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JFOUND: Rizopoulos, Perry Giuseppe [MC2013] does interviews



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Perry Giuseppe Rizopoulos

Perry Giuseppe Rizopoulos is a second semester Master’s Degree student in the Comparative International Education program with a content concentration in Philosophy. He recently graduated from Manhattan College, where he majored in Philosophy and minored in Spanish. He also graduated as a member of Phi Beta Kappa, and the valedictorian of the 2013 class. His interests include social justice, multicultural education, immigration studies, community development, the bilingual aesthetic experience and philosophies of education. His work currently reflects the importance of integrating artwork in the classroom as a means of empowering emergent bilingual students.

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Rizopoulos, Perry Giuseppe [MC2013]

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JFACEBOOK: Wrenn, Jamie [MC2013] Works at R WAYYYY



Wrenn, Jamie [MC2013]
Works at R WAYYYY
Studied at Manhattan College
Graduated from Manhattan College
Past: Nanuet Senior High School
Lives in Bronx, New York
From Nanuet, New York

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JBLOGGER: Nicole [MC2013] unemployed


Anticipating Autumn (and an announcement!)

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Alright, I’ll stop beating around the bush. I visited my alma mater this past Tuesday and I miss college. I just do. I miss the campus, I miss being around my peers and professors, I miss my underclassmen friends, and I miss going someplace and having work to do everyday. In short, college gave my life structure and…purpose. I hate saying “purpose,” because my purpose in life is not to work in and of itself. I think you get the idea, though.

Today I had my first job interview since I graduated from college. Despite the staffing agencies, the online applications, and my use of job websites like Monster, this interview came about purely from in-person networking. My mom spoke with somebody who was related to someone else and that person interviewed me today. The interview actually went very well–but unfortunately, the company is a non-profit and it does not have any positions open at this time. I am still grateful that I had the experience, though.

Next week I plan on taking the 911-operator test. I never thought of myself as someone who could listen on the other end of a person’s emergency phone call, but it’s a city job and it has benefits.

And I’m running out of ideas, to be honest.

In the meantime, I’ll keep going down the list of companies and I’ll continue applying. And praying.

And wishing. And hoping. I might go back to the whole follow-up phone call thing, but chances are people won’t be very receptive. That’s what I’ve been experiencing lately–Human Resources does not want to hear your voice. You’re just another applicant to them. The squeaky wheel does not get the oil anymore.

Wait, this post is supposed to be about Autumn.

Okay, announcement time! Since I’m still unemployed, and I want to exercise my abilities as a writer and try new things, and since certain sections of this blog have been largely ignored, I will now implement a blogging schedule (*trumpet blast and confetti*)!

Now, just to be clear, there’s no bondage here. I’ve seen what stretching for content has done to other bloggers, and I don’t want that to happen to this blog (or to me). However, from now on, the schedule is as follows:

Sunday is Soul Sunday. This could potentially be a free day. You can’t force inspirational writing. If God lays something on my heart to write about, or if I learn a life lesson during the week, or if I feel like reflecting on something from the past and incorporating Bible verses, it will be posted on this day.

Monday is Music Monday. I love listening to music (who doesn’t?) and I’d like to share that love with you. Feel free to follow me on Spotify–I will follow back. And please send me some music on there. I love hearing new music!

Tuesday is Text & TV Tuesday. I will blog about either a book or a TV show. Or a poem. The possibilities are endless.

Wednesday is Web Wednesday. I will also use this as a free day if I have nothing on the internet to pundit about. I’m unsure if I’ll incorporate commentary about viral videos/memes here. That’s opening a whole other can of worms.

Thursday is Random Thursday. I’m specifically devoting this day to the “random” section of my blog, and I will be taking requests. When I say random, I mean random–frisbees, rubber ducks, the solar system–that kind of thing.

Rubber duckie, you’re the one…

Friday is Film Friday. Some of you might have seen the film blog I had during my college days. That blog was made specifically for the film classes I was taking. However, I would still love to talk about film here! I’d be a little less wordy, of course.

Saturday is Style Saturday. I’m going to mix it up by not just doing outfit of the day type stuff. I might talk about trends, or put an outfit together on Polyvore and post it here, or talk about one particular piece of clothing and how to wear it multiple ways. We’ll see!

So that leaves out one category…life. The reason I did this is because I can spontaneously post about life at any point during the week. It’s…life.

Let’s have a great Fall semester!


Please engage with me. I’d love to hear your suggestions for any of the categories–particularly the random ones.

Also: I want to start interacting and networking more with other bloggers, so I might write a blog inspired by or in response to another person’s blog, or I may simply post a pingback to it.

*** and ***

My name is Nicole. I’m 22 years old and I live in The Bronx, New York. I graduated from Manhattan College in the Class of 2013. Go Jaspers!

