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ENDNOTE: Bust Phony Michigan Homeless Vet


‘Producer Joe’ Uses ‘Liar’ Sign To Bust Phony Michigan Homeless Vet, Then Does Something Amazing (VIDEO)
The Huffington Post | By Eleanor Goldberg
Posted: 07/19/2013 1:28 pm EDT | Updated: 07/19/2013 3:19 pm EDT

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But when WGRD caught wind of the scandal, the radio producers there weren’t satisfied with the simple PSA the news outlet had aired. They decided to take matters into their own hands and force the con artist out of his corner.

Producer Joe joined Rudy at his busy intersection with a cardboard sign that read “LIAR” in big blocky red and yellow letters with an arrow pointing in the vet’s direction.

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Sorry, but defrauding the public is NOT “free speech”.

While it might not be the BIGGEST crime — that’s left for the District of Corruption, the various state capitals, and anywhere politicians meet with crony capitalists — it is FRAUD.

The only possible LEGITIMATE functions of government is to protect The People from force. Fraud is a form of force. Theft by deception.

This particular fraud makes us a cynical nation about private charity.

All charity — to be moral, effective, and efficient — must be private.

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POSITRACTION: save the world; one action at a time


The Gifts of Random Acts of Kindness
Erica Sofrina
March 14, 2013

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I received a powerful teaching that day. I saw that I did not have to save the world. I just needed to show up and do the things that appeared on my path each day. I learned that life unfolds in the moment and must be lived and acted upon in the moment, or a precious and possibly even life-changing opportunity can be lost forever. The challenge is to listen to that quiet voice and not the often-louder ones that declare all of the reasons why it is not a good or “practical” idea.

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I hope that I can listen to my inner soul and do good things.

Read the whole story. It’s impressive in its simplicity. 

Reminds me of the new Pope.

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ENDNOTE: Liberty of conscience was / is part of the larger issue


American Catholicism’s Pact With the Devil
Paul A. Rahe · Feb. 10 at 5:21pm

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In the nascent American republic, this principle was codified in its purest form in the First Amendment to the Constitution. But it had additional ramifications as well – for the government’s scope was limited also in other ways. There were other amendments that made up what we now call the Bill of Rights, and many of the states prefaced their constitutions with bills of rights or added them as appendices. These were all intended to limit the scope of the government. They were all designed to protect the right of individuals to life, liberty, the acquisition and possession of property, and the pursuit of happiness as these individuals understood happiness. Put simply, liberty of conscience was part of a larger package.

This is what the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church forgot. In the 1930s, the majority of the  bishops, priests, and nuns sold their souls to the devil, and they did so with the best of intentions. In their concern for the suffering of those out of work and destitute, they wholeheartedly embraced the New Deal. They gloried in the fact that Franklin Delano Roosevelt made Frances Perkins – a devout Anglo-Catholic laywoman who belonged to the Episcopalian Church but retreated on occasion to a Catholic convent – Secretary of Labor and the first member of her sex to be awarded a cabinet post. And they welcomed Social Security – which was her handiwork. They did not stop to ponder whether public provision in this regard would subvert the moral principle that children are responsible for the well-being of their parents. They did not stop to consider whether this measure would reduce the incentives for procreation and nourish the temptation to think of sexual intercourse as an indoor sport. They did not stop to think.

In the process, the leaders of the American Catholic Church fell prey to a conceit that had long before ensnared a great many mainstream Protestants in the United States – the notion that public provision is somehow akin to charity – and so they fostered state paternalism and undermined what they professed to teach: that charity is an individual responsibility and that it is appropriate that the laity join together under the leadership of the Church to alleviate the suffering of the poor. In its place, they helped establish the Machiavellian principle that underpins modern liberalism – the notion that it is our Christian duty to confiscate other people’s money and redistribute it.

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While this is a little nose-bleed-ish for this fat old white guy injineer, it does strike to the heart of the issue.

