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JEMAIL: Colon, Philip J. (MC1962) commends Kitson, Kevin [MC1970]


Good Evening All,
I share with you the following email Ellie Calabro received from Fellow Jasper, Kevin Kitson, Esq, ‘ 70 BA. Kevin has been in our prayers and we need to keep the volume up for him and his Family.

From KJK:

This email will serve as an update to you my dear friends,

My treatment has been overseen by an excellent physician and very good man named Joseph Ruggiero. Joe is an Italian American from Brooklyn who no doubt spent a great deal of his time in the library at Harvard while I was during my college days pursuing other activities.

It was touch and go with Dr. Joe for a while since he didn’t easily adapt to my Irish sense of humor. However, we’ve gotten past that now and have become friendly to the point where recently he engaged me in a discussion the day after St. Patrick’s Day wherein he was trying to convince me that that St. Joseph’s day had comparable festive traditions to those engaged in by my fellow Celts.

It was rather hard to keep a straight face because other than the special pastries made for St. Joseph’s day there wasn’t much else happening. I thought back to the years of marching up Fifth Avenue behind a bagpipe band with family and friends and then post parade dinners and drinks. So after we discussed where you can get the best pastries for St. Joseph’s day I thought better of trying to win any argument with my oncologist so as far as I’m concerned St. Joseph’s day is more important than Christmas.

I have finished my fifth round of chemotherapy and am scheduled to undergo CAT scan studies March 31 to see what effect they have had on the cancer and then regardless they have scheduled a sixth round of for April 1st

The good thing about cancer is that it gives you time for focused thought and prayer. The bad thing about cancer is that it gives you time that you have to deal with it. Prior to be diagnosed New Year’s eve I had had great plans. I was in Florida at our home on the ocean with my wife and children for a family vacation. I was going to slow it down and spend more of my time enjoying what I considered to be the fruits of my labors.

Evidently God had other plans for me and he called me to go on this journey. When you are healthy and things are going your way its easy to lose sight of the fact that there is so much that is outside of our control.

So at this point you know everything I do and I ask that you continue to remember me in your prayers.
Please keep Kevin and his Family in your prayers as we continue to pray that Kevin’s treatment’s have the desired effect and that he will be on the road to recovery. Thank you. God Bless.

Phil Colon

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Colon, Philip J. (MC1962) 

Kitson, Kevin [MC1970]

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JFOUND: Duthie, Daniel P. [MC1970] Expert witness



Land Use Law: Current Issues in Subdivision, Annexation and Zoning
Audio CD + Course Book
Copyright Date: March, 2014

*** begin quote ***

DANIEL P. DUTHIE is qualified and testified as an expert witness on law and regulation before the New York State Public Service Commission, and provides legal advice and assistance to AalonBay Communities, Inc. and Cappelli Enterprises on various electric, gas and water utility issues associated with large scale residential and commercial real estate developments.

In addition, Mr. Duthie advises several major investment funds on utility mergers and acquisitions and has extensive experience in the development and prosecution of rate applications of water, sewer, gas, electric and telecommunications utilities before federal and state public service commissions. This experience includes first chair responsibility for all aspects of administrative hearings, motion practice, brief writing, appellate advocacy and settlement procedures in multi-party proceedings.

In addition, Mr. Duthie was awarded the Pro-bono award from the New York State Bar Association for work with Nassau/Suffolk Law Service Committee, Inc. He also founded Strategic Power Management, Inc. and participated in the development of the first retail access pilot program in New York State.

Mr. Duthie’s publications include “Electricity Transmission” Chapter 81, “Energy Law and Transactions” and “Environmental Impact Analysis and Governmental Agency Liaison” Chapter 19, Industrial Pollution Control Handbook, 2nd Ed.

He was an adjunct professor in environmental law, graduate division, at Manhattan College and is a lecturer for CLE programs for the New York State Bar Association.

Mr. Duthie earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in civil engineering from Manhattan College, his M.B.A; degree in finance from Baruch College; and his J.D. degree from Fordham University School of Law.

He is admitted to practice in New York (Eastern and Southern districts) and in New Jersey (New Jersey District). Mr. Duthie is a member of the American Bar Association (Public Utility and Administrative Law committees), the New York State Bar Association (Public Utility Committee), the Energy Bar Association, the Association of the Bar of City of New York (Energy Committee), the New Jersey State Bar Association (Public Utility Section), the Edison Electric Institute (Legal Committee) and the Long Island Association (Energy Committee).

He is chairman of the Conservation Board of the Town of Warwick and is a member of the Town of Warwick Comprehensive Plan Review Board.

*** end quote ***

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Dear John,

I believe tha Daniel is a member of the Class of 1970.


McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

[JR: Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated.]

