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Comment by the Collector In Chief

ENDNOTE: Don’t put your naughty bits on your iPhone


No! Your data is not safe!
Hackers Used Government Spyware to Data-rob iCloud
Thu, 09/04/2014 – 03:14
by:  Alfredo Lopez

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One sensationally reported incident this week exposes a dual threat: your data isn’t safe on a corporate-controlled “cloud” and spying software made for police and government agencies makes it completely accessible.

The leaking of celebrities’ photos, most compromising and some nude, from Apple’s iCloud storage system shows how silly we can be about nudity and celebrity and what our media thinks is important in the world. These were self-shot photos nude people and nudity is something we can all see in the mirror!

*** and ***

The safest and most secure place for your data is on your own computer’s hard drive. The safest place for your office network’s data is on a computer that is part of that network. Your data should never be stored on a device you cannot trust.

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Now, the nude photos were the “flash fire” over the inet. 

If you missed them, (as well you should for a variety of ethical and moral reasons; not the least of which there are some Commandments about these activities), do NOT peek now. Within a day the malware producers had loaded the pic with “crud”. Look now and your computer will get a “social disease”.

Over and above that, now is the time to think about your own computer habits.

Like: “Perhaps the best way to avoid hacked photos of your naughty bits being distributed on the internet would be for you to not put your naughty bits on your iPhone.” Comedian Ricky Gervais tweeted this suggestion.

Like: Think before you put stuff in “the cloud”.

Like: Use unique passwords at all sites. Complex ones. Use a manager like LASTPASS.

Like: Use two factor authentication wherever it’s offered.

Now I disagree slightly with the article. Your local hard drive is NOT the safest place for your data. Hard drives die. Murphy’s Law predicts the failure will occur when you can least afford it.

If your office has a network, then you should have a backup and recovery strategy. (I recommend you try and use it regularly to see if you can recover. I lost 2 years worth of work because the corporate IT system was broken and no one checked. After that, now, I keep my own backups.)

If you have two “home locations” or a good friend with a high speed connection to the inet, you can have off-site storage of your data. POGOPLUG or any one of a number of cheap products will work.

In my case, for high-risk stuff, (no I don’t have any “naughty bits”), like my writings, I store encrypted copies in the cloud.


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ENDNOTE: A Concealed Carrier on an Ohio walking trail


Concealed Carrier Stops Attempted Rape On Walking Trail
Posted by Bob Owens on August 30, 2014 at 11:30 am

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A woman on a walking trail in Lancaster, Ohio, apparently has her concealed weapon to thank for saving her from two men who seemed to have the worse of intentions.

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The men took off and so far have eluded police.

Believe it or not, Mrs. Burns has gotten grief on her Facebook page for not shooting her would be assailants.

That she didn’t shoot them is a personal matter, and none of us know how we’ll respond until we’re in a similar situation. There is thankfully a gap between “legally justified” and “clearly needed to.” Since the men fled the moment they saw the gun, she didn’t feel the need to fire her weapon.

Burn’s dog was no deterrent at all to the two attackers.

This is worth pointing out to those who believe that a small or medium-sized dog will deter criminal assaults.

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As everyone reading this should know by now I am a self-described peace-loving pro-life pro-choice little L libertarian. 

That being said I think there are several good lessons in this story:

* “God made men and women; Sam colt made them equal.” — Unknown 

In this case, one armed good woman was “more equal” than two bad men and a baseball bat.

* If you draw, you’ve decided to use deadly force.

I agree with the Facebook commenters. She was wrong. (IMHO) Once you’ve drawn, the time for conversation is OVER! The fellow with the BASEBALL BAT and bad intentions should be put down like the “rabid varmint” he is. Assuming his accomplice was far enough away to preclude a good safe shot or heading for parts unknown, then holding your fire is prudent. IF he’s advancing or close enough for a good shot — which means he’s almost close enough to do the Lady harm —, then he too should have been dispatched.

* Without the bodies, evidence, or a video, we don’t know if this story is true.

Once again, I have no reason to doubt the Lady’s story. But, in tune with that “french model” commercial, “couldn’t put it on the internet if it was not true”, we must reserve judgment. Even so, this is a good learning lesson about the “facts of life”.

I recognize that the world is a dangerous place. I would personally help “arm” every woman who wants to protect themselves. I will vigorously oppose any attempt to disarm “We, The People” because I have personally met survivors of the Shoah (aka Holocaust), understand that it takes a Gooferment to commit genocide, and “anti-gun” politicians are all about “control”.

“Victim disarmament is the view that it is somehow better to see a woman raped in an alley and strangled with her own pantyhose, than see her with a gun in her hand.” — T.D. Melrose

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ENDNOTE: What President Obama could learn from Pope Francis


What President Obama could learn from Pope Francis and Albert Reynolds
Niall O’Dowd @niallodowd August 23,2014 05:00 AM

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Pope Francis gave Barack Obama a lesson in compassion and public relations on Thursday when he called the stricken family of beheaded Irish American journalist James Foley to pay his sympathies.

