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JLINKEDIN: Reardon, Matt [MC2008] Associate, Middle Office at AllianceBernstein



Reardon, Matt [MC????] 
Associate, Middle Office at AllianceBernstein
New York, New York   
Investment Management

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Dear John,

I believe that Matt is a member of the Class of 2008.


McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

[JR: Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated.]

Reardon, Matt [MC2008]

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JNEWS: Stranko, Ryan [MC2008] Associate @ RHYS



Fairfield County Newsmakers, 11.10.2014
By: Westfair Online
Posted date: November 08, 2014
In: Fairfield, Newsmakers

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New associates to RHYS

Stamford-based RHYS, a commercial real estate firm, appointed two new associates to its team, Laura Manfro of Stamford and Ryan Stranko of Fairfield. Manfro joined as an associate in the investment sales division and Stranko as an associate in the retail leasing division.

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Stanko practiced as a student attorney at the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Bristol County District Attorney’s office and at the state of Rhode Island’s office of the attorney general. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in communication from Manhattan College and a Juris Doctor from Roger Williams University School of Law.

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Stranko, Ryan [MC????]

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Dear John,

I believe that Ryan is a member of the Class of 2008.


McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

[JR: Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated.]

Stranko, Ryan [MC2008]

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JLINKEDIN: Lavasani, Mojgan (MC2008) Education Management Pro



Lavasani, Mojgan (MC2008)
Education Management Professional
Greater New York City Area
Education Management

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GOOGLE+: Adrian, Torri [MC2008] MediaCom



Adrian, Torri [MC2008]
Works at MediaCom
Attended Manhattan College

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JNEWS: Fitzgerald, John C. (MC2008) Operations Principal @ Ridgeway & Conger, Inc.



John C. Fitzgerald, J.D. has a new job.
Now Financial and Operations Principal at Ridgeway & Conger, Inc..

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Fitzgerald, John C. (MC2008)
Fixed Income Trader and Financial and Operations Principal
at Ridgeway & Conger, Inc.
Greater New York City Area

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GOOGLE+: Pena, Samuel [MC2008] Solutions Architect QlikTech



Pena, Samuel [MC2008]
Works at QlikTech
Solutions Architect
Attended Stevens Institute of Technology
Lives in Hoboken, NJ

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JFOUND: Bortolussi, Gina [MC2008] on Positive Attitudes



Positive Attitudes
September 26th, 2014

Positive Attitudes

It’s common sense that manners and a positive attitude will go a long way in a professional setting. Consumers as a whole want to be treated with respect and greeted with friendly faces. In a practice, the atmosphere and the personnel in that atmosphere have much control over whether or not patients are satisfied with their visit.

Having an attitude with a patient, or overall unfriendly disposition, will not help make the patient feel comfortable. If a patient is not comfortable or happy with a practice and the people who are working in that practice, than they most likely won’t be willing to make another appointment. A negative attitude can actually cost a practice patients and therefore cost them money.

Chiropractors have an obligation to take care of their patients, and so do the people working in their practice. While Chiropractors are making adjustments,the front office should also be making patients feel comfortable. Along with making adjustments, Chiropractors have a number of responsibilities and the front office does as well. Both have to work together to make a practice run smoothly and properly. If the front office isn’t working to their best abilities and providing a positive atmosphere, then the practice’s reputation is tarnished.

It is easy to be stressed in today’s world, but what people have to remember, especially when working with the public, is that a smile goes a long way. Chiropractors entrust their front offices. While Chiropractors are taking care of their patients, the front office is responsible for taking care of the patients who haven’t been seen by a doctor yet.

The front office is the first contact made by the patients coming into the practice. It is extremely important for the people working in the front office to make sure that patients are starting their days with positivity. A good attitude can affect the way patients go about their day, how they feel throughout the day. It can also shape their day and affect how they treat others throughout the day.

Greeting patients with a positive attitude and friendly smile can even impact the way the people working the front office feel. A positive attitude affects the person who is giving it as well as the person receiving it. Keeping a positive attitude creates positive thinking, a more creative mind, success and overall happiness. A positive attitude motivates a person to do the best work that they can and fuels their ability to do their job.

The energy you give out into the world will be given back to you. It is extremely important for a working environment to have a positive energy and for people with positive attitudes to be working in that environment. A practice is only as good as the people who work in it and with positive attitudes and friendly dispositions, a practice can flourish.

Gina Bortolussi is a graduate of Manhattan College and has her B.A. in Communications. She is currently focusing on research of modern Internet-based chiropractic office management solutions, such as Billing Precision (http://www.chiropracticbillingprecision.com). Billing Precision is an all-in-one Internet-based system that includes accountable and transparent billing service, state-of-art touch-screen SOAP notes, advanced patient scheduling, and real-time monitoring for compliance and audit exposure.

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Bortolussi, Gina [MC2008]

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