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JHQ: The Lasallian mission and the challenges of urban education




DREAM University, a new five-week literacy and physical education program at Manhattan College, helps students maintain skill sets and active lifestyles during the summer.

Summertime can be a time of joy and relaxation. But for many young students, particularly disadvantaged youth, summer vacation often results in too much time spent on the couch and a loss of months of grade-level equivalency.

Following De La Salle’s commitment to education as a means to transform lives, Manhattan College’s School of Education and Health partnered with DREAM Charter School in East Harlem to establish DREAM University (DU), a five-week academic and athletic enrichment program for rising seventh graders held on Manhattan College’s campus.

“We often conceptualize the Lasallian mission and how to pair it with the challenges of urban education,” says Shawn Ladda, Ph.D., professor of kinesiology, who helped establish the program at the College. “DU is living proof of how the two can thrive together.”

DU, which was launched in July, is designed to ensure students maintain or increase their reading and math literacy while also maintaining an active, healthy lifestyle through guided sport sessions.

Alumnus Brett Fazio ’99, dean of DREAM, developed the program with Ladda and William Merriman Ph.D., dean of the School of Education and Health, as well as DREAM’s parent organization Harlem RBI.

“We want to prevent reading and math literacy summer regression, and this year we offered a health component,” Fazio says, noting the importance of health education at this stage in adolescent stage. “What is equally important is giving our DU participants a real college experience: going to class, feeling what it’s like to sit and learn in a college classroom and realizing that graduating from college is attainable.”

Fazio, who graduated with a bachelor’s degree in physical education in 1999, joined DREAM because he was attracted to the school’s health and wellness approach. Over the years he’s built a Jasper dream team; Kaitlin Rodriguez ’11 and Christine Scott ’13 head up the school’s physical education department.

He chose a similar strategy when it came to DU, employing five education students as teaching assistants for the program: physical education major Angel Martinez ’16, secondary education major Andy Gonzalez ’17, and elementary education/special education majors Alison Sweeney ’15, Lendita Drenica ’15 and Sarah Fitzgerald ’14.

Each of the five participating Jaspers received pre-program instruction and mentoring from Fazio and his fellow DREAM educators in addition to a stipend. As part of their duties, the teaching assistants worked to uncover each student’s learning style and assembled that information into what Fazio calls a “roadmap to success.” This information will be disseminated to their seventh grade teachers who can use it to inform lesson plans from the very beginning of the year.

“One discovery I have made this summer is the incredible benefit of small class sizes,” says Fitzgerald, who served as a teaching assistant. “I had 13 to 14 students in my group each day and I got to know each student on a personal level. It helped me better understand how they learned best and what I could do to assist them in all subjects.”

Martinez, who served as the physical education coach, was in charge of teaching the students sports that DREAM will be implementing this fall.

“DU was a great experience because it let me put into practice what I’ve learned in class,” he says. “I’ve discovered a lot from working with the kids but I’ve also learned from Dr. Ladda. It’s been good to hear her feedback and then be able to put that into practice.”

With newfound confidence in the classroom, both Fitzgerald and Martinez plan to stay local to continue working with similar New York City communities after graduation.

“Interacting and seeing the positive influence that you have with these kids at a crucial age is so rewarding,” Martinez says.

Fitzgerald adds, “I am finishing up my certifications now, and I cannot wait to go on to become a teacher!”

Posted on August 15, 2014

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JHQ: Alma Mater and Bloomberg for Education


Manhattan College Partners with Bloomberg for Education

The finishing touch on the College’s state-of-the-art finance lab prepares business majors to succeed in a challenging employment industry.

This summer, Manhattan College partnered with Bloomberg for Education, which grants students and faculty in the School of Business unlimited access to the Bloomberg Professional service. The global 24-hour financial news and information service includes real-time and historic price data, financials data, trading news, analyst coverage and other professional analytic tools.

With access to the same information and technology relied on by professionals all over the world, students will benefit from a fully integrative curriculum that allows them to develop both analytical and decision-making skills using real events and real data.

Additionally, by gaining experience using Bloomberg technology, students have a competitive edge in a challenging employment industry.

“Needless to say, today’s job market is very competitive. Students entering the job market are frequently in competition with other candidates of similar academic background and qualifications.” says Hany Guirguis, Ph.D., professor of economics and finance. “Employers aren’t going to spend three to five months training a new employee to use a Bloomberg terminal if a similar candidate already possesses this skill and can start working on day one. This is the type of competitive advantage that we are providing to our students.”

In fact, seniors hoping to prove their competency also have an opportunity to take the Bloomberg Aptitude Test (BAT) on Manhattan College’s campus each semester. The BAT is a standardized online exam that assesses critical thinking across a variety of competencies. It enables test-takers to showcase their strengths to more than 25,000 investment and financial recruiters.

“The BAT helps students anonymously market themselves to employers using the Bloomberg Talent Search,” says Natalia Boliari, assistant professor of economics. “It’s a unique opportunity to be contacted for internship or employment positions in areas such as Consultancy, Accounting, Insurance, Investment Banking, HR, Trading, Analytics, and many others offered by companies from around the world.”

Bloomberg for Education is the final feature in Manhattan College’s state-of-the-art finance lab, which is designed to mimic the professional instruments graduates will see in the financial industry.

The lab is outfitted with a full sized real-time stock ticker, two large flat panels TVs with scrolling financial data, and HP 8200 series desktops with 22-inch dual monitors that are also equipped with Morningstar Direct.