Anyway, this page is about me, I guess. Hm…I enjoy writing, reading, eating, singing, walking, sleeping, and watching movies. I fall in love with places. I believe everyone is here on purpose, for a purpose. I’m still looking for mine!

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[JR: Sorry, but I find this frustrating. I know that Alma Mater has a good placement gang. And, there are the alumni. But this person doesn’t give anyone enough to help. Like those fishing stories, folks expect them to jump into the boat. Never worked that way for me. Argh! Depending upon what she is seeking, I’m sure she could should have something! Double argh! ]

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JUPDATE: Fok, Allen (MC2013) new job Graduate Assistant at Manhattan College


Fok, Allen (MC2013) has a new job.
Now Graduate Assistant at Manhattan College

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JLINKEDIN: Poulin, Jessica [MC2013] Account Coordinator for PFA Media


Poulin, Jessica [MC2013] 
Account Coordinator for PFA Media
Bronx, New York

I am a music enthusiast and currently work for an entertainment marketing and PR firm in New York.

I studied Public Relations, Music, and Spanish in college and have done two internships, one at the Brooklyn-based independent record label, The Royal Potato Family, and the other at EMI Music.

I received my Bachelor of Arts in Communications in May 2013 from Manhattan College, where my concentration was in Public Relations, and I minored in Music and Spanish.

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JNEWS: Murray, Connor [MC2013] plays for Naugatuck Dogs


Naugatuck Dogs comeback to beat the Tri-Town Trojans and force Game 3

By Peter Wallace, Register Citizen

Posted: 08/22/13, 11:06 PM EDT

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The Trojans sailed into the seventh inning behind Connor Murray (six innings, one earned run, six hits, two strikeouts, three walks) and a 4-1 lead.

Murray escaped from two walks and a hit batter in the sixth, so a change seemed appropriate in the seventh.

“Their starting pitcher shut us down all game,” said Naugatuck’s Kyle Murphy.

Lefthander Joel Judson (1.1 innings, five earned runs, four hits, two strikeouts, one walk) started the seventh and the Dogs found their hits.

Jeff Sturm and Sean Miller-Jones (3-for-3) started the inning with singles. Murphy (2-for-3, four RBI), who just graduated from Division I Manhattan College, built a one-two count, then blasted a three-run shot over the left field fence, tying the score, 4-4.

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Murray, Connor [MC2013]

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JLINKEDIN: Farrell, Michael [MC2013] Global Commodity Manager at IBM


Farrell, Michael [MC2013] 
Global Commodity Manager at IBM
Bronx, New York
Financial Services

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JNEWS: McGovern, Kathryn [MC2013] pursuing a master’s degree in toxicology


College notes
Published Jul 2, 2013 at 2:49 pm (Updated Jul 2, 2013)

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Kathryn McGovern has graduated from Manhattan College with a bachelor of science degree in biology. Katie is a member of Beta Beta Beta National Biological Honor Society and Sigma Xi Scientific Research Society. She will be attending St. John’s University this fall, pursuing a master’s degree in toxicology.

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McGovern, Kathryn [MC2013]

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JUPDATE: McGovern, Brian [MC2013] ided by McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

JNEWS: McGovern, Brian [MC2013] at European Athletics Team Championships

Home / Athletics / Athletics: Irish Interest / Irish Men’s Team ‘ Raring to Go’ at European Athletics Team Championships this weekend
Irish Men’s Team ‘ Raring to Go’ at European Athletics Team Championships this weekend
By Michael O’Neill

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Brian McGovern (Ballinamore AC) will go for Ireland in what promises to be a very exciting Pole Vault competition.

McGovern completed his preparations for this European Athletics Team Championships in clear fashion when he won the pole vault at the USATF East Region championships in New York last weekend. McGovern’s winning vault of 5.30m was just 6cm off his own Irish record of 5.36m, set in Tempe, Arizona, only last March. The young Manhattan College student, (22), will also take his previous experience of this highly competitive team championships from 2009, when he vaulted for Ireland in the event in Izmir, Turkey. Jan Kudlicka (CZE), with a SB of 5.76m, will be one to watch out for.

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McGovern, Brian [MC????]

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Dear John,

It appears that Brian is a member of the Class of 2013.


McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

[JR: Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated.]

McGovern, Brian [MC2013]

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JFOUND: Jensen, Stephen [MC2013] Analyst CPX Interactive


The CPX Family Continues To Grow
Posted on June 10, 2013 by Melissa Budney

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Since the start of 2013, CPX Interactive has hired more than 30 people to join our growing family. Just this past week alone, 10 new faces came on board as well as our new group of summer interns…post on that to follow. As we continue to grow, we find it more and more important to show off the incredible amount of talented individuals we have working at CPX.

*** and ***

Stephen Jensen – Analyst

I have lived and attended school in the Bronx all of my life. I just graduated from Manhattan College with a degree in accounting. In my free time I enjoy watching tv shows such as Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad, two of my favorites.

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Jensen, Stephen [MC2013]

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