I’ve critiqued the decision not to fight Gooferment Skrules on a First Amendment basis. The Gooferment should not be propagandizing future voters. And, dumbing them down. That was the goal of the Prussians when they introduced the whole idea. And, “We, The Sheeple” just went along.

How do we put some spine back into the Church folks and the American People in general?

Maybe BHO44 has done that for us?

This is just the first shot at religious freedom. If BHO44 gets reelected, then Obamacare will open the flood gates of these type issues.

Do Catholics have the courage of a MLK or Gandhi to stand together in defiance of the civil authorities?

Sadly, I don’t think so.

It’s a war for the soul of America. A war that may have been lost in 1913. And, these are just the final skirmishes. Before there’s total capitulation to the “Secular Progressive” meme.


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POSITRACTION: Tebow demonstrates class


Sports Amid Tebow-Mania, a Quiet, Dream-Come-True Gesture Reveals Another Side of Quarterback’s Impact
Posted on January 14, 2012 at 11:53am by Dave Urbanski

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With each dramatic, down-to-the-wire win, the unlikely legend of Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow increases.

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But amid the media hype over his on-field successes—and press-conference declarations of faith—Tebow‘s charitable work and plain ol’ expressions of kindness don’t grab nearly as many headlines.

Like his pregame meeting last Sunday with Bailey Knaub, a Loveland, Co. high schooler who was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease when she was 7 and has since undergone 73 surgeries, including the removal of one of her lungs.

“[Tebow] just came over and said ‘Hi Bailey. It’s such a great opportunity to meet you.’ And he gave me the ball, and I was so excited,” she told CBS Denver.

*** and ***

“Here he’d just played the game of his life, and the first thing he does after his press conference is come find Bailey and ask, ‘Did you get anything to eat?‘ He acted like what he’d just done wasn’t anything, like it was all about Bailey.” Tebow even added extra star power, calling over receiver Demaryius Thomas (who caught the game-winning touchdown) and uber-iconic John Elway to meet the enthralled 16 year old.

“It was the best day of my life,” Bailey said. “Tim Tebow gave me the greatest gift I could ever imagine…the strength for the future. I know now that I can face any obstacle placed in front of me. Tim taught me to never give up because…today might seem bleak but it can’t rain forever and tomorrow is a new day, with new promises.”


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[JR: That’s a class act. In a day when too many of those physically gifted individuals forget “there but for the Grace of God”. I’m not a big fan of the MP4B (i.e., “Millionaires Playing For Billionaires”). This story convinces me that at least one of them has his head screwed on straight. ]

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POSITRACTION: FedEx a dying child home


FedEx flies terminally ill girl home
Published: Saturday, September 26, 2009 6:08 AM

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Because of caring people and a caring company, a terminally ill little Green Forest girl was flown home Friday by air ambulance from M. D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, so she can spend her last days surrounded by the people who love her most.

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[JR: And who says big corporations don’t have feelings. Yes, they get good PR that 11k$ couldn’t buy. But, it’s more than that. IMHO!]

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[JR: OK, it’s not from MC. But it’s from the Boss. The Big Boss. You know, one step short of the Burning Bush. LOL! If we make it to Saint Pete, at least we can say we got the notice. I’m just as sure that all the experts will be telling us how this supports their pet cause (e.g., global warming, global kooling, social justice, higher taxes, lower taxes, the UN). I like to read it for myself. I know I’m just an injineer, but I can google all the “big wurds”. As one of those “good will” people to whom it’s addressed, I’m interested in His Holiness’ insight. Thought any Jasper who suffered through Theology might be interested in the original as well. Probably will take me a year to read it. It does have some big words, Latin, and assumes an education in the Early Fathers. No calculus to make it easy. But no exam either.]


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JEmail: Flynn, Br. Gregory Jack (MC1957) has had a tough year

Addis Hope Newsletter
December 2008

Dear Friends of Addis Hope,

I am hoping that your holidays have been blessed. I regret that I must begin this letter on a rather unhappy note. Effective January 1, 2009 donations to Addis Hope will not be tax deductible.

