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Interesting way to start the week

POSITRACTION: The first one to jump saves lives


Europe, Obama Hail Americans Who Stopped Train Attack

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Among the other heroes of the night-time drama was a Frenchman on his way to the toilet who was first to tackle the assailant as he entered the carriage, and a 62-year-old Briton who still had blood spattered over his shirt as he spoke to journalists on Friday night.

But it may have been Stone, 23, of Lajes Air Base, Azores, who took the biggest risk. Eskel said his nephew’s height of at least 6 feet 2 inches (1.9 meters) and Jujitsu martial art and American football background probably helped him.

“He was the first one to jump on him, he’s the one who got cut up … none of us are injured but Spencer took a few injuries and he just had no fear,” 23-year-old student Anthony Sadler, told Reuters.

“That’s our friend so once we saw him go we had to go and join him … we couldn’t have just left everybody die like that. It was a crazy situation, said Sadler, a student at Sacramento State University.

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There’s a survival theory about the three types of reaction — 50% freeze, 40% panic, and 10% act. And, it’s the action ones that survive. 

So we have about 5 of the people in that car who acted. 

Pretty interesting.

In another story, the criminal asked for his gun back?

As a pro-life pro-choice little L libertarian, I’m surprise that the criminal survived.

When defending yourself, most training is to kill. But, I guess these fellows were really good at controlling their emotions. After all it’s “kill or be killed”; not “restrain the perp or be killed”.

Criminals are not stupid. That’s why mass murderers seek out gun free zones.

We have to just change the incentives.


Anyway, hope that I can act like this hero and save some lives.

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POSITRACTION: “Hundred Zeros” — free books on your Kindle or app


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Are we not living in an amazing age?

It’s like all the dikw (i.e., data, information, knowledge, wisdom) of the human race is almost all free and instantly available.

I was stunned by this site.

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POSITRACTION: Body of 5-year-old found


Body of 5-year-old who vanished from Grand Canyon-area campsite found
Published August 11, 2015

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Some volunteers walked shoulder-to-shoulder through thick vegetation in heavy rain Monday in hopes of finding clues.

Authorities said earlier that there were no signs of an abduction or foul play and noted that the boy’s parents were devastated by the disappearance and remained involved throughout the search.

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That’s inspiring that “volunteers” will set aside their pursuits to find a little child. And, it’s not like it was a stroll in the park. More like a trek! With a sad end.

That’s being ones “brother’s keeper”! It’s our common humanity.

Sad that he was lost.

But, good that there was no “foul play”. Just an accident.

Hope the parents can find peace.

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POSITRACTION: Winner buys new shoes … for others!


Millionaire Hot Seat winner buys every student at her school new shoes
12:00 PM Saturday Jul 18, 2015

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An Australian teacher who won $20,000 on a TV game show will buy new shoes for the students at her school.

Bri Dredge, 32, who was on Millionaire Hot Seat on Thursday night, has decided to use her winnings to help pupils at Yuille Park Community College in Ballarat.

“I walked into school and every student in the whole school has given me a hug and said thank you,” Dredge told AAP on Friday.

“The look on their faces was worth all the money that I won.”

All 200 students will receive a pair of sturdy leather shoes to get them through Ballarat’s long, cold winter.

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An impressive act of charity.

I’m sure there were other things she “wanted”. Perhaps even “needed”.

(I’d assert that saving for one’s “retirement” is a valid “need”!)

Makes my own efforts at charity look lame by comparison.

That’s why I’m sure I’ll need one of my fellow Jaspers to wedge open a side door to Heaven at the Final Judgment.

Laugh, if there is a “side door” or any “door” at all.

Nice act charity by this lady.

Maybe it will inspire others.

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POSITRACTION: Wheelchair surprise!


Cop Goes Undercover in Wheelchair to Make Arrests, Finds Kindness Instead
    Uplift    Inspiring
by Helaina Hovitz – July 17, 2015

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Vancouver law enforcement went looking for bad news and found good news instead.

As part of an undercover operation, police sergeant Mark Horsley grew some facial hair and borrowed an expensive wheelchair, making him an “easy mark” for criminals.

But over the course of five days, instead of strangers snatching money from his open fanny pack, 300 people made contact with him to ask if he had someone to care for him, find out if he needed food, or to offer money.

At one point, a man crouched over him and reached for the fanny pack, making the cop nervous—but all he did was zip it shut and advise Horsley to, “please be more careful with his things.”

*** end quote ***


It’s always good that life intrudes..

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POSITRACTION: Black trooper helps a White supremacist



Rob Godfrey: “not an uncommon example of humanity in SC: Leroy Smith helps white supremacist to shelter & water as heat bears down.”

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That’s “race relations”.

I don’t like to praise Hollywood much. 

But occasionally they get one right.

This applies to this picture.

“America isn’t easy. America is advanced citizenship. You gotta want it bad, ’cause it’s gonna put up a fight. It’s gonna say “You want free speech? Let’s see you acknowledge a man whose words make your blood boil, who’s standing center stage and advocating at the top of his lungs that which you would spend a lifetime opposing at the top of yours. You want to claim this land as the land of the free? Then the symbol of your country can’t just be a flag; the symbol also has to be one of its citizens exercising his right to burn that flag in protest. Show me that, defend that, celebrate that in your classrooms. Then, you can stand up and sing about the “land of the free”.” — President Andrew Shepherd played by Michael Douglas in “The American President” (1995)

We may disagree with another’s beliefs, but we still must “Love Our Neighbor”!

This picture gives me hope.

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POSITRACTION: Nicholas Winton, a British hero of the Holocaust


Accidental Talmudist
July 2 at 8:31pm · Edited ·

Nicholas Winton, a British hero of the Holocaust, died yesterday at the age of 106. Prime Minister David Cameron said, “We must never forget Sir Nicholas Winton’s humanity in saving so many children from the Holocaust.”

Nicholas was born to Jewish parents who had emigrated from Germany. Anxious to fit into British society, the family converted to Christianity and Nicholas was baptised.

In 1938, Nicholas was a young London stockbroker planning a skiing vacation in Switzerland. He received a call from a friend asking him to help rescue Jewish children who were in danger of Nazi deportation. Nicholas cancelled his vacation and got to work.

At the time, Jewish refugee children were allowed to enter Britain, but Dutch border guards were sending them back to near-certain death in Germany. Nicholas worked the system, and his connections, to gain official permission to bring the children through the Netherlands.

With the help of his mother, Nicholas placed the children in appropriate homes. He advertised widely seeking host families. Nicholas found homes in Britain for 669 Jewish children. Most of their parents died in Auschwitz.

After the war, Nicholas got married, had three children, and settled in Maidenhead, England. He told nobody about his heroic wartime actions.

In 1988, Winton’s wife Grete found a scrapbook in the attic containing lists of children, including their parents’ names and the names and addresses of the families who took them in.

Nicholas was featured on a British television show later that year. The producers planned a surprise for him. Seated in the studio audience, Nicholas learned on camera that everybody around him owed their life to him.

In 2002, Winton was knighted in recognition of his work on behalf of refugee children.

Today we proudly honor Sir Nicholas Winton as this week’s Thursday Hero at Accidental Talmudist.

See the video of Nicholas and the people who owe their lives to him:

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I admire these héros. 

I especially admire that he made it “no big deal”.

I hope that if my turn to do something heroic that I can measure up.

This is a stunning story worth remembering.

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