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JFOUND: Fenton, Dennis M. [MC1973] BoD Director, Dendreon Corp.



Dennis M. Fenton Ph.D.
Director, Chairman of Compensation Committee and Member of Audit Committee,
Dendreon Corp.


Dr. Dennis M. Fenton, Ph.D., was an Executive Vice President for Operations and Compliance Officer of Amgen Inc., from May 2003 to July 2007. Dr. Fenton served as an Executive Vice President of Amgen Inc., since March 2000, and its Senior Vice President of Operations from January 1995 to March 2000, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing from August 1992 to January 1995, Vice President of Process Development, Facilities and Manufacturing Services from 1991 to 1992, Vice President of Pilot Plant Operations and Clinical Manufacturing from October 1988 to July 1991 and Director of Pilot Plant Operations from 1985 to October 1988.

Dr. Fenton served as a Senior Research Scientist at Pfizer. He joined Amgen in 1982 as a Research Scientist until 2008. He coordinated the design, construction and expansion of manufacturing facilities for Epogen(R) (epoetin alfa) and Neupogen(R) (filgrastim).

He has been the Chairman of Scientific Advisory Board of Althea Technologies, Inc. since June 2012 and has been its Board Observer since June 2012.

He serves as a Director of Javelin Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Dr. Fenton has been a Director of Xenoport, Inc. since August 2009, Hospira Inc. since July 31, 2012, MedImmune Vaccines, Inc. since March 2000 and Amira Pharmaceuticals, Inc. since April 2008. He has been a Director of Napo Pharmaceuticals, Inc., since May 16, 2011 and Genzyme Corporation since June 2010. He has been Director at Nora Therapeutics, Inc. since March 27, 2014, Genelux Corporation since January 24, 2011 and Dendreon Corp. since November 8, 2011.

Dr. Fenton has been a Director of Kythera Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. since June 2006 and serves as its Lead Independent Director.

He serves as Member of Science Advisory Board at ImmunGene Inc. He serves as a Member of Scientific Advisory Board at Sapphire Energy, Inc. and PBS Biotech, Inc. He has been a Member of Scientific Advisory Board at Althea Technologies, Inc. since June 2012.

He serves as a Trustee of the Keck Graduate Institute, the Board of Regents of California Lutheran University and Biotechnology Institute. He serves as a Director/Trustee at Rutgers University and the Biotechnology Institute. He served as a Director at CytomX Therapeutics, Inc., since October 2008.

He is a Director of Javelin Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Dr. Fenton has a B.S. degree in Biology from Manhattan College and a Ph.D. in Microbiology from Rutgers University.

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Fenton, Dennis M. [MC1973] 

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ENDNOTE: McFadden, Michael J. [MC1973] cites Australia Anglican Confession


FROM: McFadden, Michael J. [MC1973]

John, I read William Brigg’s blog entry today and thought of you, and said to myself, “Xe might be interested in these thoughts.”


(See both Confessions and Humpty Dumpty)

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[JR: Turning over the soap box to him for a great find!]

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Don’t Go To Confession; Humpty-Dumptying The English Language; More

*** begin quote ***

Go To Confession

But not in the Anglican Church in Australia. The enlightened leaders of that organization are now forcing priests to rat out parishioners who confess to acts which carry jail terms of at least five years.

“Forgive me, enlightened one, for I have sinned. It has been forty-two weeks since my last confession.”

“Go on, my son.”

“I accidentally side-swiped another car on my way home last week and didn’t report it.”

Sounds of pages flipping. “Were you at the time going more than 40 KPH?”

“Um, I don’t recall. Maybe.”

“Hmm….” More page flipping. “Well, was the other car moving at the time?”

“No, it was parked.”

Flip, flip, flip. “Now we’re getting somewhere. Was this on a public street or in a private lot? Such as might be found at a Drake’s Supermarket?”

“Right on the street.”

“One final question. Were you drinking at the time?”

“Well, I might have had one or two beers at the pub. But I was fine to drive.”

