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JLINKEDIN: Kneitel, Terri [MC1995] Environmental Engineer at US DoE


Kneitel, Terri [MC1995] 
Environmental Engineer at US Department of Energy – Brookhaven Site Office
Greater New York City Area   
Environmental Services

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JLINKEDIN: Debold, Dan [MC1981] Project Manager at Five Star Electric


Debold, Dan [MC1981] 
Project Manager at Five Star Electric
Greater New York City Area   

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JLINKEDIN: Murray-Wilson, Mary Elizabeth [MC1986] Consultant at The New York Academy of Sciences


Murray-Wilson, Mary Elizabeth [MC1986]
Consultant at The New York Academy of Sciences
Greater New York City Area
Education Management


Dr. Mary Elizabeth Wilson is a teacher and teacher educator with more than 20 years of experience in public and private education across Pre K-20 learning environments. She is a former assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction, director of curriculum and instruction, director of research in education, consultant, supervisor of secondary science, science department chairperson and science teacher (elementary, middle and high school). She has also served as faculty at Barnard College, Bank Street College of Education and Manhattan College.

Dr. Wilson completed her doctoral degree from Columbia University with a key focus on using data to inform curriculum, instruction and professional learning in science education. Her academic work includes the role of evaluation in teaching and learning; the interface between school and non-school learning environments and partnerships; effective professional learning for teacher and school leaders; and research and documentation of teaching and learning in diverse learning contexts. She has authored position papers and presentations on these topics and others.

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JLINKEDIN: Grazioso, Mike [MC1979] AV/MI Sales Consultant


Grazioso, Mike [MC????]
AV/MI Sales Consultant at Ouzunoff & Associates, Luthier
at Hudson Valley Guitar Works –
Greater New York City Area   
Program Development


Sales consultant working at Ouzunoff & Associates representing several major manufacturers in the Audio Visual and Musical industry.

Luthier / owner of Hudson Valley Guitar Works, building repairing and customizing Acoustic and Electric guitars.

Retired – PMI and IBM Certified Executive Project manager responsible for planning and execution of major programs within IBM.

Specialties: Program/Project Management,
Semiconductor Technology Transfer,
Business Process Re-Engineering,
Semiconductor Process Development & Manufacturing

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Dear John,

I believe that Mike is a member of the Class 1979.


McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

[JR: Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated.]

Grazioso, Mike [MC1979] 

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JLINKEDIN: Peterson, Jeanne [MC1984] at Three Village Central School District


Peterson, Jeanne [MC1984]

Special Education/Computer Teacher Assistant
at Three Village Central School District, NY
Greater New York City Area


• Over fourteen years professional experience in Educating Large Business Customers; and Sales, Marketing and Operations Departments within the Telecommunications Industry. Proven skills in customer focused training, sales support and education, personnel management, product/market planning, business case development, market channel identification, project management and contract negotiations. Product Management Institute Certification.

• Over five years education experience as a Special Education/Computer Teacher Assistant providing instructional support to students and teachers in facilitating district curriculum for technology. Responsible for all campus technology and computers. Public School Teacher Assistant Certificate, Level III.

• Over eleven years experience teaching religious education to multiple classes simultaneously and facilitating community service activities designed to inspire students to excel in social responsibilities. Catechist Certification.

• MBA in Business Management

Specialties:Sales Support, Product Marketing, Strategic Alliance Management, Project Management, Education

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JLINKEDIN: McGeough, Anna [MC1992] at Ultramar Travel Management


McGeough, Anna [MC1992]
Meetings & Events Specialist at Ultramar Travel Management
Greater New York City Area
Leisure, Travel & Tourism

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JLINKEDIN: Chambers-McKay, Aimee [MC2007] Affordable Housing Advocacy


Chambers-McKay, Aimee [MC2007]
Affordable Housing Advocacy & Development
New Orleans, Louisiana
Architecture & Planning

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