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JLINKEDIN: Dolan, John [MC2009] Civil Engineer at Schiavone Construction



Dolan, John [MC2009] 
Civil Engineer at Schiavone Construction Co. LLC
Tuckahoe, New York

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JLINKEDIN: Bayer, Erin [MC2009] Physician Assistant Student



Bayer, Erin [MC2009] 
Physician Assistant Student
Brooklyn, New York

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JNEWS: Kennedy, Erin [MC2009] first Xaverian girls soccer coach



Xaverian establishes high school girls’ sports program
The girls’ soccer and lacrosse teams will be coached by Erin Kennedy.

2015 10Oct 25 erin kennedy


School hires coaches for basketball, softball, soccer
By Paula KatinasBrooklyn Daily Eagle

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Xaverian High School, a Catholic school that will be going co-ed in September of 2016, is busy laying the groundwork for a female sports program.

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Robert B. Alesi, president of Xaverian High School, at 7100 Shore Road, announced on Oct. 22 that the school has hired sports coaches for girls’ teams.

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Xaverian High School, established in 1957 by the Xaverian Brothers, a Catholic religious order, has had an all-male student body in high school grades (9, 10, 11 and 12) throughout its history.

Earlier this year, the school announced that starting in 2016, it will admit female high school students.

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Kennedy holds a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology/exercise science from Manhattan College, where she was a dual sport Division 1 athlete in soccer and track. She is currently pursuing her master’s degree in adolescence education at the College of Staten Island.

Prior to joining Xaverian, Kennedy worked as a strength and conditioning coach where she had the opportunity to work with members of professional football, hockey, soccer and baseball programs.

Kennedy currently coaches two teams, U9 and U16, with Staten Island United, a travel soccer program. She also serves as director of DK3 Academy, a travel lacrosse program in Staten Island that focuses on placing high school players in college.

“To be given the opportunity to help shape the girls’ soccer and lacrosse programs is so exciting,” she said.

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Kennedy, Erin [MC????]

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Dear John,

              I believe that Erin is a member of the class of 2009.


McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

[JR: Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated.]

Kennedy, Erin [MC2009]

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JLINKEDIN: Longhway, Karlee [MC2009] Sr Accountant at Arbor Realty Trust



Longhway, Karlee [MC2009] 
Senior Accountant at Arbor Realty Trust
Greater New York City Area
Commercial Real Estate

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JLINKEDIN: Yeaman, Robert [MC2009] Police Officer at NYPD



Yeaman, Robert [MC2009] Police Officer at NYPD
Merrick, New York
Law Enforcement
Education Manhattan College

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JLINKEDIN: Grell, Tara [MC2009] at SBC Benefit Consultants



Grell, Tara [MC2009]
Contributions Processor/Customer Service at SBC Benefit Consultants, Inc
Wood Ridge, New Jersey
Financial Services

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COMMENT: Germino, Damien (MC2009) recommends the annual retreat


This is in response to the Men’s Alumni retreat that Ed McEneney ’59 and his brother Mike are coordinators of and I’d like to give my experience as a young alum.

First and foremost, the retreat has brought me to a new level of understanding and appreciation for brotherhood and fatherhood. I brought my dad the first year three years ago and it was a bonding experience and one that helped him rekindle older friendships.

It can be a grand experience with godly greatness by solidarity in silence with each other’s spirit. Alternatively, it was a medium for talking to each other and learning from the speakers about what it means to slow down and be sacred.

I thoroughly enjoyed the first year with Br. Robert Berger and hearing about each person’s response to spirituality. The next two years allowed me to reignite my passion for compassion in community with each person that came back to break the busyness of life’s business and break bread with our brotherhood.

The accommodations and communal meals are immaculate. The music and activities are immemorial presents of the present.

I highly recommend you consider joining us this year or every year, to find oneself and connect those who are near and will become dear to you as we find light in life and not fear any end that is far or near.

Germino, Damien (MC2009)

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[JR: Excellent recommendation.]

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