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GOOGLE+: Lampe, Blair [MC2005] Delta Air Lines mechanic



Lampe, Blair [MC2005]
Worked at Delta Air Lines
Attended Manhattan College
Lived in Commerce, Texas

Tree-huggin urban cowgirl grease monkey.
I am the only girl named Blair Lampe. In the world.
Bragging rights
Joke’s on you we still alive

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JFOUND: Pirozzolo, Raymond A. [MC2005] Optometry Staten Island



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South Shore Eyecare Associates
50 Cooper Avenue
Dongan Hills
Staten Island, NY 10305

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Raymond A. Pirozzolo, BS, OD

Dr. Raymond Pirozzolo is a recent graduate of the SUNY College of Optometry where he received his Doctor of Optometry degree.  During his time as an intern, he served as a civilian doctor at the Keller Hospital at West Point Military Academy. He is also a graduate of Manhattan College.  During his time as a student, he served on the Board of Trustees of the American Optometric Student Association and later as the secretary of the organization, which has over 5,000 members nationwide. He is a recipient of the Morton I. Kimmelman Award for Student Leadership in Optometry.  Dr. Pirozzolo’s most recent accomplishment was his appointment to the New Graduate Committee of the American Optometric Association.   He was appointed as an adjunct professor at the City University of New York, where he is currently teaches a course in contact lenses.

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Pirozzolo, Raymond A. [MC????]

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Dear John,

I believe that Raymond is a member of the Class of 2005.


McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

[JR: Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated.] 

Pirozzolo, Raymond A. [MC2005]

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JNEWS: Edge, Justin (MC2005) Owner at JDE Integrations


Justin has a new job!

Owner at JDE Integrations, LLC 


Edge, Justin (MC2005) 
Owner at JDE Integrations, LLC
Greater New York City Area
Marketing and Advertising 

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GOOGLE+: Hedtke, Ashley (MC2005) Celtic Aer Gift Shop



Hedtke, Ashley (MC2005)
Worked at Celtic Aer Gift Shop
Attended Manhattan College
Lives in Tarrytown, NY

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Celtic Aer Gift Shop
Celtic Aer Gift Shop opened for business in the Fall of 2010. …
Our mission is simple: To help you find the perfect Irish gift or treasure on this side of the pond.
1451 Strawberry Road, Mohegan Lake, NY 10547
(914) 526-3361

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JLINKEDIN: Ivezaj – Nikolla, Natalie [MC2005] Director, Package Dev at MAST Global



Ivezaj – Nikolla, Natalie [MC2005]
Director, Package Development; MAST Global – BBW
Greater New York City Area
Packaging and Containers

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GOOGLE+: Rooney, Ashley [MC2005] owns an Irish gift shop Mohegan Lake NY


Ashley Rooney
Works at Celtic Aer Gift Shop
Attended Manhattan College
Lived in Shrub Oak, NY

I own an Irish gift shop in NY.
Celtic Aer Gift Shop
Proprietor, 2010 – present

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Celtic Aer Gift Shop
(914) 526-3361


Celtic Aer Gift Shop opened for business in the Fall of 2010. We are conveniently located on the sunny southwest corner of Route 6 and Strawberry Road in Mohegan Lake (Yorktown), NY, and we’re here year round to fulfill your every Irish need! Most of our items are made in Ireland or in the U.S.A. From Celtic jewelry to Irish pottery to Aran Sweaters, we carry the traditional to the more modern of Irish imports. Or if it’s Irish food you’re craving, we’ve grown from Irish tea and candy to bacon, sausages, puddings, and much more!

About our Irish-import Shop

It would be impossible to count the amount of times Ashley heard, “With that hair, you must be Irish!” Growing up as a redhead, people were always reminding her of her heritage with such charisma. Like all the Irish and Irish Americans, she is very proud of her roots and the breath-taking beauty of the Emerald Isle. In 2010, Ashley opened Celtic Aer Gift Shop, with many unique Irish and Celtic imports in stock.

As for the living, breathing Irish import: her Dad, Patrick, is always busy movin’-and-a-shakin’ (and -a whistlin’) around here somewhere. He’s been on this very corner of Route 6 and Strawberry Road since 1992, when he opened Celtic Farms & Nursery. Located right next door, you’ll find many seasonal offerings, such as plants, shrubs, pumpkins, Christmas trees, as well as sheds, barns, garages and gazebos. So if an authentic brogue is what you’re looking for, then you’ll always find it here.

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Rooney, Ashley [MC2005]

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JLINKEDIN: McGrath, Bob [MC2005] Section Manager at Con Edison



McGrath, Bob [MC2005] 
Section Manager at Con Edison
Greater New York City Area   

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