In order to be so, Addis Hope would have to belong to the Lwanga District, (i.e., Province,) who would then take responsibility for the program’s administration, finance and personnel. As a program that began with the blessing of the Ethiopian Ministry of Justice seven years ago, it is the Ministry to which Addis Hope is primarily accountable and must remain so. Therefore, because Addis Hope is not a District project, donations to it are not eligible for tax deductions in the U.S.

On a positive note, the Addis Hope program continues to be recognized by the Christian Brothers as providing a valued service to very needy children of Addis Ababa and their families. The program is also recognized by the Ethiopian Catholic Church for helping to carry out one of the main objectives of the Church, helping to alleviate poverty among the poorest of the poor.

It is our hope that our loyal sponsors will continue to support the program. As many have said, they support the program simply because it is typical of the kind of program they feel worthy of assistance – teaching the poor gratuitously which is also the fifth vow of the Christian Brothers. I am grateful to my cousins in Massachusetts who will continue to provide administrative and website support at their own expense for the program. Please see the end of this letter for new information on how to make your donations.

On a personal note, over the last 18 months, I have experienced some unpleasant surprises and many grace-filled moments. I returned to the States in September of 2007 for my usual Addis Hope fund-raising activities and for medical check-ups. Lab tests revealed that I have non-Hodgkin lymphoma. So, instead of a planned return to Ethiopia in November, I underwent six cycles of chemotherapy at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in NYC. The grace-filled moments were witnessing the heroism of the cancer-ridden patients I met and the loving care with which we were all treated by the hospital medical personnel. The long and short of it is that I went through the chemo and was given a clean bill of health. I returned to Ethiopia this September with the stipulation that I return to the states every six months for two years as follow-up. Special thanks to the Flynn/Maher clan and the CBA Lincroft community who provided me extended hospitality and kept me in their prayers.

I arrived back in Addis Ababa on the evening of September 9th 2008 to a very warm reception by the other member of my community, Brother Kassu Fantaye, and my Addis Hope Lasallian Associate, Ruth Girmay. The first inkling of a return to the Fourth World was being approached in the airport parking lot on this late cold and rainy evening by a bedraggled young mother and her two children looking for a few coins for food. No one should have to live like that.

It is for such families that the Addis Hope program for kindergarten-age children of street families was officially begun seven years ago. Ruth has seen to it that after two successful years in the program, those children who have graduated go on to gain entrance into government schools. It has been the generosity of family, friends, colleagues and benefactors that have enabled these children to have a new lease on life through education.

It comes as no surprise that the world financial crisis has impacted severely on countries like Ethiopia, which on the United Nations Human Development Index ranks 169 out of 177. In our case, the cost of the grain teff which makes up the daily hot meal we serve the Addis Hope children has risen from 100 Ethiopian dollars for 100 pounds to 1,200 dollars for the same amount. We also had to close one of our three centers due to the substantial increase in rent. This necessitated laying off two teachers, a cook and a guard and reducing the salaries of the staff. The 80 children who normally would be attending classes in that center will have to do without. To save rent cost, we also moved our Selihome Teacher Training program into one of the two remaining centers. This certificate program trains teachers to work with children with special needs. Fifteen graduated this past July, among them several deaf mutes preparing to become teachers in programs for the deaf. We plan on this program moving up from Certificate to Diploma. Much depends on increasing tuition paying students.

It is with the realization that many of the generous Friends of Addis Hope have also been affected by the financial crisis in one way or another, that I still ask for your continued support, if you have not recently done so. Without your assistance the Addis Hope program will either have to close or be drastically cut back.

With every best wish, I remain,


Brother Gregory Flynn (Jack)

[JR: Hopefully, a few moths will escape and allow Jasper Flynn to do the Lord’s work. Darn gooferment rules. Hope there’s a special “reward” for these thieves.]

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