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Comment by the Collector In Chief

ENDNOTE: 1,000 unnecessary deaths a day


Volume 26 · August 10th 2015 · Michael Greger, M.D.
High Blood Pressure May Be a Choice
Eating a diet low enough in sodium (salt) can prevent the rise in hypertension risk as we age.

*** begin quote ***

But if blood pressures over a hundred are associated with disease, maybe they should be considered abnormal, perhaps caused by our abnormally high salt intake—ten times more than what our bodies were designed to handle. Maybe, if we just ate a natural amount of salt, our blood pressures naturally would not go up with age, and we’d be protected. Of course, to test that theory you’d have to find a population in modern times that doesn’t use salt, or eat processed food, or go out to eat. For that, you’d have to go deep into the Amazon rainforest. Meet the Yanomamo people, a no-salt culture.

Lowest salt intake ever reported, which is to say a normal-for-our-species salt intake. And so, what happens to their blood pressure? They start out with a blood pressure of about 100 over 60 and end up with a blood pressure of about 100 over 60. Though theirs is described as a salt deficient diet, that’s like saying they have a diet deficient in Twinkies. They’re the ones, it seems, eating normal salt intakes apparently leading to truly normal blood pressures. Those in their 50’s have the blood pressure of a 20 year old. What was the percentage of the population tested that had high blood pressure? Zero, whereas elsewhere in Brazil, up to 38% of the population may be affected. The Yanomamos probably represent the ultimate human example of the importance of salt on blood pressure.

*** and ***

Enter Dr. Walter Kempner and his rice and fruit diet. Patients came in with blood pressures of 210 over 140 down to 80 over 60. What was the reason he could ethically withhold all modern blood pressure medications and treat with diet alone? The drugs hadn’t been invented yet—this was back in the 1940’s. Now the diet wasn’t just extremely low salt, but strictly plant-based, extremely low fat, protein, and calories, but there is no doubt that Kempner’s rice diet achieved remarkable results, and Kempner is now remembered as the person who demonstrated, beyond any shadow of doubt, that high blood pressure can often be lowered by a low enough salt diet.

Forty years ago, it was acknowledged that the evidence is very good, if not conclusive, that a low enough reduction of salt in the diet would result in the prevention of essential hypertension—that rising of blood pressure as we age— and its disappearance as a major public health problem. It looks like we knew how to stop this four decades ago. In that time, how many people have died? Today, high blood pressure may wipe out 400,000 Americans every year; 1,000 unnecessary deaths a day.

*** end quote ***

Excuse me, we KNEW this in 1940?

Are you kidding me?

In 2012, I was diagnosed with “high blood pressure” after being rejected for a platelet donation. I was put on a drug and a diuretic. The bp quickly dropped back to “normal”-ish on the high side. 

I really got the message when I went for my routine eye exam. (I NEED my eyesight.) The eye doc said: “Is your high blood pressure under control?” What! I asked how he knew and he said my eyes showed damage. Arghhhhhh!

Recently I began dating again. (Yeah, you can stop snickering now. Old dogs can be lovable. So too fat old white guy injineers.) To a pescatarian. (Not Presbyterian!) Someone who eats no meat but does eat fish. So naturally, when we go out, I’m a pescatarian too. And I noticed that my bp was going down. So much so, that the phlebotomists (i.e., tech who take my platelets) and my doc all remarked about the change. 

(I was 210/180 when rejected. Down to 140/110 after drug intervention. Now 100/65 with pescatarian diet and some very little additional exercise as measure by my Fitbit.)

Then, I listen to this video and maybe my problem all along is salt?

I love salt. Salt on my pizza with my beer is a must have.


In 1940, it was known — proven — that salt is the problem. 


The packages should have a skull and cross bones. Labeled like cigarettes.

Hope this helps my fellow Jaspers. It’s been a modest epiphany for me.

