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JNEWS: Garner, Richie [MC1972] cited in Four Square Miles to Glory



July 06, 2015
Forthcoming Documentary to Honor Mount Vernon High School’s Rich Basketball History
By Yaron Weitzman 

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For years, Mount Vernon High School has been churning out professional basketball players at a rate that would make John Calipari blush. Gus and Ray Williams, brothers who both went on to play the NBA (Gus was a two-time NBA All-Star and Ray played in the League for 11 years) learned how to shoot under the same roof that 2005 NBA Sixth Man of the Year winner Ben Gordon did. So did dozens of other future NBA and Division I basketball players.

Located about 20 minutes north of Manhattan in Westchester Country, the city of Mount Vernon, NY has become known for its high school basketball team, which is perennially one of the top squads in the country (the school has won nine state titles).

It’s with this in mind that Jerald Hoover, a sportswriter and graduate of Mount Vernon HS, set out to make the documentary Four Square Miles to Glory. The goal was to depict and chronicle all the success that this small high school tucked away in New York City’s suburbs has enjoyed as well as the impact that said success has had on the city’s residents.

*** and ***

Richie Garner, who never made it to the NBA but played at Manhattan College, was now a reverend. All of them came from poor households. Now they were giving back.

“The men sitting have made us all proud,” Young said. “Now let’s get the word out about this film.”

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Dear John,

I believe that Richie is a member of the Class of 1972.


McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

[JR: Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated.]

Garner, Richie [MC1972]

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JEMAIL: Toner, Mike (MC1972) questions


Dear f. John,

RE: COMMENT: Frank Smith (MC 1970) comments on Toner, Mike (MC1972)

Since Jasper Frank Smith has such great judgement – calling me a “bedrock of common sense” – I really wish I could claim him as friend and fraternity brother. Alas, I cannot.  Jasper Frank, while we have a common bond as Jaspers, I don’t think we were acqainted at alma mater. I did not belong to ASB or any social fraternity – only Eta Kappa NU (HKN), the EE academic frat. But best wishes to you and thnak you for your kind comment.

mike toner
BEE ’72
Buffalo, NY

[JR: Hmmm maybe it was that other “mike toner”? Laugh! Hey Class of 70, maybe we’re all in the home together. Delusional. I sometimes remember getting good grades back in my undergraduate days. C’s were good for me. Laugh! We know that injurers were rarely allowed “up the hill” for any reason.]

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COMMENT: Frank Smith (MC 1970) comments on Toner, Mike (MC1972)


Frank MacGabhann commented on JEMAIL: Toner, Mike (MC1972) catches up with me

2015-Jun-19 Dear f. John, I sent the note below last week by replying to JJ distribution – but perhaps it got lost in “the …

In Ireland we call them head cases, so I don’t bother even commenting. But it’s great to see my old friend and ASB fraternity brother, Mike Toner, being a bedrock of common sense. Frank Smith (MC 1970) Date: Fri, 19 Jun 2015 20:05:37 +0000 

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Frank Smith (MC 1970)

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JEMAIL: Toner, Mike (MC1972) catches up with me


Dear f. John,

I sent the note below last week by replying to JJ distribution – but perhaps it got lost in “the ether”… I wouldn’t want you to think that your devoted readers weren’t paying attention to your questions and concerns…

Dear f. John,

Regarding your proposed switch from Yahoo to distribute JJ.

Frist – from your reply to Jasper Ferrara (a classmate – though I don’t think we knew each other..), please say it isn’t so, that there will come a day “when [you] can no longer do it”…

Second – Just give us instructions and this Jasper will adopt whatever distribution scheme is best for you.

Regarding Bill Donohue and “calling it as he sees it…” – sometimes I think Brother Bill could use some new glasses… He seems to see bigotry and anti-Catholicism behind any disagreement or legitimate criticism. I think that he is frequently an embarrassment to our Church.

Thanks, as always, for all you do as CIC…

mike toner
BEE ’72
buffalo, ny

Also this week in the Broderick obituary, it mentions his brother, Ray, and that his wife is Fran (presumably Broderick). I was at alma mater when we were able to take classes at CMSV (and vice-versa). I took a film class at CMSV taught be Fran Broderick. I wondere if they are one and the same.

