very limited sheltered amount.

*** end quote ***

For some of us with many years on the odometer, we remember the 21% inflation rate of the 70’s and Tbills paying 16%. And, you were losing ground.

In the Zero Rate Interest Environment, it allows the Gooferment to carry “our” large debt easily. But sooner or later, some very very ugly chickens are coming home to roost.

After the last trial balloon “exchange your risky IRA and 401Ks for an enhance Social Security benefit” was laughed out of the District of Corruption — even the politicians couldn’t say it with straight face — along comes another whopper. 

They manipulate the interest rate and say “see, you’re rich”. Meanwhile, you won’t be able to afford bottom shelf dog food.

Moral of the story:

The Gooferment is immoral, ineffective, and inefficient

Politicians are snakes and will be enjoying their lifetime “pension” when the bills come due

You must invest in stuff they can NOT* print — land, beans, bullets, bandaids, and bullion.


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Fully agree, but you’ve got a typo to fix in your last sentence: pretty sure you mean “stuff they CAN’T print…”

instead of “can”



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McFadden, Michael J. (MC1973)

“You must invest in stuff they can print — land, beans, bullets, bandaids, and bullion.”

Yup, I meant “can NOT print”. At least someone read it. Laugh!

* Corrected 2015-Apr-20

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ENDNOTE: Conspiracy to hide crimes!


House panel passes bill banning IRS workers from using private email for official business
Published March 25, 2015
Associated Press

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WASHINGTON –  IRS workers would be prohibited from using private email to conduct official business under a bipartisan bill passed Wednesday by the House Ways and Means Committee.

The issue gained attention following revelations that Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton and Republican Jeb Bush used personal email addresses to conduct government business. Both are potential candidates for president in 2016.

“Events over the past month underscore the need to maintain transparent record keeping procedures for executive branch employees,” said Rep. Peter Roskam, R-Ill. “IRS personnel should never use personal email addresses when conducting official government businesses, especially those who routinely handle sensitive taxpayer information.”

*** end quote ***

Sorry, but any place I have ever worked INSISTED that company business be transacted on company systems.

If you, for some reason, need to use a different personal email (i.e., the corporate system was unavailable then copying you official account sufficed) and they reserved the right to inspect personal accounts used in this way.

Why did the politicians and bureaucrats NOT use the approved email?

Obviously, they were CONSPIRING to hide information from their “supervisors”.

Why are there indictments and investigations?


It’s like “taxes”; one rule for the privileged, and one for the rest of us!


A plague on all of them.

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ENDNOTE: Zbacnik, Raymond [MC1977] says it all about US educational results


Zbacnik, Raymond [MC1977] 

The NYT had an interesting article on the American edutainment system.
The edutainment in the U.S. is putting Americans on the bottom in world math rankings, close to the bottom in science, and somewhat literate.  My physical chemistry professor from Oxford was so entertaining (dramatic presentations, no homework, few exams, no feedback) that all 7 of us students in the special class for chemical engineers turned off our brains, and learned nothing.  We all received a “D” for “dumb.”  The professor, may he rest in peace, died: 16 Dec 1989.  It was very upsetting for Professor Onwood, but other professors told him that sometimes you get a class of stupid people.
The results from the 2012 Program for International Student Assessment (PISA), which are being released on Tuesday, show that teenagers in the U.S. slipped from 25th to 31st in math since 2009; from 20th to 24th in science; and from 11th to 21st in reading, according to the National Center for Education Statistics, which gathers and analyzes the data in the U.S.

Read more:
Standard Deviants: Edutainment at its lowest level
Great Courses:  Edutainment at the next lowest level
A little more advanced edutainment

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