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JNEWS: Flynn, Ryan [MCstudent] Eagle scout



8 Eagles from Nanuet Scout troop honored for public service

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Eight members of Boy Scout Troop 33 in Nanuet recently attained the Eagle rank. All the scouts are members of the Nanuet high school class of 2014.

Here’s some details on who the scouts are and what they accomplished:

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Ryan Flynn is attending Manhattan College as a mechanical engineering major. For my Eagle project he designed and organized the building a set of horseshoe pits at the Pearl River Elks Lodge.

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The troop’s scoutmaster is Joseph Somma Sr. Committee chairman is Graham Seidel. Advancement chairman is Douglas Caulk. Paul Siebenaler is treasurer. The sponsoring organization is the Pearl River Elks-Lodge 2041. The troop has had 71 Eagle scouts, starting in 1931.

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Flynn, Ryan [MCstudent]

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JNEWS: Read, Henry [MCstudent] maps Shelter Island’s septic systems



Building Department intern creating septic system map
by Brian Bingham

2014 08 11 081414 Intern BuildingDepti

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One of the keys to Shelter Island’s long-term ecological sustainability lies in a computer program installed on a computer at the Building Department.

Summer intern Henry Read, an Islander and graduate of Mercy High School in Riverhead, spends eight hours a day analyzing the local terrain with the “Pictometry” application. He’s been tasked with creating an online database of Shelter Island’s septic systems for the Town Geographic Information System (GIS) site.

“What we hope to do at the local level is build a better system for spotting potential problems,” Town Engineer John Cronin, said.

Mr. Read studies civil engineering at Manhattan College. He contacted the Building Department after reading an advertisement in the Reporter. “I have always loved the environment [here],” he said, “and working on Shelter Island is even more special.”

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One use for Mr. Read’s database is to use it in conjunction with independent laboratory tests. By matching bodies of water with high levels of coliform to aging septic tanks, engineers will, be able, to a certain extent, pinpoint the source of pollution.

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Mr. Read hopes to map the systems of Shelter Island’s oldest homes by hand, but currently works only from his desk at the Building Department. The software program he relies on has proven invaluable, he said. The company behind Pictometry uses low-flying airplanes to map buildings and changes in terrain.

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Shelter Island will consider options for continuing Mr. Read’s work once the intern returns to Manhattan College in the fall. Mr. Cronin noted that the Town Board would likely support the completion of the database, “based on the perceived success during this summer’s effort.”

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Read, Henry [MCstudent]

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JTWITTER: Salese, Alyssa [MCstudent] tweeted about end of internship


Salese, Alyssa [MC????] tweeted:

“Last day with SundanceTV tm :(“

4:41 PM – 7 Aug 2014 New York, NY, United States

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[JR: Earlier tweet said “internship”.]

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Dear John,

I find nothing in my ‘stuff’ for Alyssa, but I assume that she is a student.


McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

[JR: Agreed. Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated.]

Salese, Alyssa [MCstudent] 

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JEMAIL: McEneney, Mike (MC1953) cites Pichardo, Marlene [MCstudent]


Dear John,

The July 18th Edition fo YONKERS RISING (www.RisingMediaGroup.com) has a front page article that reads:


Congratulations to Mayor’s Award recipient, Yonkers Montessori Academy graduating senior Marlene Pichardo.

Marlene is a standout student, All-League soccer player and mentor at the Nepperham Community Center. She also helped organize YMA’s Heroes and Leaders Program, the WAlk Against Breast Cancer, homecoming, a teacher student basketball game and carnival.

With the help of the $2,500 Mayor’s Award scholorship, Marlene is headed to Manhattan College.

Special thanks to Yonkers Contracting for sponsoring the award once again the year!”

Sounds as though she will make a great JASPER!


McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

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[JR: Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated. Agreed!]

Pichardo, Marlene [MCstudent]

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JFOUND: Maggio, Brittany [MCstudent] intern with the Ad Council



Intern Spotlight: Brittany Maggio – Accounting Department
Posted On: 17th July 2014    By: Amelia Merritt   

Internship season is upon us once again; when college students around the country trade their sweatshirts for button downs and classrooms for cubicles. The Ad Council recently welcomed nine summer interns into the various departments of the company. To shed some light on what it is like to intern for the Ad Council, we will be featuring one intern each week on Adlibbing.

1. Where do you go to school and what are you studying?

I go to Manhattan College and I am majoring in Accounting.

2. Why did you decide to intern with the Ad Council?

I decided to intern at the Ad Council because it is not just about the numbers and the revenue, it is about making a difference in someone’s life.

