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JFOUND: Godfrey, Ken [MC1983] Director of Digital Marketing Philips



2014 Leadership in Digital Marketing (New York)
Tuesday, September 23, 2014New York, NY

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Ken Godfrey
Director of Digital Marketing, North America

Ken Godfrey has been an innovator in the digital marketing space for 20 years, in the advertising industry at the advent of the Web itself, then for 13 years at IBM. He’s joined Philips this year to lead Digital Integration across the North American market, as Philips embarks on an ambitious digital transformation.

His 13 years at IBM started as the company’s first content strategist on the corporate User Experience Team. He managed IBM’s most high-value digital properties throughout his career there, including the IBM Home Page, Linux, Tivoli and Software Group. He and his teams were able to increase traffic and engagement significantly for each of these by following his robust, user-centered content and syndication strategy as well as many other innovations.

A writer by trade, he worked at a dozen NY Advertising Agencies, including Bozell, Poppe Tyson, Grey, Wonderman, K&B and Ayer as a copywriter, copy chief and creative director for 10 years before his time at IBM. For Ken, the user experience is as important to the success of content as it is to Web or application design or anything else. Content has to deliver on the customers’ expectations and focus on their needs.

Ken’s digital strategy is focused on ‘outside-in marketing’, using search keyword insight and social listening to identify what topics a site needs to be talking about, what content needs to be created, and the best words to use to attract searchers and deliver the content they need and expect.

Ken grew up in Flushing, NY graduated from Manhattan College and now lives in Westchester with his wife and 2 children.

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Godfrey, Ken [MC????]

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Dear John,

I believe that Ken is a member of the Class of 1983.


McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

[JR: Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated.]

Godfrey, Ken [MC1983]

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JBLOGGER: Teare, Brad (MC1983) Door County, Wisconsin Plein Air Festival



184 Fail quickly

I just got back from the Door County, Wisconsin Plein Air Festival. It was a great experience. The painters in attendance were amazing and the resulting show was by far the best plein air show I’ve seen. My personal performance was good although the overwhelming greens of Door County threw my desert dwelling sensibilities a curve. But after the first painting–which took a record five hours to paint–I successfully adjusted my palette.

But by Friday evening–when we were each to have four paintings hung in the gallery–I felt my work was lacking. It was done in my typical thick style–without much broken color which I attribute to excessive focus on getting the greens right–but something else was amiss. My instincts proved correct when after the dust settled only one of my paintings sold.

It is typical of artists to obsess over failure. Which is wrong. Yet it is equally wrong to be indifferent to failure. I’m not advocating taking council from our fears or giving up but failure is a painful obstacle that can induce the type of introspection that incites meaningful change.

I embrace the feedback from Door County only to the degree that it confirms my own intuition. Two ways lie before me–retreat to a thinner style with more accurate representation or distance my style even further from conventional plein air technique.

Any guesses which way I’ll go?

Brad Teare, August 2014

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Teare, Brad (MC1983)

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JFOUND: Barden, John [MC1983] Professor UT Dallas



UT Dallas 2014 Undergraduate Catalog
Faculty Roster

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Barden, John
Clinical Professor, Financial Accounting
BS, Manhattan College, 1983
MBA, Manhattan College, 1988

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Barden, John [MC1983]

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JFOUND: Oates, Joseph P. [MC1983] SVP ConEd



Oates, Joseph P. [MC1983]
Senior Vice President of Business Shared Services
Consolidated Edison Company of New York Inc

Mr. Joseph P. Oates has been the Senior Vice President of Business Shared Services at Consolidated Edison Co. of New York Inc. since September 2012.

Mr. Oates served as Vice President and Treasurer of Consolidated Edison Inc., and its subsidiary Consolidated Edison Co. of New York Inc. from April 2004 to May 2008. Mr. Oates was responsible for Con Edison’s financial services, financial planning, risk management and cash forecasting, and other treasury-related functions.

He also served as the Vice President of the Bronx and Westchester division of Con Edison of New York from November 2003 to January 2004 and where he was responsible for the overall operation of the electric distribution system in the Bronx and Westchester County. He served as Vice President and Treasurer of Con Edison Inc. for Consolidated Edison Inc. since January 2004.

Mr. Oates joined Con Edison Inc. in 1987 from Central Hudson Gas & Electric and has served as a director in Central Operations of Con Edison of New York from February 2001 to July 2001 and Project Manager – Corporate Planning of Con Edison of New York from April 1999 to February 2001. He served as Vice President of Energy Management of Consolidated Edison Inc., from July 2001 to November 2003 and was responsible for forecasting demand and procurement of electricity and natural gas for Con Edison’s regulated utility companies.

Mr. Oates holds an MBA from Fordham University and Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Manhattan College.

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JFOUND: Oliphant, Laura [MC1983] Investment Director Intel Capital



Executive Profile
Laura Oliphant Ph.D.
Investment Director, Investment Manager, and Director, Intel Capital

Dr. Laura Oliphant serves as an Investment Manager, Investment Director and Director at Intel Capital.

