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JFOUND: Lawton, Eric [MC1979] Owner Lawton Media Services LLC


Name Eric Lawton
Job Title Owner/Founder
Company Lawton Media Services LLC
Location Madison, Connecticut, United States

Eric Lawton has over 25 years of management experience in Fortune 500 companies where he held senior level positions in marketing and technology. Before founding Lawton Media Services, Mr. Lawton directed all worldwide eCRM & Supply Chain marketing programs for Computer Sciences Corporation, managing marketing alliances with PeopleSoft, Siebel, BroadVision, Oracle, Kana, and SAS epiphany. Earlier, as Vice President Marketing for Brussels based Belgacom SA, Mr. Lawton directed all North American communications and marketing programs. Mr. Lawton also held a variety of senior positions at Verizon Corporation, including Director Consumer Products, Director Public Relations, Director Product Management and District Sales Manager. Eric Lawton has a BS in Marketing from Manhattan College, and is a Certified Group Facilitator.

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Lawton, Eric [MC????]

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Dear John,

I believe that Eric is a member of the Class of 1979.


McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

[JR: Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated.]

Lawton, Eric [MC1979]

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JFOUND: Bortolussi, Gina [MC2008] on Positive Attitudes


Positive Attitudes
September 26th, 2014

Positive Attitudes

It’s common sense that manners and a positive attitude will go a long way in a professional setting. Consumers as a whole want to be treated with respect and greeted with friendly faces. In a practice, the atmosphere and the personnel in that atmosphere have much control over whether or not patients are satisfied with their visit.

Having an attitude with a patient, or overall unfriendly disposition, will not help make the patient feel comfortable. If a patient is not comfortable or happy with a practice and the people who are working in that practice, than they most likely won’t be willing to make another appointment. A negative attitude can actually cost a practice patients and therefore cost them money.

Chiropractors have an obligation to take care of their patients, and so do the people working in their practice. While Chiropractors are making adjustments,the front office should also be making patients feel comfortable. Along with making adjustments, Chiropractors have a number of responsibilities and the front office does as well. Both have to work together to make a practice run smoothly and properly. If the front office isn’t working to their best abilities and providing a positive atmosphere, then the practice’s reputation is tarnished.

It is easy to be stressed in today’s world, but what people have to remember, especially when working with the public, is that a smile goes a long way. Chiropractors entrust their front offices. While Chiropractors are taking care of their patients, the front office is responsible for taking care of the patients who haven’t been seen by a doctor yet.

The front office is the first contact made by the patients coming into the practice. It is extremely important for the people working in the front office to make sure that patients are starting their days with positivity. A good attitude can affect the way patients go about their day, how they feel throughout the day. It can also shape their day and affect how they treat others throughout the day.

Greeting patients with a positive attitude and friendly smile can even impact the way the people working the front office feel. A positive attitude affects the person who is giving it as well as the person receiving it. Keeping a positive attitude creates positive thinking, a more creative mind, success and overall happiness. A positive attitude motivates a person to do the best work that they can and fuels their ability to do their job.

The energy you give out into the world will be given back to you. It is extremely important for a working environment to have a positive energy and for people with positive attitudes to be working in that environment. A practice is only as good as the people who work in it and with positive attitudes and friendly dispositions, a practice can flourish.

Gina Bortolussi is a graduate of Manhattan College and has her B.A. in Communications. She is currently focusing on research of modern Internet-based chiropractic office management solutions, such as Billing Precision ( Billing Precision is an all-in-one Internet-based system that includes accountable and transparent billing service, state-of-art touch-screen SOAP notes, advanced patient scheduling, and real-time monitoring for compliance and audit exposure.

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Bortolussi, Gina [MC2008]

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JFOUND: Ferdenzi, Carl [MC1972] EVP ESIS ProClaim


Ferdenzi, Carl [MC????]

Manhattan College

Executive Vice President
ESIS ProClaim
2010 – Present

Greater New York City Area

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Dear John,

I believe that Carl is a member of the Class of 1972.


McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

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Ferdenzi, Carl [MC1972]

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JFOUND: Hourigan, Cari [MC2005] Operations Manager Halifax International Security Forum


*** begin quote ***

About Us

Halifax International Security Forum is a forum and a network for thoughtful and engaged decision-makers from governments, militaries, business, academia, and the media to work together to meet emerging threats in a changing world.

*** and ***

Cari Hourigan, Operations Manager

Cari Hourigan manages internal operations for Halifax International Security Forum. Before joining Halifax, Cari was a Program Associate on the Eurasia team at World Vision where she coordinated the oversight of over 90 long-term development programs in Eastern Europe, Asia and the Middle East.  Cari holds an MSc in Development Studies from the School of Economics at the University of Glasgow. Prior to perusing her Masters, Cari served as an urban planner for a small city in New York’s Capital District. Cari received her BA from Manhattan College.

*** end quote ***

Hourigan, Cari [MC????]

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Dear John,

I believe that Cari is a member of the Class of 2005.


McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

[JR: Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated.]

Hourigan, Cari [MC2005]

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JFOUND: Junius Kellogg, Junius [MC1953 RIP]


2014 09 27 junius

Harlem Globetrotter star Wilt Chamberlain offers a ball to former Brooklyn Dodger catcher Roy Campanella and former Manhattan College basketball player Junius Kellogg during the Globetrotter-Philadelphia Spas game at Madison Square Garden.

Image and commentary via Robert’s Black Heritage Page.soulbrotherv2Follow

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JFOUND: Krupitsch, Kathleen [MC????] Agent with Weichert Hallmark Properties


2014 09 25 Krupitsch 

Krupitsch, Kathleen [MC????]
Agent with Weichert Realtors Hallmark Properties

Specialties: REO/Bank Owned, Short Sales, Residential Sales…


Kathleen brings enthusiasm, hard work and knowledge to the clients she represents. Born and raised in Bronx, NY. She attended Manhattan College with studies in Accounting, Business and is fluent in Spanish.

Kathleen and her family relocated to the beautiful state of Florida after her husband retired from the New York City Police Department. After extensive research into schools and crime statistics, they settled on the pristine area of Palm Coast. She is, quite simply, dedicated to helping you purchase or sell your home, whether it is your first home or your last. Kathleen will try her best to make sure it will be the best possible, stress free experience. Real Estate is her Passion!

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Dear John,

I do not find anything in my ‘stuff’ foe Kathleen.


McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

[JR: Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated.]

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JFOUND: Benoit, Lindsey [MC2004] Communications Director Women’s Health Mag


2014 09 25 benott

Name:  Lindsey Benoit

Position/Company:  Director of Communications at Women’s Health Magazine

Where did you go to school? Manhattan College

What was your major?  Communications (with a focus on Public Relations and Broadcasting) and Psychology (with a focus on Industrial Organizational Psychology) double major with a minor in English. 

First PR internship (what were responsibilities//what did you learn)?  I had some great internships at Random House and VH1. My first internship was at Random House. I was an intern for Knopf. It was a rover program where I was able to experience not only PR, but also the editorial side of book publishing. My mentors there treated me like part of the team. I remember my time with Vintage/Anchor books in the Publicity department. I remember that my mentor, Dave Hyde, an amazing publicist, had me update this massive PR list by calling hundreds of people on a list that I thought would never end. I was so nervous at first and then I didn’t think I would ever be finished. After I got thought it all, he asked me why he told me to do it. I said, “to update the list?” He laughed, said “yes of course, but now, are you more comfortable picking up the phone and talking to people. Asking for things?” I thought for a minute and realized that the daunting task he gave me probably was one of the most valuable lessons to learn in PR…How to talk to people and not to be afraid to pick up that phone. That was just one of the many things I learned while working there—It was such a great team and some of my favorite memories. 