Duthie, Daniel P. [MC1970] 

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JNEWS: Skvarla, John [MC1970] NC Environment and Natural Resources



Somebody got some splainen to do
By don
– March 5, 2014
Posted in: Naturalist’s Corner

*** begin quote ***

People say the corporate world has no soul. Corporations don’t give a rat’s behind about their employees especially after they’re gone. And the flip side is employees are just there to get a paycheck. They do what it takes and if they’re lucky they have a job that pays the bills, while they can’t wait to get the heck outta there. Well I’m here to tell you it ain’t always so. I mean we have a great example right here in North Carolina.

*** and ***

One has to feel confident that science will have a prominent seat at this roundtable. After all we are talking about our environment, clean water and biological integrity and human safety and this all falls under the umbrella of North Carolina’s Department of Environment and Natural Resources headed by McCrory appointee John Skvarla who holds a B.A. in economics from Manhattan College and a J.D. from the University of North Carolina School of Law.

*** end quote ***

Skvarla, John [MC????]

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Dear John,

I believe that John is a member of the Class of 1970.


McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

[JR: Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated.]

Skvarla, John [MC1970]

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JFOUND: Matthews, Jim [MC1970] to Discuss Alcohol Use at College Campuses



Matthews to Speak to GBC Community on Mar. 13
Noted Professional Speaker to Discuss Alcohol Use at College Campuses
GBC Sports Information and Communications
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2/18/2014 11:00:00 AM
Jim Matthews, M.Ed. Official Website

WILMINGTON, Del. – As part of the NCAA’s Sports Sciences Speaker program, Jim Matthews, M.Ed. will visit the Goldey-Beacom College campus on Thursday, Mar. 13 for a presentation on alcohol and its impact on college students.

The presentation, which will take place in the Michele Rollins Atrium, is open to the Goldey-Beacom College community and will begin at 7:30 p.m.

Matthews, who received his Bachelor of Science degree from Manhattan College and his Masters degree in education from Queens College, spent eight years as the Coordinator of Health Education at Merrimack College. Prior to his stint at the Massachusetts-based school, he was the Assistant to the Vice President for Alcohol and Other Drug Programs for 13 years at Keene State College in New Hampshire.

He has been recognized by the New Hampshire Legislature for his work in alcohol and other drug education and abuse program and is the author of three books about college drinking, including “Beer, Booze and Books … A Sober Look at Higher Education.”

Matthews has been featured in numerous magazines and newspaper articles while speaking to over 500,000 students on over 500 campuses around the country.

For more information on Matthews’ work, click here.


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Matthews, Jim [MC1970]

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JNEWS: Menard, Art [MC1970] has a love story



February 16, 2014
Love, Filipino style
ROBIN CAUDELL Press-Republican

*** begin quote ***

MOOERS — In 1975, Art and Norma Menard married three times.

Their love story is one riddled with tempestuous weather in her homeland, the Philippines Islands.


Art, a Mooers native, was the youngest of 13 children of Bernard and Adele Menard. He grew up in the house his father built and where he and Norma live today. He graduated from Mooers Central School in 1966 and majored in math education, grades seven through 12, at Manhattan College.

*** and ***

He had his choice of three countries, and the Philippines Islands were seeking math teachers. He graduated from college in May 1970 and spent two weeks “staging,” a weeding-out process, in San Jose, Calif.

*** and ***

Norma and Art have three children, Leila (Joe) McVeigh, the Rev. Bernie Menard and Robert (Elise) Menard, and two grandchildren.

Art retired in June 2008 after 32 years at Northeastern Clinton. Norma is the executive director at Literacy Volunteers of Clinton County.

“It’s funny really how fate happens to work itself out,” she said. “It’s been a good marriage for us. We both value family, faith, education and community. We share a lot in common.”

If it wasn’t for his sprained ankle, and Norma missing a boat years before, they would never have met.

*** end quote ***

Menard, Art [MC1970]

[JR: Ahhh, makes a fat old white guy injineer tear up. Read the whole story!]


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JFACEBOOK: 2014 Manhattan Track & Field and Cross Country reunion



Daniel Loughney

Al Novell sent this out the other day. Last reunion was a great event. Looking forward to getting together again.

Hi fellow Jaspers,

In 2011, we had our first ever Manhattan Track & Field and Cross Country reunion. We packed Smith Auditorium that day in October…and everyone had a great time! I have gotten many requests recently from former teammates wanting to have another reunion. So on Saturday, September 27, 2014, we will have another chance at seeing our old friends.

A core team (currently Tom Donahue ’71, Mark Codd ’71, Jim Kenny ’69 and myself ’70), has put together a preliminary agenda for the day that hopes to have a Manhattan Cross-Country dual meet (new coach, Pat Slevin, will advise) down at Van Cordtlandt Park, a possible 5K fun-run over the same course for ourselves, a tour of the new Ray Kelly Student center, and a 5 pm to 11 pm reunion event …again in Smith Auditorium.

