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JFOUND: Venter, Bruce M. [MC1972] speaks 5/14 in Morristown



Morris County – Morristown – THE BATTLE OF HUDBBARDTON
by Township of Ocean Historical Museum on 05/06/15

Thursday, May 14 – Morris County

NORTH JERSEY AMERICAN REVOLUTION ROUND TABLE — 7:14 p.m. at  Washington’s Headquarters Museum Great Hall, 30 Washington Place, Morristown.     There is no admission fee – guests are welcome and are encouraged to attend. . Teachers and students are especially welcome.


      The battle of Hubbardton was perhaps the loss that saved the war for the patriots. British and German troops ran into stubborn rebel resistance at Hubbardton, Vermont, on July 7, 1777. After easily capturing Fort Ticonderoga, Lt. Gen. John Burgoyne pursued a retreating Continental army under Maj. Gen. Arthur St. Clair. In the fields and hills around Hubbardton, a tenacious American rear guard of about 1,200 derailed the British general’s plan for a quick march to Albany. The British won a tactical victory, but they suffered precious losses. Patriots, under Col. Seth Warner, left the British and Germans bloodied, if victorious. Burgoyne and his weakened force ultimately surrendered at Saratoga on October 17, 1777, paving the way for a French alliance which ensured American independence

Bio: Dr. Bruce M. Venter is president of America’s History, LLC, a tour and conference company where he leads Revolutionary War tours. This company is best known for its highly successful annual conference on the American Revolution. Bruce is also 1st vice president of the American Revolution Round Table of Richmond and former 1st vice president of the Goochland County Historical Society. He frequently lectures on the Revolutionary War, including at Fort Ticonderoga’s American Revolution Seminar. He is also known for his character portrayals of General John Burgoyne and Charles Earl Cornwallis. Venter has published articles in Patriots of the American Revolution, Blue and Gray, Civil War, Goochland County Historical Society Magazine and the Washington Times. His forthcoming book, Kill Jeff Davis: Union Raid on Richmond will be published by the University of Oklahoma Press this fall.
     Venter holds a B.A. in history from Manhattan College, and a doctorate in educational administration from the University at Albany. He lives in Goochland County, Virginia with his wife, Lynne and their beagle, “Sally Seddon.”

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Venter, Bruce M. [MC????]

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Dear John,

I believe that Bruce is a member of the Class of 1972.


McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

[JR: Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated.]

Venter, Bruce M. [MC1972]

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JEMAIL: Ferrara, Richard (MC1972) points out why Alma Mater made the Final Four


Interesting trivia:


The Margin Archives 
March 18, 2015, 10:17 a.m. EDT
These two No. 16 seeds make the Final Four in what really matters

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Ferrara, Richard (MC1972) 

[JR: This cheered me up after my road trip.]  

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JFOUND: Oniunas, Jurgis V. [MC1972] Partner, Ascendant



Jurgis V. Oniunas
Managing Director and Partner, Ascendant d.o.o.

Mr. Jurgis V. Oniunas, also known as George, serves as a Senior Transaction Advisor of IMAP, Inc. At IMAP, Inc, Mr. Oniunas specializes in the healthcare sector. He also serves as a Managing Director and Founding Partner at Ascendant d.o.o.

Prior to co-founding Ascendant d.o.o. in 2003, Mr. Oniunas served as a Vice President for Europe, Africa, and the Middle East at Ebasco Services Incorporated and at ENSERCH Corporation.

Mr. Oniunas has more than three decades of experience identifying and developing emerging business opportunities throughout Central and Eastern Europe with U.S. and U.K. companies.

He serves as Member of Board of Directors of IMAP, Inc.

He received an M.B.A. in Finance and International Business from Stern School of Management at New York University; an M.Sc. in Nuclear Engineering from Columbia University; and a B.E. in Electrical Engineering from Manhattan College.

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Oniunas, Jurgis V. [MC????]

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Dear John,

I believe that Jurgis (George) is a member of the Class of 1972.


McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

[JR: Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated.]

Oniunas, Jurgis V. [MC1972]

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JLINKEDIN: Baldwin, Richard [MC1972] Retired Regional Engineer at NYSDEC



Baldwin, Richard [MC1972]
Retired Regional Engineer at NYSDEC
Greater New York City Area   
Government Administration

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JEMAIL: Toner, Mike (MC1972) thinks he was spiked?


Hi John,

A few weeks ago you ran a story about WRCM (via the Quad), alma mater’s student-run radio station and the fact that it has gone silent.

I sent you the reply that is copied below. I was hoping you’d be able to include in this week’s JJ in the hopes it might bring some old WRCM listeners or colleagues “out of the woodwork” – but see that it was not included. Any particular reason – or did you spike me because I commented on your skepticism over the president’s birthplace?   :-)

mike toner
buffalo, ny
BEE ’72

Last week’s reply…

Dear f John,

I once again suggest you loosen the tinfoil hat regarding the president’s birthplace, etc…. :-)