“My son, according to the Criminal Code, if you’re found guilty—and you have just confessed to the crime, so that is not really in question—your offense has a maximum sentence of six years. I’ll be sending a recording of this conversation to the police. Slide your ID through the slot. I’d advise you not to attempt to flee. That can add considerably to your tariff…”

Confession no longer means what it used to mean, and this is because of…

*** end quote ***

[JR: When the “King” becomes the “owner” of the “Church”, or as in the USA vastly too powerful, this is what happens!] 

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JFOUND: O’Brien, John F. [MC1973] ABA’s Kutak Award



Dean O’Brien receives ABA’s Kutak Award

(Boston, 7/17/14) New England Law | Boston: The American Bar Association has honored New England Law | Boston Dean John F. O’Brien with the Robert J. Kutak Award, given annually to an individual who has contributed significantly toward increased cooperation among legal education, the practicing bar, and the judiciary.

The ABA Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar and Kutak Rock LLP, a national law firm, established the award in 1984, and most recipients have been members of the Section and active participants in its work.

“For nearly three decades, Dean O’Brien has been a valued and influential leader both here at New England Law and nationally in the field of legal education,” said Martin C. Foster ’80, chairman of the Board of Trustees. “Building bridges among legal education, the profession, and the courts, he has helped break new ground and fostered stronger bonds within the legal community. On behalf of the Board of Trustees and the entire New England Law community, I congratulate Dean O’Brien on this well-deserved award.”

Dean O’Brien has been dean of New England Law since 1988 and has the longest continuous service at a single institution of any law school dean in the country. In 2012, he was named one of the most influential people in legal education in a nationwide survey conducted by the National Jurist.

A native of Staten Island, New York, Dean O’Brien received a B.A. in 1973 from Manhattan College; a J.D. in 1977 from New England Law, where he graduated first in his class; and an LL.M. in taxation in 1980 from Boston University School of Law. From 1977 to 1985, he was a senior attorney in the Office of the Chief Counsel of the Internal Revenue Service, heading the northeast region’s tax shelter program.
He joined the New England Law faculty in 1985, teaching Constitutional Law and Federal Income Taxation, and served as associate dean for two years before being named dean. Currently, he teaches Personal Income Tax and in the past has also taught Taxation of Business Entities and Legal Research and Writing. Under Dean O’Brien’s leadership, the law school achieved membership in the Association of American Law Schools.

Dean O’Brien has fostered collaboration among the bench, bar, and legal academy in many ways. New England Law is recognized nationally for attracting a broad range of distinguished visitors, including Chief Justice of the United States John G. Roberts, Jr., and Associate Justices Harry Blackmun, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Anthony M. Kennedy, Sandra Day O’Connor, Antonin Scalia, and Clarence Thomas; Dr. Hans Blix; Attorney General Janet Reno; and United States Senator John F. Kerry. Several of the justices have taught classes at New England Law.

Under his leadership, New England Law established and operates three centers that allow students to work with faculty to provide public service and collaborate with local bar associations and agencies. To promote connections between the bar and the academy, New England Law also sponsors memberships for its students in the Boston Bar Association.

New England Law was founded in 1908 to provide opportunities in law to women who were largely excluded from the profession at the time. Under Dean O’Brien’s leadership, the school has expanded its historic mission of providing opportunities to diverse populations and collaborates closely with the Boston Lawyers Group, which is dedicated to identifying, recruiting, and advancing attorneys of color. 

Dean O’Brien will be honored at a special reception during the ABA annual meeting in Boston in August.

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O’Brien, John F. [MC1973]

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JFOUND: Fahey, John M. Jr. [MC1973] Board Member at Time Inc



John M. Fahey Jr.

Board Member at Time Inc.

Board Member, Johnson Outdoors Inc.
Board Member, Time Inc.

Bachelor’s, Manhattan College
M.B.A., University of Michigan


Chairman of the National Geographic Society, a nonprofit scientific and educational organization, since 2011, and served as its CEO from 1998 through 2013. He was also President of the National Geographic Society from 1998 to December 2010. Director of Exclusive Resorts. Member of the Board, Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. The skills and experience acquired by Mr. Fahey through these positions which led to the conclusion that he should serve as a director, include leadership, strategic planning, international business, corporate transactions and enterprise risk management, together with familiarity with several of the Company s markets and industries.

Source: Johnson Outdoors Inc.