First PR job?  My first PR job was with an agency that I only stayed with for a year. It was not the most positive environment but with every job you take you learn something. I realized the type of publicist I did not want to be. They believed in the blasting philosophy—throw out enough spaghetti against the wall at least one will stick. That is the quickest way to be put on a reporters SPAM list. So, even though it may take a little longer, I research reporters, individualize each emails, and take feedback that they give me. They are the experts after all. I also learned to be kind to those around me, to be good to those that I work with—not only those more senior than me, but the junior people. Everyone is valuable and give credit to those that are working hard. My next job was back at Random House where I had the most amazing experience, with bosses that took the time to educate us and help us grow. It pays to keep in contact with your mentors and former employers.

Did you move to NY or LA (or any other city) to pursue your career in PR?  I went to college in Manhattan, but saw the opportunities here through my internships and stayed.

Favorite part of your job?  The fact that every day is something different. It is never a dull moment at work—one minute you are pitching the issue, then working on a fun segment for the Today Show and then you switch gears to promote an event. 

Least favorite part of your job?  Rejection. I love what I do and the magazine I work for, so I want to get as much press as I can and get the message out. It is hard to hear the word “no” from a reporter or producer. 

Favorite brands (brands you think are launching great PR campaigns)?  I think Target does a great job with their campaigns. They partner with amazing brands and their pop-up shops deliver a great press return. 

Biggest accomplishment so far in your career?  Becoming Director at Women’s Health.

Biggest lesson learned to date in your career?  Take your time. When you rush, you make mistakes that can be avoided…this could be at an event, writing an e-mail or even when sending out a package. Sometimes those small mistakes can lead to bigger consequences. 

Who were/are your mentors? What did they teach you?  I am lucky to say I have a number of amazing mentors that have helped me along the way.  Susan Portnoy was my first boss at Condé Nast. She is, hands down, one of the smartest and most savvy PR professionals in the industry. She taught me how to work on a red carpet, how to really craft a press release, how to stay organized and so much more. She was there to guide me when I had questions and, to this day, she is the first person I call when making big decisions with my career or even to brainstorm an idea at work. I call her my “maker” (True Blood style) because she really helped to make me into the publicist I am today. Another amazing mentor is Lauren Theodore, my former boss at SELF. Lauren is talented in her creativity and in the way that she was always determined to find a way to achieve our goals. She taught me how to pitch a magazine, how to work with the trades, how to think outside of the box. She believed in me and my abilities, which helped me to grow and ultimately helped me to get my job at Women’s Health. What was so amazing about Lauren was that she gave me autonomy, but was always there for me when I needed guidance. I was blessed to have worked with her for 4 years. 

Best work advice?  ”Have a Plan B.” Sometimes our first pitch plan may not be successful, but that doesn’t mean that what we are pitching isn’t compelling. That just means that we may just need to change our angles. It is like that saying, “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” Oh, and remember to sleep!

We work really hard and need those few hours of rest to stay on top of our game.

As a publicist, you can’t live without your…iPhone, planner and colored tabs to keep me organized.

In order to succeed in PR, you…need to be patient, creative, and build lasting relationships.  Do not spam the press. Know who you are pitching, what they cover and if what you are working on will actually be something they are interested in. Doing that research will help you in the long run. Also, read everything! Newspapers, magazines, trades…The more you know, the better off you will be.

If you weren’t a publicist, you’d be…a producer. I think working for a local news station, working on segments would be great. If not that, then I would love to own my own little coffee shop.

Anything else you think aspiring publicists should know?  Don’t just take the first job you are offered. I know that the job market is really hard right now, but don’t sacrifice your happiness. When interviewing, talk to current employees and see how they feel about the company. In the long run, you will work harder when you actually like the place you work. 

How can my readers follow you or your company/brand?

@lindzben14 or @womenshealthmag

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Benoit, Lindsey [MC????]

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Dear John,

I believe that Lindsey is a member of the Class of 2004.


McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

[JR: Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated.]

Benoit, Lindsey [MC2004]

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