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Interesting way to start the week

POSITRACTION: “Hand Washing with Soap” is pro-life


Filmed September 2014 at TED@Unilever
Myriam Sidibe: The simple power of hand-washing

Myriam Sidibe is a warrior in the fight against childhood disease. Her weapon of choice? A bar of soap. For cost-effective prevention against sickness, it’s hard to beat soapy hand-washing, which cuts down risk of pneumonia, diarrhea, cholera and worse. Sidibe, a public-health expert, makes a smart case for public-private partnerships to promote clean hands — and local, sustainable entrepreneurship.

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How can one be pro-life and not be touched when you hear the number cited?

It’s stunning.

How dumb are “We, Humans”?

I send this to my Usual Suspects, and my “kids” list. Just being tin foil hat crazy ‘uncle’ ferd.

The speaker’s accent and odd phrasing was interesting; I’m sure far better than I could do in a second language.

Maybe the message will get out.

I’d urge all my fellow Jaspers to pass it along as well.

And, for everyone’s sake: “Hand Washing with Soap”!

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POSITRACTION: UNI-CUB Beta = a mobility aid


Honda’s latest robotic stool is fun to ride, still impossible to buy
by Richard Lai

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One of the several reasons for why we love CEATEC is that we get to test ride human transporters there (as well as meeting robots of all sorts). Last year we came across Honda’s stool-like UNI-CUB, and this year, the company is back with a new and improved model dubbed UNI-CUB Beta, and it even let attendees ride the vehicles — while wearing Epson’s smart glasses, no less — around the show floor under staff supervision. It should be noted that the Beta was actually first unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show last November, but that didn’t kill our curiosity.

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While you can’t buy it yet, it’s not hard to imagine how useful it will be to the old, infirm, or disabled. Or even to those folks who can’t drive or don’t have a car. 

My cousin could use it to go to the supermarket which is too far to walk. Now she goes on the senior citizen bus. 

Can’t come soon enough fmpov!

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POSITRACTION: Who Made Jet Fighters and Car Crashes Survivable?


Meet the Rocketman Who Made Jet Fighters and Car Crashes Survivable
Robert Sorokanich

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Col. Stapp was a physician and air force flight surgeon interested in figuring out how to make jet fighter crashes and ejector seats more survivable. In 1947, Col. Stapp began a series of now-legendary rocket sled tests, personally subjecting himself to deceleration forces no human had ever before experienced, to help find the limit of what the human body could take.

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Col. Stapp’s research career was far from over. After human testing on the rocket sled was halted, Col. Stapp began studying the other dangers that killed pilots. He realized that the Air Force lost nearly as many pilots to car crashes as they did to mishaps in the air; for the rest of his life, Col. Stapp pushed for greater crash safety in car design, eventually becoming permanent chairman of what would be later named the Stapp Car Crash Conference.

Despite his many wild rides on the madcap rocket sled, and the shocking forces it exerted on his body, Col. Stapp lived to be 89 years old. His legend lives on in every fighter pilot who survives an ejector seat trip, and every civilian who walks away from a forceful car crash. Many of us walk around today owing our lives to the cowboy doctor who strapped himself into a rocket sled that could very well have killed him.

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Never knew that’s what was done to make us all safer by one heroic doc.

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POSITRACTION: Know not the day nor the hour


Homicide eyed in deadly Oklahoma bus crash, killing 4 college softball players
Published September 27, 2014

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“We have a lot of injuries, and a lot of death,” he told “It’s a tragic thing for everybody involved.”

Hampton said the semi crossed the median and veered into the southbound lanes, hitting the bus.

“When it impacted the bus, it just kept going and went off the side of road. … We knew we had a two-vehicle accident by what we saw at the scene. … But it took about an hour before we found the semi,” he said.

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What’s positive about this?

It’s a reminder. 

Matthew 25:13 “Therefore keep watch, because you know not the day nor the hour.”

As a little L libertarian, there’s nothing worse than aggression.

I hope the drivers test “clean” and this is just an “accident”. 

Even though, there’s no such thing as an “accident” when you’re describing something like this. 

So it’s a positive reminder to “carpe that old diem” before it slips away.

Dona Nobis Pacem

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POSITRACTION: Listing 22 milestones he had missed


Boss at $2-trillion investment firm PIMCO says 10-year-old daughter made him quit
Published September 26, 2014

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The CEO of a $2 trillion investment fund said he made the decision to resign from his post after his young daughter wrote him a note listing 22 milestones he had missed in her life.

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Not everyone can afford to do this.

But everyone can afford to do something.


How does that old canard go about deathbeds and spending more time at work?

Unfortunately sometimes, that choice isn’t obvious at the time you make it.

And, afterwards, all you can do is spend time at work.

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POSITRACTION: How to live passionately?


Filmed March 2014 at TED2014

Isabel Allende: How to live passionately—no matter your age

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In this 8 minute video, an “old lady” makes the point that you really have to “practice mindfulness”.

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If you’re ever “bored”, then watch a TED or two and be re-energized!

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POSITRACTION: Wais Barakzai — The Video


Wais Barakzai: The Video that inspired a million lives Facebook

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A 3:00 minute video. No idea if true or not, but if it hasn’t “inspired a million lives”, it did for me.

I’ll let this 3 minute take the front stage this week.

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