Did want to comment on WRCM. I was involved with the station throughout my four years at alma mater, Fall ’68 – Spring ’72. When I arrived the station facilities were on an upper floor of De la Salle Hall, but moved to Thomas Hall shortly thereafter. The station was, as described, a carrier current station. During my years there was significant expansion to get transmitters in all of the dorms. This included the West Hill campus (the old sanitarium) in Fieldston. West Hill included some outside, overhead power lines which expanded the coverage area. You could sometimes hear the station driving north on the Thruway/Major Deegan around Moshulu Parkway. Club football was also enjoying a resurgence at the time and WRCM frequently provided play by play coverage of the away games. The cafeteria food service providers were often sponsors of the coverage and there were frequently clever limericks written as “commercials” for the food service sponsor. There were several on air marathons – including one from
the lounge of Jasper Hall. For those who remember the “No Say-No Pay” demonstration against a tuition increase in the spring of 1970, WRCM provided extensive coverage from “Jasper Liberation City” on the Quad. Those were heady times… I’d never heard anything of an FCC crackdown before this story. It is truly sad to hear that the station has gone silent.

mike toner
BEE ’72
Buffalo, NY

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Toner, Mike (MC1972)


First all, if I “spiked” everyone who disagrees with me, there’d be nothing here. I really didn’t see your submission otherwise it would have been in there. Don’t get enough input, so I always wonder if anyone reads this.

Then the radio station is a sad story. But if the students don’t care, not much anyone can do. 

Finally, with respect to my “tin foil hat”, I don’t know where the President was born or much else about him. There are just “questions” that deserve an answer. Like did he claim “foreign student” status to get in to these various schools. What’s wrong with that question and why no answer? Remember, I’m a “proofer”; not a “birther”. :-) Subtle difference. 

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JFOUND: Tomkiel, Stanley [MC1972] Social Security Answer Ebook



The Social Security Answer Book Ebook
By Stanley Tomkiel III
Language: English
Publish Year : 2008

When can someone receive survivor benefits from Social Security? How long does it take to receive approval for Social Security disability? What are the new rules for the Part B Medicare monthly premium?&
Over seven million people receive federally administered payments of Social Security income every month. How many of those people actually receive the amount they earned, and should you be one of them? The Social Security Answer Book answers all your Social Security benefits questions in a straightforward, easy-to-understand way.&
Written by an attorney and former Social Security Claims Representative, the Social Security Answer Book answers your most important questions, including:&
–Where can I get information about disability benefits?&
–How do I apply for Social Security benefits?&
–Can a divorced spouse claim benefits from an ex-spouse?&
–Can I sign up for benefits on the Internet?&
–Can my mother-in-law collect Medicaid even if she has never worked?&
–How much money can I earn while drawing Social Security after full retirement age?&
–Can I work part time and still receive Social Security payments?&
Written in an easy-to-read, question and answer format, the Social Security Answer Book helps you understand the new rules that you need to know to collect your Social Security.&
Stanley A. Tomkiel, III, Esq., received his law degree from Western New England College School of Law. He is admitted to practice in both New York and Florida. He was formerly employed by the Social Security Administration as a claims representative.&

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Tomkiel, Stanley [MC1972] 

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JFOUND: Scolaro, Thomas [MC1972] Leesfield Scolaro, P.A.



Leesfield & Partners, P.A. Now Leesfield Scolaro, P.A.

2014 Nov 04 thomas1

Name change reflects significant contributions made by long-term Partner Thomas Scolaro

Following nearly two decades of trials at Leesfield & Partners, Thomas Scolaro has become a named partner at the firm, now known as Leesfield Scolaro. This name change is effective immediately and reflects Mr. Scolaro’s contributions made to the firm, his leadership, dedication, and successful results achieved.

Mr. Scolaro is nationally recognized for results in a variety of complex liability and severe injury cases including negligent security, wrongful death and catastrophic personal injury claims. He has won verdicts throughout the state of Florida including a $15.4 million jury award in Broward County and a $40.5 million dollar verdict in Monroe County, which stands as the largest personal injury verdict in the County’s history.

“As a tireless advocate for civil justice, Tom has carved his niche as one of the most respected trial lawyers in the state,” said Leesfield Scolaro Founding Partner Ira Leesfield. “With Tom’s continued leadership and support, Leesfield Scolaro is poised to maintain its reach across Florida and beyond.”

The South Florida Legal Guide and Florida Trend Legal Elite have recognized Scolarofor his achievement as a top litigator. He gained statewide praise for the prosecution and law-changing results to improve public safety in the area of carbon monoxide detectors. This legislation came after the successful results for 25 clients who recovered against the Key West Hotel for carbon monoxide poisoning.

Scolaro received his Bachelor of Science, Dean’s Honor list, from Manhattan College and his Juris Doctor, with honors, from the University of Miami School of Law. He is a member of the American Association for Justice, Florida Association for Justice, Dade County Bar Association, Monroe County Bar Association, and Cuban American Bar Association.

The firm’s name change coincides with a number of strategic hires as it celebrates 38 years in practice as one of Florida’s premier trial law firms. Among these additions include Daniel Diaz-Balart, former assistant state attorney and son of former Congressman Lincoln Diaz-Balart.

About Leesfield Scolaro, P.A.

Founded in 1976 and celebrating almost four decades of legal service, Leesfield Scolaro is widely regarded as one of Florida’s leading trial law firms. The practice focuses on cases involving serious personal injury, wrongful death, aviation, travel torts, cruise ship and maritime, motor vehicle accidents, product and premises liability, negligent security, medical malpractice and nursing home litigation. The firm’s headquarters are located at 2350 South Dixie Highway in Miami, with additional offices in Central Florida/Orlando, Key West and South Beach. For more information, call (305) 854-4900 or 800-836-6400, or visit http://www.Leesfield.com.

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Scolaro, Thomas [MC????]

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Dear John,

I believe that Thomas is a Member of the Class of 1972.


McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

[JR: Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated.]

Scolaro, Thomas [MC1972]

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