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POSITRACTION: Sweeney, Peter K. (MC1964) supplies a classic military story


Sweeney, Peter K. (MC1964)

A classic military story courtesy of the extended MP/MC family

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> Date: June 16, 2015 at 4:23:23 PM EDT
> actually, I believe I did see a small bit of this story in the news very recently but this video is well worth the watch. It can’t help but touch you with a profound admiration for this brave and generous family!

You have to wonder why these stories never hit the news .

[JR: An admirable response to losing a son. However, I continue to reiterate my conviction that we need to bring all the girls and boys home now. This was, like most wars, is not the USA’s war. The killing and maiming of people on both sides is unacceptable. When it’s on our shores and / or here at home, then we’ll have a “just war”. Dona Nobis Pacem.]  

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POSITRACTION: An Engineer’s Simple Solution for African Girls Dropping Out


The Feminine Reason for African Girls Dropping Out, An Engineer’s Simple Solution
by Good News Network – May 28, 2015

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Many girls in the Western world use their period as an excuse to sit out of gym class–but in some African countries a girl’s monthly cycle forces her out of school altogether.

Diana Sierra was already empowering women in Africa and South America, working as an industrial engineer on innovative cookstoves and food processors that would make their lives better. But when she visited Uganda and found girls there dropping out of school, she trained her problem-solving prowess on the lack of feminine pads.

*** and ***

While designing the product she worked closely with African girls who told her they wanted something colorful, girly and beautiful. It was a poignant reminder that no matter someone’s income level, people want beautiful things.

“It is our job as designers to serve this population with the same attention to aesthetics as we do with any other user segment.”

Beginning today, Plan USA is offering everyone in the world the chance to help girls in Africa by donating two pairs of the panty-pads for an $11 contribution.

*** end quote ***

I was attracted to this story because, as a fat old white guy injineer, I know engineers like to think of themselves as “problem solvers”.

Not every problem is obvious; not every solution requires a Gooferment solution.

If humans are challenged, some one of the species can solve it.

When you think outside of that proverbial “box”, amazing things can happen.

Some things seem so OBVIOUS once they are solved. Hotels Dot Com captured the concept perfectly with Captain Obvious that says obvious things.

I need to look around and see what I can find that’s “obvious”. Not every idea has to change the world like this one, but it’s amazing when they do.

Dona Nobis Pacem

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POSITRACTION: Dr. Subodh Kumar Singh provides free treatment


The Logical Indian
Doctors are often equated with God, and that’s for a reason.

Nine-year-old Ragini was severely burned by lamp oil as a toddler. She lost range of motion in her neck due to injuries from the burn and was bullied in school. Watch as she and her family travel from their rural village to the city of Varanasi, where she undergoes a life-altering operation at G.S. Memorial Plastic Surgery Hospital.

Director and plastic surgeon Dr. Subodh Kumar Singh provides free treatment for over 80 percent of the patients he sees, many of whom are burn victims like Ragini.

“I earn a currency called love that is much more valuable than money” these are the words of this doctor who miraculously helped this girl and gave hopes to many.

The Logical Indian salutes Dr. Subodh Kumar Singh and entire medical community who are keeping humans and humanity alive on this earth.

This short video from Blue Chalk Media was produced on behalf of the charity .This video is all about compassion especially in the noble field of medicine.

Watch this video seamlessly on youtube :

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Every once in a while, one is “touched”.

Makes me wish I had been capable of going into medicine.

Or otherwise, receive such burdens.

All I can do is donate some modest amounts of money to charities and hope it makes a difference.

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POSITRACTION: An act of charity at a Waffle House


‘Everybody Cried’: 11 People Inside a Waffle House Watched in Awe as a 5-Year-Old Boy Put His Faith to Action
May. 18, 2015 8:56pm Jason Howerton

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Josiah Duncan, a 5-year-old boy from Prattville, Alabama, was eating with his mother at a Waffle House restaurant when he noticed a dirty-looking man holding a bag outside. He was immediately curious and concerned.

*** and ***

But it would be the boy’s final gesture — after the food arrived — that would leave the entire room in tears, according to the mother.

Josiah belted out a passionate blessing of the food in the middle of the Waffle House.
“God our Father, God our Father, we thank you, we thank you, for our many blessings, for our many blessings, Amen, Amen,” he proclaimed.

