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POSITRACTION: 150 miles to do a mitzvah!


300 Stranded Israelis in Montana Fed Kosher By Local Kindness
by Terry Turner – Nov 16, 2015

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When an El Al flight from Israel to California developed a problem, it was forced to land in Montana–where a problem of a different sort developed on the ground. Fortunately for the 279 passengers and crew, people who live in the “Big Sky Country” have hearts as big as their sky.

Because a new plane needed to be delivered, no one knew how long the hundreds of Israelis would be stranded there – sequestered in the terminal because there were no customs officials there. One thing was evident. Despite its worldly name, there was no kosher food at the Billings Logan International Airport.

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Donna Healy, a member of Billings’ Jewish community rounded up her daughter Kat and friend Victor Sargent, then purchased crackers, cereal, hummus and other snacks to deliver to the airport.

Meanwhile, Rabbi Chaim Bruk heard the news while traveling to Minnesota. He called his wife, Chavie Bruk in Bozeman, Montana and asked her to help. She immediately loaded her car with kosher food and drove 150 miles to Billings with her three kids

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150 miles to do a mitzvah!

Very impressive.

I hope that I can be that charitable.

Some folks really do go above and beyond.

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POSITRACTION: Trooper raised $480K forfour children


Trooper Who Hid Tragedy From 4 Kids on Halloween Raised $480K for Them
by Terry Turner – Nov 13, 2015

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A Georgia State Trooper’s graceful handling of four children under tragic circumstances has ended up raising nearly a half million dollars for their futures.

Trooper Nathan Bradley had the difficult job of knocking at the door of a family home in Newborn to report the car crash that had killed both parents on October 31. Crystal and Donald Howard had gone out to get more face paint for the kids— ages six to 13 — before taking them Trick or Treating on Halloween.

The couple’s four children appeared at the door dressed in their costumes, and with no adults there, Bradley couldn’t bring himself to tell the kids about their parents. Instead, he decided to save their Halloween.

He took them out for dinner to each of their favorite places, radioed headquarters and rallied his fellow troopers who ended up throwing an impromptu Halloween party. A sleepover at the State Police barracks kept them busy until their grandmother could drive up from Florida, seven hours away.

*** and ***

He set up a GoFundMe page for Justin, Amiah, Daimean, and Trayvion, hoping to raise $7,000 so their parents’ remains could be sent to Florida, near their new home with grandma. When the total started skyrocketing, Bradley asked that anything beyond that amount to go toward a college fund.

Nine days later, more than 12,000 people have donated nearly a half million dollars to the Howard orphans.

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That’s some accomplishment.

Who says charity is dead. And, even in today’s thought time and high taxes, good people come out of the woodwork.

I hope good things come to this good man.

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Only after giving the kids happy Halloween memories, and with the grandmother finally there, was the painful news broken to the children.

POSITRACTION: A “miracle” saves a baby


New Cell Therapy Clears Leukemia in Dying Baby
Thursday, 05 Nov 2015 04:27 PM

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A baby whom doctors thought almost certain to die has been cleared of a previously incurable leukemia in the first human use of an “off-the-shelf” cell therapy from Cellectis that creates designer immune cells.

One-year-old Layla had run out of all other treatment options when doctors at Britain’s Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) gave her the highly experimental, genetically edited cells in a tiny 1-milliliter intravenous infusion.

Two months later, she was cancer-free and she is now home from hospital, the doctors said at a briefing about her case in London on Wednesday.

“Her leukemia was so aggressive that such a response is almost a miracle,” said Paul Veys, a professor and director of bone marrow transplant at GOSH who led the team treating Layla.

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Amazing at the possibilities this represents.

How little we humans know and yet how arrogant we are about our “knowledge”.

Now let’s think about all those human beings that have been “aborted” (i.e., murdered). Imagine what that human capital could have created.

Look at Ben Carson (i.e., single Detroit mom raised him). Now imagine a million or more like him.


We could have many more “miracles” if we would collectively just pull our heads out of our <synonym for several donkeys>!

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POSITRACTION: What happens when you have a canceled wedding?


Canceled wedding becomes banquet for homeless
After finding out that the groom-to-be got cold feet, a Sacramento family decides to keep their banquet reservation but invite a different group of guests. 
By Cathaleen Chen, Staff
OCTOBER 18, 2015

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Instead of calling off their daughter’s $35,000 wedding, the Duanes decided to keep the reception. But it wasn’t the original 120 guests who came Saturday – it was Sacramento’s homeless population.