Posted on August 11, 2014

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JHQ: Manhattan College’s Lasallian heritage


Published on Aug 11, 2014

Manhattan College’s Lasallian heritage is derived from a Catholic teaching order established by Saint John Baptist de La Salle in 17th century France. Today, this translates into five important values that our campus community puts into practice: faith in the presence of God, an inclusive community, concern for the poor and social justice, respect for all people and quality education.

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3+ minute video

[JR: I doubt that Saint John Baptist de La Salle would have used the term “social justice”. Unfortunately, it’s a term that has “baggage” from the “Liberal” Socialist Secular Progressives. Why can’t we just have “freedom and liberty”? What we get is “political correctness”, “Gooferment welfare / warfare state”, Crony Capitalism, and an oppressive government driving out private charity and Religious Freedom. I have “concern for the poor” but look askance at the concept of “social justice”. Back in the day, when I spent time with Brother President, I gave him the same diatribe to no avail. But what do you expect from a fat old white guy injineer who was a C student?]

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JHQ: Opportunity for Recent Civil Engineering Grads



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Great Opportunity for Recent Civil Engineering Grads
Nadia Peters
Coordinator of Employer Relations at Manhattan College

Civil Engineering Alumni, are you interested in working as a Cost Engineer? If yes, log-in to JasperLink and search Job ID# “13838”- to view and to apply to this position.

Visit the Center for Career Development website for free and valuable …
Career Services for Alumni

Career Services for Alumni The Center for Career Development (CCD) provides Manhattan College alumni with career resources, education and networking opportunities to help them achieve individual career goals at any point in their career….

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JHQ: Napa and Sonoma Alumni Winery Tour Saturday, October 18


Napa and Sonoma Alumni Winery TourSaturday, October 18 at 8:45am to 4:45pm Northern California alumni, family and friends are invited to join alumni hosts Steven Burchik ’67 and Stephen Laruccia ’67 and other Jaspers for a day in Napa Valley and Sonoma County. Enjoy a relaxing afternoon sampling wines and connecting with fellow Manhattan College grads.The event is $65 per person, which includes a tour and tasting at Benziger Family Winery, tasting at Imagery Estate Winery, a boxed lunch at the Christian Brothers Retreat & Conference Center, and tasting at The Hess Collection.Guests are welcome to drive themselves to the wineries. Additionally, a private coach has been chartered but please note, space is limited. The cost of the chartered transportation is $25 per person. Guests will be picked up at 8:45 a.m. in front of the Civic Center/UN Plaza BART Station and dropped off in the same location around 4:45 – 5 p.m.For more information, including the full itinerary, and to register, please visit:

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JHQ: Kellogg, Junius [MC1953 RIP] Toscano, Lisa [MC1979] 2014 MAAC Honor Roll


Junius Kellogg ’53, Lisa Toscano ’79 Named to MAAC Honor Roll

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[JR: I don’t report on “sports” because GOJASPERS does it better than I ever could. But this is NEWS. Hence I call it to your attention here. (There are some alums who care not a wit about “sports”.)]

Kellogg, Junius [MC1953 RIP]

Toscano, Lisa [MC1979]

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JHQ: JUNE/JULY 2014 Accomplishments



View all the recent accomplishments and accolades of Manhattan College’s faculty and students.

School of Arts

Mehnaz Afridi, Ph.D., director of Manhattan College’s Holocaust, Genocide and Interfaith Education Center and assistant professor of religious studies, recently attended two high-profile events in New York City: The 12th annual James Parks Morton interfaith awards dinner, which honored Al Gore on June 5; and the 2014 ADL New York Region Annual Meeting, which honored Mayor Bill de Blasio on June 10.
Kevin Ahern, assistant professor of religious studies, was among the 2014 Catholic Press Award and Book Award Winners, for his book Visions of Hope, and received first place in the 50th Anniversary of Vatican II category.

Ricardo A. Dello Buono, Ph.D., professor and chair of sociology, delivered a paper at the Crisis in EU and USA international conference held at the University of Pisa, Italy, entitled Migration and the Crisis of the Social Welfare State: Building a Praxis Approach on June 13.  Earlier, he presented his paper “Las movilizaciones estudiantiles en tiempos de crisis: hacia un marco teórico general” at the 32nd International Congress of the Latin American Studies Association (LASA) in Chicago on May 22.

Jennifer C. Edwards, Ph.D., assistant professor of history was named co-runner up for the 2013 Society for French Studies Malcolm Bowie Prize for her article publication “‘Man Can be Subject to Woman’: Female Monastic Authority in Fifteenth-Century Poitiers” Gender & History 25, no. 1 (2013): 86-106.
Edwards also presented Holy Healing: Defining Boundaries between Medical and Spiritual Healing in Medieval England at the Berkshire Conference on the History of Women in Toronto, May 2014.

Jay Freidenberg, Ph.D., chair and professor of psychology, opened his first solo gallery exhibition at 440 Gallery in Brooklyn, Digital Dreams, which is on display through Aug. 17, 2014. The collection features his photographs of New York City scenes that are digitally manipulated to create surreal landscapes.

Robert Geraci, Ph.D., associate professor of religious studies, and engineering major Nat Recine ’14 recently published a paper, “Enlightening the Galaxy: How Players Experience Political Philosophy in Start Wards: The Old Republic” in Games and Culture. Read more about their collaboration.

Matthew S. Muehlbauer, Ph.D., visiting assistant professor, co-wrote Ways ofWar: American Military History from the Colonial Era to the Present (Routledge 2013), which was recently adopted as required reading for all United States Air Force Academy cadets.

School of Business

Charles Geisst, Ph.D., professor of economics and finance, was featured in WalletHub’s recent study, the 2014 Debt Freedom Report: Living Debt Free

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