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ENDNOTE: Moore, William ‘Bill’ [MC1977] on the Fox ‘debate’


August 10, 2015
Reflections on the Republican Debates

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I use two examples of what I consider “Gotcha” questions. The first was designed to put Trump on the spot and change people’s opinion of him. There was no reason to have a show of hands to discuss Trump’s non decision on supporting whoever gets the nomination. A simple question asking him if he has changed his view would have been both proper and respectful. Again it was not the question but how it was done. A similar type question and follow up was put to Walker about standing there watching a woman die rather than allowing her to have an abortion. It would have been appropriate to ask him to defend his belief on not allowing abortions to save a mother’s life. Again, not the question but how it was framed. Trump then was hit again about his descriptive comments referencing certain women and his “War on Women”. Again designed to attack him and not get information to share with the audience. I do not support his comments back to Kelly but if he is attacked he will respond. What I found funny was in the after the debate discussion Kelly, who attacks most guests she disagrees with without mercy on her show, stated she felt his response was a threat. Does “Do on to others etc……..” have any ring in her ear?

*** and ***

William (Bill) Moore was born and raised in Yonkers NY. He became a Social Studies Teacher in Yonkers and eventually an Assistant Principal at the Middle School and High School levels. He was Principal at Roosevelt HS for 5 years in Yonkers before deciding to relocate to Edenton, NC. There he was Principal of John A. Holmes HS for 4 years. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Studies from Fordham University and Master’s Degree from Iona College, majoring in Social Studies. He received his second Master’s Degree in School Administration from Manhattan College. Bill is also a retired Lieutenant Colonel from the US Army Reserve. He is trained as an Armor officer and a Logistician. He served two years active duty in the 4th of the 68th Armor, part of the 82nd Airborne Division. In the Reserves he served as a Field Service Company Commander, Transportation Battalion Commander and numerous staff positions at all levels. He has received numerous awards including Administrator of the Year in Chowan County. He has had numerous yearbook dedications and was nominated several times as Administrator of the Year in NY. In NY, Roosevelt HS became a Model School for the Smaller Learning Community Initiative from Brown University. Bill is President of the Edenton Tea Party and a member of the Chowan County Republican Party Executive Committee. He is a current member of the Edenton Planning Board, Chowan County Juvenile Crime Prevention Task Force, and the Northeast Commission. 

*** end quote ***

Moore, William ‘Bill’ [MC1977]

[JR: I think our fellow Jasper has an excellent and perceptive view of the results. I didn’t watch the circus, because I felt it would be a waste of my time. And, I have so little left on this earth I don’t want to waste it. That being said, in full disclosure, I have contributed to Carly Fiorina’s campaign. It’s time for a real outsider to take on Washington. She can’t do any worse than Jimmy Carter. It’s time to winnow the field. 17 is way to many candidates to try and compare. Hopefully, “common sense” will begin to trim the “ego trips”, long shots, and also rans.]  

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ENDNOTE: The politics of “climate change”


What’s The Carbon Footprint of The PopeMobile?
By Eric Peters
Eric Peters Autos
August 1, 2015

*** begin quote ***

Because “global warming.”

Er… make that “climate change.”

The new – more general – term for the allegedly human-caused alteration of the planet’s weather. “Global warming” had to go because global cooling was also inconveniently happening.

This was becoming globally embarrassing.

“Climate change” is much better, because it always fits. The climate is constantly changing. And would do so (and has done so) regardless of the presence of man on this Earth. But why not just blame man for it?

*** and ***

The fact that this re-branding was necessary says more about the politics of “climate change” than its scientific validity. Despite the near-unanimity of media Tele-Prompter readers and politicians, experts in the field (as opposed to “environmentalists,” a non-degreed title anyone can claim) are far less certain about the assertion that recent changes are abnormal, much less the result of human activity – and so reluctant to endorse the imposition of extreme (and expensive) government regulations and taxes on billions of humans that will impoverish them but not the elites (including the Pope) whose super-sized carbon footprints will continue to tromp the Earth.