As far as we know he didn’t go out and play golf immediately afterwards.

He wasn’t photographed grinning broadly, driving his golf cart or swinging way without a care in the world.

He didn’t vainly try to pretend it was business as usual after an horrific act carried on YouTube that showed the cold blooded murder of a fellow citizen.

The pope’s action was just one more example of a compassionate and caring pontiff who gets what the modern world is about — and cuts through the noise and haste and delivers a message of concern and caring.

He knows it is the big stuff that counts, not the doctrinal musings and angels on a pin debates of his predecessor.

*** and ***

Maybe he could take a leaf out of the book of a great Irish leader who died this week.

Albert Reynolds came to power in 1992 and told a stunned news conference he would bring an end to The Troubles in Northern Ireland.

The media practically laughed out loud. The Troubles had been going on 25 years with no end in sight.

Who was this trumped up band promoter, with no college education to try and attempt to solve a problem that was so difficult that all previous leaders had done was admire how difficult it was?

Within a year Albert was on the road to an IRA ceasefire, getting a US president involved in Irish affairs for the first time in history and creating a unique bond with a British Prime Minister John Major.

On August 31 1994 he pulled of an IRA ceasefire and peace followed.

There was no one laughing then.

*** end quote ***

Now I have never had the problems of the world resting on my shoulders, the Universe seems content to give “opportunities” sized to my modest abilities.

I think the write is spot on here. Often, it’s about what the media calls “optics”.

What I’d call: “Perception is reality”.

I don’t know what goes on in anyone’s head. Sometimes not even my own. But even I had to wonder: “what were he and his staff thinking?”


Hopefully these are tow lessons that I can remember.

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ENDNOTE: Living with cystic fibrosis


Beating Cystic Fibrosis
In the 1970s, most children with CF never made it through elementary school. Today the median life expectancy for the 30,000 Americans living with cystic fibrosis is closing in on 40, and expected to increase.
Aimee Swartz Sep 27 2013, 9:54 AM ET

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Like most adults living with CF, Schaller admits she grew up thinking she would not live as long as her classmates. But with the development of new drugs and airway clearance techniques that are helping to make cystic fibrosis a manageable disease, she’s a drummer, a triathlete, and the CEO of Rock CF, a Denver-based non-profit organization aimed at improving quality of life for people with CF through exercise.

*** end quote ***

My 2 TWO takeaways from this are:

(1) I have a pretty easy life. Never faced any such challenges. I guess the Universe sent me little challenges in careful measurement of my limited abilities.

(2) NEVER accept the conventional wisdom as to what will happen.

In ingineering skrule, Brother Austin Barry, in the Freshman Measurements course, constantly use “Physicists have proven that bumblebees can’t fly. You’re engineers, you should measure how much it can’t fly!” 

It was a slam at the “scientists” but an admonition that I encapsulate “your mileage may vary”. 

One of my few weekly A’s from him was when I careful measured and “proved” that the value of G was wrong. His comment was: “you may be dumb, but you have courage.”

(Never knew if that was a compliment.)

I’m sure my fellow alums don’t need this to observe what in the military was called “ground truth”.

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ENDNOTE: Robin Williams, an exemplar of the danger of depression


Robin Williams: What I would have told actor about depression
Dr. Keith Ablow
By Dr. Keith AblowPublished August 12, 2014

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Depression is the grand imposter — posing as all powerful. It can be defeated, every time, if you or the person you care about confronts it like the grand imposter that it is. Tell yourself that, if depression is visiting you. Tell any friend with depression. Tell your family members who suffer with it. It is absolutely true. I promise you.

Dr. Keith Ablow is a psychiatrist and member of the Fox News Medical A-Team. Dr. Ablow can be reached at

*** end quote ***

Here’s why we must be less self-involved. 

I had an old Boss who was depressed because “technology was changing”. It was his perceived “forte”. It turns out he was worried about becoming obsolete. He had over a few hundred working for him in his organization. He was one of the best “People Leaders” I ever worked under. My specialty at the was VTAM. He spent at least a few hours a month chatting with me to “learn the capabilities of the technology”. I was young and too stupid to recognize the signs. He didn’t need to know the “bits and bytes”. Hell, most times I had to consult reference material. He committed suicide and the organization / “his” people were shocked. The organization never recovered. A year later is was split up and reorganized. A year after that it was reconstituted with a new name and new team. But us “vets” recognized it as “identical”.

Robin Williams brings back those days to me like when I missed catch a Pike Street fish. (Back in the day, they would throw to the Customer any fish they bought. Why I bought a fish is unknown? I attribute it to the adult refreshments I consumed. I don’t know what I did with the fish?) 

1 – 800 – 273 – 8255

National Suicide Prevention Hotline


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Approaching a loved one who you think might be suicidal is no easy task. The first step is to be aware of the warning signs of suicide. The AAS offers the following mnemonic device: Is the path warm?