Thanks again for your good work

mike toner
BEE ’72

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[JR: (1) You’re correct. If you don’t see it, then I missed it. (2) Doing the obits for so long, one has to recognize that eventually everyone reaches the end of the road. (3) Anyone can shift to the “new” distribution mechanism at http://eepurl.com/NAy_D anytime. I’ll figure out how to push everyone over as we get to the end of the year. (4) I think Bill D at least speaks up. I think that the “brand” is damaged MORE by the antics of politicians like JFK, Pelosi, and others. (5) No idea about Broderick’s.]  

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JEMAIL: Ferrara, Richard (MC1972) like my “hobby”


Dear CIC:

This e-zine is your brainchild and I am unschooled (unlike you) in the differences between Yahoo and the suggested service, so if you want to change things, I assume your reason is sound and wholeheartedly support it. Thanks for your continued service in this “hobby.”

Rich Ferrara ‘72

Ferrara, Richard (MC1972) 

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[JR: From the readers perspective, it should be — famous last words for any IT pro — “transparent”. FMPOV, it’s a little less work and aggravation. And, it allows me to see some traffic stats. With Yahoo, I have no idea if any is even opening the email. My only feedback is from email like yours and participation. MAIL CHIMP will allow me to learn if this is worth the effort. And, make it easier to transition it when I can no longer do it. Thanks for the kind words.]  

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JFOUND: Venter, Bruce M. [MC1972] speaks 5/14 in Morristown



Morris County – Morristown – THE BATTLE OF HUDBBARDTON
by Township of Ocean Historical Museum on 05/06/15

Thursday, May 14 – Morris County

NORTH JERSEY AMERICAN REVOLUTION ROUND TABLE — 7:14 p.m. at  Washington’s Headquarters Museum Great Hall, 30 Washington Place, Morristown.     There is no admission fee – guests are welcome and are encouraged to attend. . Teachers and students are especially welcome.


      The battle of Hubbardton was perhaps the loss that saved the war for the patriots. British and German troops ran into stubborn rebel resistance at Hubbardton, Vermont, on July 7, 1777. After easily capturing Fort Ticonderoga, Lt. Gen. John Burgoyne pursued a retreating Continental army under Maj. Gen. Arthur St. Clair. In the fields and hills around Hubbardton, a tenacious American rear guard of about 1,200 derailed the British general’s plan for a quick march to Albany. The British won a tactical victory, but they suffered precious losses. Patriots, under Col. Seth Warner, left the British and Germans bloodied, if victorious. Burgoyne and his weakened force ultimately surrendered at Saratoga on October 17, 1777, paving the way for a French alliance which ensured American independence

Bio: Dr. Bruce M. Venter is president of America’s History, LLC, a tour and conference company where he leads Revolutionary War tours. This company is best known for its highly successful annual conference on the American Revolution. Bruce is also 1st vice president of the American Revolution Round Table of Richmond and former 1st vice president of the Goochland County Historical Society. He frequently lectures on the Revolutionary War, including at Fort Ticonderoga’s American Revolution Seminar. He is also known for his character portrayals of General John Burgoyne and Charles Earl Cornwallis. Venter has published articles in Patriots of the American Revolution, Blue and Gray, Civil War, Goochland County Historical Society Magazine and the Washington Times. His forthcoming book, Kill Jeff Davis: Union Raid on Richmond will be published by the University of Oklahoma Press this fall.
     Venter holds a B.A. in history from Manhattan College, and a doctorate in educational administration from the University at Albany. He lives in Goochland County, Virginia with his wife, Lynne and their beagle, “Sally Seddon.”

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Venter, Bruce M. [MC????]

# – # – # – # – #  2015-May-07 @ 17:01

Dear John,

I believe that Bruce is a member of the Class of 1972.


McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

[JR: Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated.]

Venter, Bruce M. [MC1972]

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JEMAIL: Ferrara, Richard (MC1972) points out why Alma Mater made the Final Four


Interesting trivia:


The Margin Archives 
March 18, 2015, 10:17 a.m. EDT
These two No. 16 seeds make the Final Four in what really matters

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Ferrara, Richard (MC1972) 

[JR: This cheered me up after my road trip.]  

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