*** and ***

Pope Francis seems to be a nice man – but he is no more a scientific expert than Al Gore.

And while both the Pope and Al Gore have bought-in to “climate change,” neither of them have stopped shopping. Or traveling. Both of which – according to their own public scoldings – are environmental no-no’s that ought to be discouraged.

*** end quote ***

I remember in the 70’s we were all going to freeze.

Now we’re all going to bake.

And, no matter WHAT the problem, the answer is more Gooferment!

Sorry, but “experts” should prove their point by “walking the walk”.

Mother Teresa, Ron Paul, JFK, Ronald Regan — for all their flaws — were worth listening too.

Today’s pundits are just getting rich.


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ENDNOTE: Does “legalized same-sex marriage” eclipse all other issues?


Where Is the Outrage?
By Laurence M. Vance
July 21, 2015

*** begin quote ***

But before the outraged conservative, evangelical, and fundamentalist Christians pray for God’s judgment on the five Supreme Court justices who legalized same-sex marriage nationwide, perhaps they ought to look in the mirror.

Where is the outrage over the unjust war in Iraq?

Where is the outrage over the unjust war in Afghanistan?

Where is the outrage over the trillions of taxpayer dollars wasted on these wars?

Where is the outrage over the reckless, belligerent, and meddling U.S. foreign policy?

Where is the outrage over the thousands of U.S. troops who died for a lie in Iraq?

Where is the outrage over the thousands of U.S. troops who died in vain in Afghanistan?

Where is the outrage over the hundreds of U.S. foreign military bases?

Where is the outrage over the hundreds of thousands of U.S. troops stationed overseas?

Where is the outrage over the network of brothels that exists around U.S. foreign military bases?

Where is the outrage over the warmongers in the Republican Party?

Where is the outrage over the warmongers in the conservative movement?

Where is the outrage over U.S. drone attacks that kill civilians?

Where is the outrage over the bloated defense budget?

Where is the outrage over the U.S. military being used for offense instead of defense?

Where is the outrage over CIA secret prisons?

Where is the outrage over the national security state?

Where is the outrage over the senseless maiming of U.S. troops fighting in unnecessary wars?

Where is the outrage over the United States fighting foreign wars?

Where is the outrage over the billions of taxpayers dollars given to corrupt foreign regimes?

Where is the outrage over the U.S. military being a global force for evil?

Where is the outrage over veterans being made into gods?

Where is the outrage over the millions of victims of U.S. aggression in Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan?

Where is the outrage over all U.S. soldiers being called heroes?

Where is the outrage over the U.S. military invading other countries?

Where is the outrage over the U.S. military occupying other countries?

Where is the outrage over the glorification of the American Sniper Chris Kyle?

Where is the outrage over soldiers bombing, maiming, and killing under the flag of the United States?

Where is the outrage over filthy military cadences?

Where is the outrage over all of the sexual assaults that occur in the U.S. military?

Where is the outrage over the pregnancies that occur on U.S. Navy ships?

Where is the outrage over the thousands of homosexuals in the U.S. military?

Where is the outrage over the thousands of transgenders in the U.S. military?

Where is the outrage over U.S. troops functioning as the president’s personal attack force?

Where is the outrage over just war theory being used to justify war?

Where is the outrage over the lies of the U.S. government?

Where is the outrage over the torture committed by agents of the United States?

*** end quote ***

While the author focuses on the “conservative, evangelical, and fundamentalist Christians”, the American and other Catholics should be in his sights. The Church has become a Marxist subsidiary of the “God of Government”.

Where is the outrage over abortion?

Where is the preaching about the “Just War” theory? 

Where is the pushback against the immoral, ineffective, and inefficient activities of Government that reduce human beings into the shackles of “welfare”?

Where is the protection against force and fraud that is the Government’s only true valid function?

Where is the revulsion to the “(pseudo) War on (some) Drugs” that has filled the prisons, corrupted the police, and made the politicians rich!