We are in the beginning stages of putting this together so many details will take shape later……but the date is set for September 27th.

Why this early notice ? We want to get the first shot at getting on your calendar. Also, this will give you a long lead time to track down your old teammates and get them to join us. This is YOUR reunion. The more Jasper teammates you get to come, the better time you will have. The Class of 1971 led the way last time with 11 people and had a blast !

I don’t have everyone’s email address, so please reach out to those teammates that you keep in touch with and let them know about the 2014 reunion.

I also ask you to let me know if you plan to come as soon as possible. This is not a commitment ….money won’t be collected until August… but a tool for letting others see who is planning to be there (barring unknown events). As before, spouses and family are welcome.

Best wishes,
Al Novell – Class of 1970

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Loughney, Daniel [MC1988]

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JFOUND: Sanker, Br. Richard [MC1970] honored for fifty years of service



50 years

Brother Richard Sanker, CFP, was invested as a Brother of the Poor of St. Francis on March 19, 1963, and made final profession on March 19, 1969. He earned his bachelor’s degree in French from Manhattan College in New York and a master’s degree in counseling from Xavier University in Cincinnati. He has been stationed at grade schools in Northvale and Emerson, N.J., Cincinnati, Morris School in Searcy and Burlington, Iowa. He is currently serving his 31st year at Catholic High School in Little Rock as a counselor and teacher. In his religious community, he has been a novice master, formation director and general councilor.

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Sanker, Br. Richard [MC????]

# – # – # – # – #  2013-Dec-01 @ 11:48

Dear John,

I believe that Brother is a member of the Class of 1970.


McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

[JR: Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated.]

Sanker, Br. Richard [MC1970]

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JFOUND: Hogg, Lesleigh [MC1970] Head Coach at Lehman College



Lesleigh Hogg
Head Coach

Lesleigh Hogg enters the 2012-13 season, his 17th at Lehman College, after a tremendously successful 2011-12 campaign that saw the Lightning capture both the CUNYAC indoor and outdoor track and field championships. For his work during the indoor season Hogg was named the conference’s women’s Coach of the Year.

During his tenure in the Bronx the Lightning has won 10 CUNYAC indoor championships, including four consecutive from 2000 through 2003 in addition to the 2012 title, five outdoor championships, and one cross country championship. In 2003, the Lightning women’s team finished second at both the NCAA Division III Indoor and Outdoor National Championships. His athletes have set countless school records and attained All-American status 32 times, most recently Tobi Alli (indoor and outdoor) and Jasmine Springer (outdoor) in 2012.

Before coming to Lehman Hogg guided the program at Bronx Community College for 14 years. During his time at BCC he mentored 13 National Junior College Athletic Association All-Americans and three individual National Champions. On the international level Hogg has coached nine Olympians representing four countries.

In addition to his duties with the Lightning, Hogg has been an active coach with the Central Park Track Club since 2009, specializing in sprints, jumps, hurdles and throws.

A graduate of Manhattan College where he competed and also earned a degree in psychology, Hogg, a native of the Bronx, currently resides in Orange County.

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Hogg, Lesleigh [MC????]

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Dear John,

I believe that Lesleigh is a member of the Class of 1970.


McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

[JR: Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated.]

Hogg, Lesleigh [MC1970]

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JFOUND: Grattola, Michael [MC1970] successful senior citizen startup MGG Consulting



“Never Too Late For Business” – Michael Grattola

Tandem Radio on the Bridge FM Saturday, August 31th at 10:30 AM with our Featured Guest: Michael Grattola

Michael Grottola- Michael was born in 1944, he graduated from Manhattan College earning a Electrical Engineering degree in 1970. He spent the next 40 years pursuing a career in computer engineering: process automation and commercial applications. Mike founded Business Resources, Inc 1978 and operated it until 1997 at which time he joined the accounting firm KPMG to manage all of the software that ran the firm.

Mike contented his career at KPMG for 13 more years until 2009 before founding his current business, MGG Consulting, LLC. MGG Consulting is a business advisory firm serving startups and small businesses. On April 22, 2013 it was featured on PBS’s New Hour as a successful senior citizen startup.


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Grattola, Michael [MC1970]

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JFOUND: Reddan, Daniel B. [MC1970]


Reddan, Daniel B. [MC1970]

Career Summary

Senior Level Construction Executive (Professional Engineer) with 35+ years
experience. Responsible for placement of over $ 5 Billion in direct
construction costs on various projects including, Schools, Office, Retail,
Hotels and Hospitals.

Career achievements include Vice President & Director of Operations at the
NYC SCA, successfully managing a staff of 300 personnel in the design and
administration of over $1.5 Billion annual school construction, on schedule
and within budget.

Hired as a Project Manager and promoted to VP/Director of Operations at
Koren DiResta Construction CO, a General Contractor performing +/- $200M in
“hard dollar” contracts.

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