Dr. Oliphant joined Intel Capital in 2001 and focuses on investments in semiconductor process control including metrology, test, and automation semiconductor capital equipment and materials. Her general interests include semiconductor capital equipment, semiconductor process control and automation, test, integratable components, flexible electronics, and authentication technology.

She served at Intel as a Process Engineer since 1991, where she developed a lithography technology which is used in Intel’s mobile processors, and in the Technology Development group, Dr. Oliphant also served as a Yield Engineer. Her role was to manage tool selection activities for the metrology and lab areas, in coordination with the major equipment suppliers.

Prior to this, Dr. Oliphant was one of the key coordinators for Intel’s transition to the 300 mm wafer size. As part of this project, Laura managed the selection activities for about 20% of the fab tools, which required her to interact with the key executives of the major equipment suppliers.

In 2000, she served as the Industry Co-Chair at the SEMATECH Metrology and Yield Management Tools Program Advisory Group. Dr. Oliphant also played key roles in the Year 2000 transition and in the management of major suppliers to Intel.

She serves as a Director and Board Observer of Crossing Automation Inc. She is Intel’s observer to the board of directors for Oasys Design Systems, and Persimmon Technologies. Dr. Oliphant is a Board Observer for Crossing Automation, Xradia, and Advanced Inquiry Systems.

In 2006, she was given the Intel Achievement Award for the strategic impact of her investing activities.

In 2008, Dr. Oliphant was a judge for the finals of the Berkeley Business Plan Competition.

She holds a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from the University of California at Berkeley and a B.E. from Manhattan College.

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Oliphant, Laura [MC1983] 

[JR: She used to be a Jasper Jottings subscriber.]

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GOOGLE+: Teare, Brad (MC1983) Utah blogger and author



Teare, Brad (MC1983)
Attended Manhattan College
Lives in Providence, Utah

Brad Teare is an abstract and landscape painter who uses thick applications of oil paint.

Brad Teare spent the nineties illustrating for publishers such as The New York Times and Random House and did book covers for authors such as James Michener and Anne Tyler.

Teare attended the Maynard Dixon Residency in Mount Carmel, Utah and the Forbes Trinchera Residency in Southern Colorado. His work has been featured in American Artist magazine as well as Gulf Connoisseur, based in Dubai. Teare has exhibited in the LA Art Show, the Springville Museum, and most recently the Forbes Galleries in New York City.
Bragging rights
Showcased in Gulf Connoisseur Magazine, Dubai, April-May 2013

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176 New book on Amazon

I have wanted to publish a digital book with Amazon for several months. New developments allowed me to make this happen quickly—Amazon now has a plugin for Adobe inDesign that allows easy conversion from inDesign files to Mobi files (the type necessary to publish on the Kindle).

As the title suggests the book is a collection of 53 paintings along with a handful of woodcuts accompanied by short paragraphs describing the work and in some cases the technique. Be sure to pinch the images to get close-up views of the thick texture. There is a short essay at the end of the book about painting with thick paint.

I made the book so I can view my work in the field. In a month I’ll be going to the Door County Plein Air Festival and I find it useful to be able to view a variety of paintings as a means to get into the flow. It’s a big confidence booster and I want to give Door County my best effort.

The book is made specifically for viewing on the Kindle reader for the iPhone. I always have my iPhone with me in the field and it should prove very convenient. But the book also works on the Kindle Fire, the iPad, as well as the Kindle Reader for any Android phone, or PC or Mac computer. It really is a great way to view work away from the studio. If you have a Prime account you can borrow it for free. If you download it I hope you will consider giving it a review.

Many thanks in advance.

Brad Teare—June 2014

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JFOUND: Byrnes, Rich [MC1983] does comics



About the Author
Rich Byrnes

Name: Rich Byrnes

Bio: Rich Byrnes is a native New Yorker who attended Manhattan College where he obtained a Bachelors Degree in Chemical Engineering in 1983. After graduation, he was Commissioned as an Officer in the United States Navy Nuclear Submarine Program, and attended the Naval Nuclear Power School achieving a Masters level Education in Nuclear Engineering. Rich served overseas operating out of Holy Loch Scotland on active duty, and was assigned to Nuclear Ballistic Missile Submarines. After leaving the Navy, he joined the DuPont Company in Wilmington, DE where he filled Management roles in R&D, Production, Maintenance & Construction, Project, and Technology Development at their sites in Deepwater NJ, Wilmington DE, and LaPorte TX. Rich then accepted a role as Plant Manager at King Industries, a privately held Specialty Chemical, Coatings and Lubricant Additives Company in Norwalk CT. He is now their Director of Engineering responsible for their Process Improvement and Business Development Capital Projects, and the Corporate Process Safety Management Program. Although not formally trained in art, Rich’s interest in this field started at a very young age, learning from the works of the masters in comic books, newspapers, and magazines. His work has been published in his high school & college year books, Antique Collectors Magazine, and most recently for the VFW and the Sikorsky/Connecticut Fallen Heroes Committee. Rich resides in Shelton Connecticut and is married to Christina, formally of Yonkers NY, and has two daughters, Nicole who is college bound and Jessica who is now attending High School. Full page images from my comic Boil’s Law can be seen at http://chenected.aiche.org/boil’s-law-comics/

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Byrnes, Rich [MC1983]

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