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ENDNOTE: Today I saw up close and personal the results of America’s “drug policy”


At risk of being repetitive and boring, I’m going to repost something from my personal blog. I feel very strongly about this and, as a pro-life / pro-choice little L libertarian, I am enraged by this tragic — in the sense of avoidable — loss of life due to our “national” stupidity.

As a Hail Mary attempt for a miracle, at his Mom’s request, I asked Colon, Philip J. (MC1962) to include it on his prayer list. As a fourteen year vet of the local First Aid Squad, and all my personal medical experiences with my now passed wife, I know that the issue was essentially over on Wednesday when it took over forty minutes to revive him. Kudos and credit to all the dedicated medical people who did there best to give him a chance to survive.

That being said, it REAFFIRMS my strong belief that had we a national drug policy focused on “drugs” as a medical problem and not a legal one, Anthony might have had treatment earlier in his life and go on to live a long healthy and happy life.

Please read my personal RANT and join me in insisting that we end the “(pseudo) War on (some) Drugs” immediately.

Be interesting to see what an illegal drug Kingpin and his gang does when there is no such thing as an “illegal drug”. Walmart can put them all out of business!


*** begin quote ***

RANT: Today I saw up close and personal the results of America’s “drug policy”

Today, a Mom, could have been any troubled young person’s Mom, unplug her child from life support.

The result of a drug overdose.

It wasn’t the first time, or the first warning signal, or the only time, but this was the last time.

When will “We, The Sheeple” wise up?

Just like during (alcohol) “Prohibition”, people were blinded, sickened, and killed by “moonshine”.

Making a prohibited substance “legal” MEANS clean known quantity of drugs.

It ALSO makes them so “less cool”.

Portugal demonstrates the way from criminalizing a basic human failing and turning it into a “medical” issue.

Unfortunately, the Drug Dealers, the “police”, and the politicians are all incentivized to keep the “(pseudo) War on (some) Drugs” going regardless of the collateral damage — killing the youth, maiming those that survive, and scaring some with criminal records that they can never “outgrow” — allowing a flourishing “drug culture”, made “kool” by music, celebrities, and pop culture — and destroying our civil liberties in the process.

Now that I have time on my hands, I will never accept Drug Prohibition as a rational policy.

I hope that anyone who reads this NEVER votes for any politician who doesn’t promise on Day One of his term to eliminate the “(pseudo) War on (some) Drugs”! Maybe one politician can’t do it, but they could have the courage of Doctor Ron Paul, aka Doctor No, who never voted other than his conscience.

And, I mean this at every level of the Gooferment. I don’t care if you’re running for dog catcher; you have to tell me how you are going to end this national / global insanity.

I’ve always felt this way since the 60’s, but now in my old age, I see its futility and stupidity.

Requiescat In Pacem, young Anthony.

And I hope your Mom finds peace.

Dona Nobis Pacem

*** end quote ***

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ENDNOTE: Everything you think you know about addiction is wrong


Filmed June 2015 at TEDGlobalLondon
Johann Hari: Everything you think you know about addiction is wrong

What really causes addiction — to everything from cocaine to smart-phones? And how can we overcome it? Johann Hari has seen our current methods fail firsthand, as he has watched loved ones struggle to manage their addictions. He started to wonder why we treat addicts the way we do — and if there might be a better way. As he shares in this deeply personal talk, his questions took him around the world, and unearthed some surprising and hopeful ways of thinking about an age-old problem.

Johann Hari

Johann Hari spent three years researching the war on drugs; along the way, he discovered that addiction is not what we think it is.

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[JR: I’ve really become crazed on this topic. Even more than usual. The “(pseudo) War on (some) Drugs” has really ruined lives. Not just the addicts, but their families. And, now with the militarization of police, society. There’s an old Wall Street expression: “When in a hole, stop digging.” We’ve treating addiction as a legal problem; not a medical one. He’s urging it’s a “societal” one. Not sure, if I agree. But lot of folks are beginning to agree that it’s time to try a different strategy. I came to this belief when I kept reading about children dying from impure drugs from “illegal” sources. Shades of Upton Sinclair. If they are going to do drugs, let’s make safe clean drugs cheaply available. Portugal’s on the correct track.]  