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What a cadd!

But at least it didn’t go to waste.

Maybe if we say prayers for the jilted bride and praise her and her family for their charity, then it will become an acceptable solution for all the future “cancellations”.


Dona Nobis Pacem

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Instead of calling off their daughter’s $35,000 wedding, the Duanes decided to keep the reception. But it wasn’t the original 120 guests who came Saturday – it was Sacramento’s homeless population.

POSITRACTION: Medicine Hat adopted Housing First; great results


The First Canadian City to Eliminate Homelessness –Here’s How They Did It
by Terry Turner – October 7, 2015

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For the homeless population of Medicine Hat, Alberta, the right dose of the perfect solution has led to an amazing revolution.

Tonight, every one of the city’s 60,000 people are sleeping with a roof over their heads, thanks to the Canadian city’s new policy that mandates housing for anyone who has spent 10 days in a shelter or on the streets.

When city officials learn of a person living in these circumstances, they move the individual (or family) into a house or apartment. In fact, Mayor Ted Clugston says 10 days is the absolute limit—the city usually finds housing for homeless people even quicker than that.

*** and ***

The city started building new homes for the homeless in 2009 and has moved nearly 900 people off the streets since then. It costs the city about $20,000 a year to house a homeless person — but $100,000 a year if they are living on the streets.

Since Medicine Hat adopted Housing First, police calls about homeless people and emergency room visits have plummeted.

(Photo of homeless native couple by Doug Brown, CC — Story tip: Murray Lindsay)

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As much as I am against Gooferment programs, here’s one that seems to make sense.

First, it’s about cutting costs — an 80% cut in direct costs, and an unspecified drop in police and ER costs.

Second, it’s about rehabilitation. Get people off the streets and into treatment.

Third, it’s local. Work is done closest to the “problem”; so it has a high success rate with politicians and bureaucrats making “rules”.

The only thing that could be better is if it’s voluntarily funded.

Dona Nobis Pacem

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POSITRACTION: Two nameless bodies washed up on the beach


Filmed September 2015 at TEDGlobal>London

Anders Fjellberg: Two nameless bodies washed up on the beach.

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When two bodies wearing identical wetsuits washed ashore in Norway and the Netherlands, journalist Anders Fjellberg and photographer Tomm Christiansen started a search to answer the question: who were these people? What they found and reported in Norway’s “Dagbladet” is that everybody has a name, everybody has a story and everybody is someone.

*** and ***

To me, this is a story about two questions that I think we all share: what is a better life, and what am I willing to do to achieve it? And to me, and probably a lot of you, a better life would mean being able to do more of what we think of as meaningful, whether that be spending more time with your family and friends, travel to an exotic place, or just getting money to buy that cool new device or a pair of new sneakers. And this is all within our reach pretty easily.

But if you are fleeing a war zone, the answers to those two questions are dramatically different. A better life is a life in safety. It’s a life in dignity. A better life means not having your house bombed, not fearing being kidnapped. It means being able to send your children to school, go to university, or just find work to be able to provide for yourself and the ones you love. A better life would be a future of some possibilities compared to nearly none, and that’s a strong motivation. 

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Kudos to these men for figuring it out. Praise to the editor who approved it.

This puts a face to the “refugee story”.

There’s something universal about wanting a better peaceful life.

Requiescat In Pacem

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POSITRACTION: All life is precious to Him


Dog Leads Owner To Newborn Baby Abandoned On Roadside
By Barbara Diamond

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While out for their morn

ing walk, a dog named Bobby persuaded his owner, Jeff, to take a different route than normal. Suddenly, the black lab started pulling hard on his leash, yanking Jeff down the dirt road in a particular direction. As Bobby feverishly sniffed toward a patch of grass,  Jeff saw what he thought was either a rock or a baby rabbit on the ground. Moments later, he realized the shocking truth: Bobby led Jeff to a newborn baby with her umbilical cord still attached.

*** and ***

Jeff believes it was divine intervention that led Bobby to the baby. “I tend to think it was God led us this way, that all life is precious to Him,” he says. 

*** end quote ***

“Birds of the air … …” comes to mind.

I hope that if I’m ever able to save someone, I can.

I pray for the Mom because she must have been in a terrible place to do this.

I hope that “We, The Sheeple” can see that ALL LIVES MATTER — black, blue, and even those from Fordham.

Dona Nobis Pacem

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