*** end quote ***

I hope that I can match this young boy’s example.

It’s one thing to get his Mom to buy the man food. It’s another to sit and pray with a smelly old vagrant.


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POSITRACTION: NASA Device put to good use


NASA Device Finds 4 Buried Victims in Nepal by Detecting Heartbeats
by Good News Network – May 8, 2015

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Four men trapped under 10 feet of bricks, mud and other debris were rescued in Nepal thanks to a heartbeat detection device developed by NASA and the Department of Homeland Security. The search-and-rescue technology called FINDER (Finding Individuals for Disaster and Emergency Response) uses a microwave-radar detector the size of a suitcase.

*** end quote ***

Neat technology. At least, there is a benefit for these four poor souls.

What else can we “re-purpose” to enhance people’s lives.

There’s so much “need” and it’s great when they get “satisfied”.

In a global world, we need to “help” without creating “helplessness”.

Tough balance.

Really free trade, without the Gooferment involved, is the best way to have a “rising tide raising all boats”. 

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POSITRACTION: The Albanian code of honor, ‘besa’


Remembering Albania’s help for Jews during WWII
By Nic Cavell
Posted 5/14/15

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Bujar Nishani, president of the Republic of Albania, did not visit Riverdale by chance.

Instead, the president confirmed, his decision to give a speech organized by Manhattan College’s Holocaust, Genocide, and Interfaith Education Center was “absolutely motivated” by a desire to strengthen ties between his country and the international Jewish community.

“For my country, the ties with Israel are a priority,” Mr. Nishani said after giving a May 7 speech at the college’s Raymond W. Kelly ’63 Student Commons.

Mr. Nishani’s address to a crowd of about 150, which included the permanent representative of Albania to the United Nations, members of the Albanian cabinet and local members of the Albanian community, focused on his country’s role saving Jews from Nazi persecution and genocide during World War II.

“There was no forceful expulsion of Jews in our country, either by the state authorities or by common people,” Mr. Nishani said of Albania, one of the only European countries that had more Jews at the end of the war than at the start.

“This typical and characteristic behavior is founded on the Albanian code of honor, ‘besa’,” he continued. “In daily life, it means to take care… [of] someone who is in trouble and need by offering him hospitality and defense.”

In the 21st century, Mr. Nishani argued, ‘besa’ was the foundation of Albania’s success as a multi-religious society.

*** end quote ***

I’m not impressed by what people say.

I’m fat old white guy Jasper injineer.

What you do counts a lot more. In fact, it’s everything. Don’t tell me platitudes. Be Mother Teresa. Then I’m impressed.

“Having more Jews at the end of the war than at the start.”

That’s impressive.

Not that Jews are like trophies, medals, or badges to be won. They are people with all the warts, flaws, and other disgusting human characteristics.

I have known Jews who’s whole lineages have been wiped out for the sole reason that they “cheered for the wrong team” or prayed to the wrong God.


Dona Nobis Pacem

And, in this case, Alma Mater did well.

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POSITRACTION: Therapy “Dissolves” Tumor


Home Health In Successful Cancer Trial, Therapy “Dissolves” Stage IV Tumor in 3 Weeks
by Terry Turner – April 29, 2015

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An experimental drug combination dissolved a cancerous tumor so fast, it caught researchers completely off-guard. The two-drug combo completely eliminated a woman’s melanoma — and left her completely cancer-free — in just three weeks.

Researchers were surprised at how well the drug combination worked, shrinking tumors at least 80% in more than half of the 142 patients in the trial. And the combination completely eradicated tumors in 22% of patients.

In the rapid recovery case, a 49-year-old woman was given the drugs to treat a large tumor on her chest. Doctors continued to monitor her after the treatment and she remains cancer-free. (The image on the left shows the cancer mass with an asterisk* and the photo on the right is magnified)

“I was astonished; I’d never seen anything like that,” Dr. Paul Chapman, head of the melanoma section at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York told Live Science. “She said the tumor had just kind of dissolved.”

*** end quote ***


We, Humans, know so little about anything.

Hopefully this will be come widely available to everyone afflicted.

And, along the way, we get a little humility about our “knowledge”.

As for me, I have lot to be humble about already.

I also read about a young woman committing suicide off the GW bridge because she had a brain tumor. Perhaps she could have been help if she just had faith?

Dona Nobis Pacem

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