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Fahey, John M. Jr. [MC1973] 

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JEMAIL: McFadden, Michael J. [MC1973] cites a blog


McFadden, Michael J. [MC1973]

A blog reading you might find interesting…

*** begin quote ***


A splendid example of Gooferment in action to protect us (although it’s actually the New Zealand Gooferment….)

*** and ***

Where will it all stop?

Somebody please point out the justification for government control of language. Did we all become so weak minded overnight that the mere sight of a word will cause us all to become alcoholic, cigarette smoking, gun wielding sex-shoppists? And more to the point, will we all look fucking lovely as we undergo our metamorphosis? No, of course not. This is the work of a group of self centered, self important, people on a mission to mould the world into their personal vision of ideal.

One thing we absolutely must resist is a move towards this kind of tyranny. The people who successfully stole all public spaces for themselves are now coming for your language. It’s time to wake up and say “stop the madness”. We have seen tobacco control lie, cheat, and even attempt to rewrite history on occasion. Now they want to rewrite the dictionary. This has to end. These selfish psychopaths have to be stopped.

*** end quote ***

[JR: Interesting.]

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JFOUND: Garigali, Frank [MC1973 VMG – Internal Medicine Nanuet



Frank Garigali, MD

VMG – Internal Medicine Nanuet
104 East Route 59
Nanuet, NY 10954

View Map
Driving Directions


Manhattan College, University of Bologna Medical School
Residency: Norwalk Hospital
Internship/Fellowship: Norwalk Hospital

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Garigali, Frank [MC????]

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Dear John,

I believe that Frank is a member of the Class of 1973.


McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

[JR: Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated.]

Garigali, Frank [MC1973]

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JFOUND: Drohan, Frank J. [MC1973] CEO Omagine, Inc.



Mr. Frank J. Drohan has been the Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, President and Chief Financial Officer at Omagine, Inc., since 1991. Mr. Drohan has been the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Omagine LLC (Wholly owned subsidiary of Omagine, Inc.) since November 2009.

He serves as Chairman of The Renaissance Team, Inc.(“TRT”) and Renaissance Development Holdings, Inc.(“RDH”). He served as Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, President and Chief Financial Officer of Alfa International Holdings Corp. (Formerly Alfa International Corp.) since 1991.

He served as Chairman of Alfa International Corp.’s wholly owned subsidiary Ty-Breakers Corp. and as Chairman of the Board of Directors, President and Chief Executive Officer of its wholly owned subsidiaries, Journey of Light, Inc. and Contact Sports, Inc.

Mr. Drohan served as Chairman, President and owner of Rif International Corp. from 1977 to 1986. He served as Director of Alfa International Holdings Corp. since 1991.

Mr. Drohan served as a Director of Ty-Breakers Corp. Rif ultimately acquired the Ty-Breakers’ business, assets and patent and changed its name to Ty-Breakers Corp. which was acquired by Alfa International Corp. on January 23, 1997.

Mr. Drohan holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and Political Science from Manhattan College in New York City.

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Drohan, Frank J. [MC????]

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Dear John,

I believe that Frank is a member of the Class of 1973.


McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

[JR: Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated.]

Drohan, Frank J. [MC1973]

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JFOUND: Yarossi, Paul [MC1973] ARTBA’s highest honor



HNTB’s Paul Yarossi recognized with ARTBA’s highest honor

*** begin quote ***

Washington, D.C. — Paul Yarossi, president of HNTB Holdings Ltd., in New York City, is the sole recipient of the American Road & Transportation Builders Association’s (ARTBA) highest honor — the 2013 ARTBA Award. It was presented at a June 10 luncheon during the association’s Federal Issues Program in Washington, D.C.

Established in 1960, the ARTBA Award recognizes individuals for outstanding contributions that have advanced the broad goals of the association. Over the years, ARTBA Award recipients have included several governors, more than 25 U.S. senators or representatives, two U.S. secretaries of transportation and dozens of top leaders and executives from government and the private sector of the transportation construction industry.

Yarossi was honored for his more than 40 years of work in the industry. He first joined HNTB, one of the nation’s top engineering, architecture, and construction management firms, in 1973 after graduating with a civil engineering degree from Manhattan College. He directs the firm’s governance, capitalization strategy, compliance and audit functions, as well as its external and government relations. Previously, he was chair of HNTB’s aviation practice, and officer-in-charge for several HNTB offices in New York and New Jersey. He has also been instrumental in formulating the firm’s training and development programs.