3. What do you like most about interning at the Ad Council?

Everything! The people are so welcoming and friendly. I am learning so much. I can definitely use every bit of information I have learned throughout my career.

4. What is the social issue you are the most passionate about?

I am most passionate about the drunk driving issue. There have been multiple outbreaks from my home town where people lost their lives due to this.

5. What is one of your lesser-known talents?

I am great at doing other people’s hair and nails- but I can’t do my own!

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[JR: Don’t miss the GIF of her. She’ll never live that down.]

Maggio, Brittany [MCstudent]

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JNEWS: Bishop, Connor [MCstudent] gets press being an intern



Nabell Winslow Announces Intern Hire
By Meg Garner, posted Sometime in the future
(Connor Bishop)

Nabell Winslow announced in a recent press release the hiring of Connor Bishop as its summer intern.

He will serve as “a research intern learning portfolio analysis, marketing and the overall investment and wealth management business,” the release stated.

Bishop, a Wilmington-native, is a rising senior at Manhattan College, NY.

Mark Nabell and Scott Winslow, formerly of First Citizens Bank’s Private Wealth Management division, formed Nabell Winslow Investments and Wealth Management last September.

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Bishop, Connor [MCstudent]

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MFOUND: Taveras, Aleysha [MCstudent] cited in school choice book



Invisible no more: New book profiles school choice success stories
By Ron Matus on June 5, 2014

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Aleysha Taveras’s mother, a teacher’s aide at a public school in the Bronx, saw too much violence and too little learning. So she enrolled her daughter in a Catholic school with, as Aleysha puts it, “teachers who would always be on top of me.” Now Aleysha is on the verge of graduating from Manhattan College and embarking on a career as a teacher.

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Taveras, Aleysha [MCstudent]

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JTWITTER: Maloney, Taylor [MCstudent] tweets



Taylor Maloney
Manhattan College

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Maloney, Taylor [MC????]

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Dear John,

I believe that Taylor is a student at Manhattan.


McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

[JR: Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated.]

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MNews: a big foam representation of Brother Jasper


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School Spirit. Give the Manhattan crowd credit: They remained lively well into the second half even though their team was getting manhandled. (The sizable contingent of Stags fans, by the way, matched their enthusiasm and then some.) Manhattan doesn’t have a mascot — though we see no reason there shouldn’t be a giant foam representation of Brother Jasper of Mary, the university’s onetime baseball coach, prefect of discipline, and possible inventor of the seventh-inning stretch, for whom the teams are named — but they do have cheerleaders, a dance squad, and a band. In general, we were kind of astounded by how much of the goings on resembled a high-school game, and not just because of the layout of the venue: The softball team sold 50/50 raffle tickets to raise money, the dance team sold team calendars to raise money (they presumably got this idea from Zach Morris), and bunches of green and white balloons provided some low-budget décor. Score: 6/10.

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Great Brother Jasper’s Ghost!!!

I think he’s onto something.

While a big foam representation of Brother Jasper might be fun, I’m sure the Brothers would see it as disrespectful. And, the crowd would be impacted, he was after all the Prefect of Discipline. Not a fan of rowdy or “edgy” students.

But, maybe we do need a “Jasper”, like the RU Scarlett Knight, or the WVU Mountain Man.

Now, what would a Jasper carry?

A beer and a slide rule?


Maybe MC will commission Jerry to create one. Or, license Jasperman?

Many a true word is said in jest!

Bet a lot of alums would pay to see that!

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MFound: MC Gaelic Society raise money for cancer cure


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Relay for Life link
To members of Manhattan College Gaelic Society

Kevin Duffy
    February 17 at 9:13am

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Hey everyone,

The following is the link for the Relay for Life team. All you have to do is click on it and then click join team.


Thank you

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2010 Relay For Life of Manhattan College NY

Saturday, April 10th from 3 pm to Sunday, April 11th at 3 am at Draddy

Our Reason to Relay

Fighting cancer is a team effort. The impact we can make together is much greater than what any of us could do alone.

At the American Cancer Society Relay For Life, our team will camp out overnight and take turns walking around the track to raise money and awareness to help the American Cancer Society save more lives from cancer. By joining or donating to our team, you will be a part of a life-changing event that gives everyone in the community a chance to celebrate the lives of people who have battled cancer, remember loved ones lost, and fight back against a disease that takes too much.

Please make a donation, or join our team and help us create a world where cancer can no longer claim another year of anyone’s life.

If you would like to make a donation to an individual team member, please click on their name within the Team Roster below.

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To donate, under the banner of the Manhattan College Gaelic Society


in case the long link breaks: (why do people insist on using them?)


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