I: Ideation
S: Substance abuse

P: Purposelessness
A: Anxiety
T: Trapped
H: Hopelessness

W: Withdrawal
A: Anger
R: Recklessness
M: Mood changes

*** end quote ***

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ENDNOTE: Dependent and was owned by the Liberal Wing of the Democratic Party


Often My Friends Misunderstand My Personal Politics

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Chicago, IL—I was raised in the Windy City under a politically conservative Democratic Administration.  The Party boss and Mayor was the late Richard J. Daley not to be confused with his pathetic son, Richard M. Daley.  

A single mother collecting welfare who avoided parenting at every opportunity raised me.  I was really supervised by various friends of my mother or nobody.   Saying my mother raised me is a misstatement

As a nine year-old I was taught to prepare my own meals, clean up after myself and to never answer the door should someone knock.  I’d not see my mother but for three or four times a week and she’d be quickly gone again.  I always got myself to school and never once did she offer to help me with my school homework.

My mother was destroyed by the Socialist welfare system that simply sent her money with no strings attached.  A little more than once per year we’d get evicted.   Our property would be carried out to the street in the snow.  As a result I had attend 13 different grammar schools.   

My childhood was an ugly experience that ended when I was 14, lied about my age and took up residence in a nearby apartment while working at a hotdog stand after school.  Like most children I just assumed what was going on in my life was perfectly normal and the same for everyone, or at least those without a father in the house.  

My mother was made totally dependent and was owned by the Liberal Wing of the Democratic Party.  All she cared about was the monthly checks and the crappy canned food she was given for me to eat by the state.  To my mother Republicans and Conservatives were evil.

I grew to hate Liberal idealism and embrace the idea of breaking free from any form of dependence upon government. 

I’m a Libertarian at the Conservative side of the political spectrum.  That does not make me uncaring or evil.

I want and demand limited government, taxes and intrusion in my life.  The best government is the one that’s not constantly making  news for new programs and new wars.

I want and demand prosperity and human rights for all.  I want maximum Liberty and Freedom.  I want equal opportunity for a superior education and jobs for every American. 

I absolutely despise seeing America’s children sent off to fight in foreign wars and returning home in body bags or otherwise disabled.  The Swiss have the right notion to stay neutral no matter what.

I simply believe all things happen better without government intervention.

I want to see the end of the deeply flawed death penalty and serious controls on government prosecutors that have lost sight of justice or fairness.

Are the things I want and demand really so radical?  Isn’t this what all politicians promise and then never deliver? 

I ask that my Leftist friends understand where I came from and tolerate my position.

The track record of Communists and Socialists everywhere has become a litany of government murder, tyranny and misery.   I can never understand how empty promises of the Far Left Wing politics can be so popular.  

I have to ask, are members of the Left Wing blind and deaf?  Can they not see the corruption and destruction to our culture and way of life? 

*** end quote ***
Very eloquent. What could I add other than to say my life with a single Mom was nothing like this, but then she wasn’t dependent upon any one. She was a “Republican” despite never having done anything formal.
So how did I wind up a “little L libertarian”?
Pro-liberty, Pro-life, and Pro-choice on every issue every time.
“Who is John Galt?”
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ENDNOTE: Gooferment Skrules as the Gooferment “Plantation”


“Civil rights organizations and their progressive allies, who all but suggest that blacks cannot achieve unless they are given special privileges, grossly insult and demean black people.But worse than that, when civil rights organizations and their progressive allies pursue special privileges for blacks in college admissions and when they attack academic performance standards as racially discriminatory, they are aiding and abetting an education establishment that delivers fraudulent education. They let educators off the hook, thereby enabling them to continue to produce educational fraud.” 

It’s a shame to waste all that talent with a system of Gooferment Skrules that cheat the children of a real education. The Gooferment is immoral, ineffective, and inefficient!

RESPONSE BY Apoldo, Lou (MC1963) 

Lyndon B. Johnson was right in secretly predicting that the handouts in the War On Poverty would create a permanent underclass who would become slaves on the Democrat Plantation, and which would keep them voting Democrat for decades. I have no problem with LBJ trying to buy votes, like so many other politicians, except that they have been buying those Democrat votes with my taxpayer money. Should have known that liberals would never spend their own money when they could use other people’s money.

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First, the Democrats and Republicans are different “sides” of the Welfare / Warfare state.

Second, the R’s are responsible for the Federal Department of “Education”.

Third, the R’s and D’s “log roll” welfare for Crony Capitalism and “bring home the bacon”.

Neither side of this coin gives a rat’s tush about anything other than power and control.

I feel for future generations that will suffer by what has been done to this great land since the 1860 / 1913 / 1960 Constitutional and non-Constitutional changes.

For my part, I’m sorry I wasn’t smart enough, eloquent enough, or determined enough to change anything.

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