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” — attributed to Einstein

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ENDNOTE: Moore, William ‘Bill’ [MC1977] on SCOTUS Gay Marriage Decision


From The Right
July 07, 2015
A Rational Look at the SCOTUS Gay Marriage Decision

Now that some time has passed since the gay Marriage Decision by the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS), we need to discuss the decision rationally. There has been a great deal of talk on both sides predicting the far reaching results of the decision. IN addition, both sides are guilty of fear mongering.

SCOTUS ruled gay people would be allowed to marry in every state of the land. Let’s discuss the facts involved:

• 37 states already allow it (counting the District of Columbia). Leaving 14 which do not.

• By not having a uniform law, questions would arise about the legality of gay marriage if you moved from a state which allowed it to a state that did not. Are they married? Can they divorce?

• Everyone agreed that gay couples needed equal protection from laws such as hospital visitation where only immediate family was at times allowed to visit. Often their significant other was not allowed visiting rights since they were not married nor related.

• Gay couples were often ignored in estates where no will was drawn up and one person died.

• Federal or states benefits to spouses were denied

• For years the Right has argued for Civil Unions where those rights could be guaranteed.

• All this part of the decision requires is all state governments issue civil marriage licenses or legal civil unions.

The second part of the decision specifically allows all religious leaders the right to refuse to marry gay couples. However if a religious group allows gay marriage, they are free to perform the ceremony. No religious priest, minister, or rabbi can be required to marry a gay couple if it violates the tenets of their religion.

What remains unanswered is can an individual refuse service to a gay couple if it violates their religious beliefs. Remember we are not talking about serving you in the store but maybe catering a wedding or similar event. Should a person whose religious beliefs are against gay marriage be forced to participate in a gay marriage ceremony? SCOTUS will have to rule on his aspect in the next year or two. Lower courts are all over the place on this issue. In one state a court has heavily fined a bakery, forcing it to close, for its refusal to provide a wedding cake to a gay marriage reception.

Yet SCOTUS has stated in a decision with Hobby Lobby they could not be forced to provide certain parts of the healthcare law to its employees because it violated their religious beliefs. Though not exactly the same issue, the principle is the same.

Now it is time for both sides of the argument to tone down the rhetoric. The Left needs to stop pushing the issue and respect people of Faiths beliefs though different from theirs. Time to stop the bigot calling, hater calling, homo -phobic name calling and intimidation actions for those for whom you disagree.

Those of us on the Right need to accept the fact Gay Marriage/ Unions are now the law of the land and be thankful our religious rights for ministers or pastors were not diminished by forcing them to perform gay marriages they do not support based on religious ideology. Again if a religious group supports gay marriages it must be accepted as their faith.

As far as I am concerned the difference between the State Marriage/ Union license and one performed by a religious leader is the blessing of GOD on that marriage. It was Jesus who stated give to Caesar (the state) what is Caesars and to God what is Gods. In a family of Faith a marriage blessed by God is all that matters.

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Moore, William ‘Bill’ [MC1977] 

[JR: While I agree about stopping the name calling and find peaceful ways to live together. I, for one, as a little L libertarian, would like the Gooferment out of the “marriage licensing” business together. The system corrupts people by giving preferential treatment to those who kowtow to the Gooferment, politicians, and bureaucrats! It’s humiliating and subservient behavior. Like begging for a pittance from the Elite. Argh! A civil society needs “governance”; it doesn’t need an instrusive OverLord who rewards the sheep and punishes the contentious objectors. This is a perfect time as is being proposed by a Texas legislator to end marriage licensing completely. It the Confederate flag is racist, then how is marriage licensing not? Argh!]  

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