Yarossi’s leadership positions in ARTBA over the past 15 years are long and distinguished: chairman of the board, senior vice chairman, first vice chairman, vice chairman at-large, chairman of the Transportation Design & Construction Innovation Advisory Committee, co-chairman of the ARTBA SAFETEA-LU Reauthorization Task Force, and a trustee of the ARTBA Transportation Development Foundation.

As ARTBA chairman, Yarossi played a critical role in the July 2012 passage of the two-year, MAP-21 surface transportation investment law. The same day President Obama signed that bill into law; Yarossi took immediate steps to prepare the transportation design and construction industry for the next bill with the creation of the Trans 2020 Task Force. Also during his tenure as ARTBA chairman, and with an eye to the future, he helped launch the Dr. J. Don Brock TransOvation Workshop and the Local Transportation Management Virtual Conference & Innovation Showcase (LoTrans) featuring Best Practices in Work Zone Safety.

As a volunteer leader, Paul has also been on the front lines of many policy battles on transportation investment and business issues working in key roles with the Council on Competitiveness, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Let’s Rebuild America Leadership Council, the Design Professionals Coalition, and the American Council of Engineering Companies.

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Yarossi, Paul [MC1973]

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JFOUND: O’Brien, John F. [MC1973] BoT California Western



California Western is governed by a board of trustees which includes members of the judiciary, the practicing bar, and the business world. Trustees provide fiscal governance and oversight of all law school operations, and provide key insights gained through their years of practice and work in the private and public sector. 

*** begin quote ***

John F. O’Brien

John F. O’Brien has been dean of New England Law | Boston since 1988, before which he was associate dean. O’Brien has the longest continuous service at a single institution of any law school dean in the country, and in 2012 was named one of the most influential people in legal education in a nationwide survey conducted by the National Jurist. He currently teaches personal income tax, and has previously taught taxation of business entities, constitutional law, and legal research and writing.

O’Brien is a past chair of the Council of the American Bar Association (ABA)’s Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar, and also served as chair of the ABA’s Accreditation Committee and its Independent Law Schools Committee. He is a founding member and former president of the Consortium for Innovative Legal Education, Inc. Before joining the New England Law faculty in 1985, he was a senior attorney in the Office of the Chief Counsel of the Internal Revenue Service, heading the northeast region’s tax shelter program. He received a B.A. from Manhattan College; a J.D. from New England Law | Boston, where he graduated first in his class; and an LL.M. in taxation in 1980 from Boston University School of Law.

*** end quote ***

O’Brien, John F. [MC????]

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Dear John,

I believe that John is a member of the Class of 1973.


McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

[JR: Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated.]

O’Brien, John F. [MC1973]

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JFOUND: Maresca, Joseph S. [MC1973] 20 works published on Amazon



Dr. Joseph S.Maresca was born and raised in New York State. He graduated fromManhattan College ’73 BSBA, N.Y.U. ’75 MBA Accounting, ’76 Advanced Professional Certificate in CAIS ’78, Advanced Professional Certificate in Finance ’83, Advanced Professional Certificate in Organization Development/ Design Ross College ’05 PhD Accounting, Certified Public Accountant ’81, Certified Information Systems Auditor (International Designation) ’80, Passing of the Fundamentals of Engineering License Exam ’02. He is a member of Delta Mu Delta National Honor Society ’73 and Sigma Beta Delta International Honor Society for Business, Management and Administration ’01.

He has taught 34 sections of college including subjects like Economics, Accounting, College Algebra, Probability/ Statistics, Finance, Computer Applications Information Systems and Law.

Presently, he has published 20 works on Amazon/Kindle. These works include: Consumption, Savings and the Public Debt (’89), College Vibrations (2013), Village Pillars (2013), How Prosperity Returns, Why Parents Need To Be Involved In The Schools, Frederick Douglass Speaks Across The Centuries,Pre-Kindergarten Gold, Good Governance, Managing Pneumonia, Managing Arthritis, America’s Comparative Advantage and others.

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Maresca, Joseph S. [MC1973]

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