JFOUND: Sutton, Julia [MC????] CEO of Exhale Spa



Julia Sutton, CEO, Exhale Spa

In addition to being CEO of Exhale Spa, Julia Sutton is co-founder of the company, which is a leading lifestyle brand in the spa and well-being industry that operates 21 properties in 10 markets. As a member of the founding team, Sutton developed and scaled the company’s operating infrastructure that today successfully delivers dozens of award-winning well-being, spa and retail programs, and supports an employee base of 2,000. Sutton is a recognized spa industry leader with a successful track record for developing and launching spa, fitness and retail in a number of markets. Prior to joining the Exhale team, she served as national spa operations director for Wellbridge, where she directed 10 spas across the country from Honolulu to New York. Sutton has a bachelor’s degree in marketing and international business from Manhattan College. She also completed the OPM program at Harvard Business School. She belongs to several groups (COO network, American College of Sports Medicine, HBSCNY) and enjoys coaching basketball, playing tennis, hiking and surfing.

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Sutton, Julia [MC????]

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JFACEBOOK: Christina Marie [MC????] to wed


2019 09Sep 15 marie

Christina Marie [MC????]

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POSITRACTION: Kinney, who works as a cable technician for Spectrum, leads by example



Mom Snaps Viral Picture of a Cable Technician Comforting Her Disabled Son While He Fixes the Internet
By McKinley Corbley – Mar 27, 2019 

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This cable technician is being praised for going above and beyond the call of duty after he arrived at the home of a stressed-out mother and her wailing toddler.

Earlier this month, Jessica Nash Donnahoo had been having a particularly hard day with her 3-year-old son Sailor. She had been trying to finish her household chores and simultaneously care for her 2-year-old daughter while her husband was at work – but her tasks were made all the more difficult by the fact that Sailor had been crying all morning.

Because Sailor suffers from blindness and two rare brain defects, he has a hard time communicating his needs. To Donnahoo’s surprise, however, she was given an unlikely reprieve from her parenting duties when Rob Kinney walked in through the door.

Kinney, who works as a cable technician for Spectrum, had been called to fix the internet in their Greenville, South Carolina home.

Immediately after he walked in through the door, Sailor ran up to the repairman and held up his arms – and to Donnahoo’s surprise, Kinney happily responded by scooping Sailor into his arms.

Kinney then spent the next 45 minutes rocking and soothing the youngster while he fixed the internet. By the time he was ready to leave, Sailor was almost asleep.

*** end quote ***

What a tech!  Not only fixes the internet, but does it while soothing a disabled child to sleep.

I hope when such an opportunity presents itself to me, I’ll have the grace that this tech did to accept it.

Can’t believe everything you hear about how terrible humans are to each other. 

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ENDNOTE: Umana, John  [MC1965] asks what happened to checks and balances in our Government?



Umana, John  [MC1965]
Sep 5
What happened to checks and balances in our Government?

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As a fat old white guy injineer speaking ex cathedra from my belly button at the editorial desk in the Jasper Jottings’ newsroom, “We, The Sheeple” allow the Gooferment to escape its Constitutional “chains” and transform from “servant to master” (Note 1) by many of the Amendments to the Constitution and the countless non-Amendment authorized violations to the Constitution like the “(pseudo) War on (some) Drugs”. (Note 2)

“We” lost the war for the American heart and soul when “we” allowed the Gooferment at all levels to take over “education”.  As Rush Limbaugh says “the minds full of mush” have been lost forever. They have been converted, like a cult, to worship Mother Earth and to look to Father State for “solutions”.  There’s no hope for them, but the first step back to “checks and balances” is cut the Gooferment back to its Constitutional bounds.  The entails zeroing out a bunch of unConstitutional departments and agencies — DOEd, DOE, HEW, BATF, DEA, FDA, etc. etc. etc. And then onto, the things that “just happened” — “no fly” list, “civil asset forfeiture”, gun laws, IRS abuses, Marijuana & drug prohibition, “free speech zones”, Congressional corruption, farm subsidies, “welfare / warfare” state policies, the existence of the“deep state”, etc. etc. etc.

The hardest part will be to refocus “We, The Sheeple” from the “panem et circenses” of this Gooferment Skrule team beats that Gooferment Skrule team. That distracts “We, The Sheeple” from the real problems of the day!  Personally, I believe that the repeal of the Seventeenth Amendment — direct election of Senators — is the best first step back to real “Federalism” and regaining control of the Leviathan State.  Of course, to do that “We, The Sheeple” has to convince the politicians and bureaucrats to vote against their own self-interest financially. 

On a microlevel, each of us can strike a blow against the drug war by jury nullification. Remember why Alcohol Prohibition was repealed? Jury nullification! (Note 3)  So each and every one of us, who gets on a jury, can end “(pseudo) War on (some) Drugs”!  Or, police searches!  Or any other “burr under our saddle” with Gooferment action.  How did Gandni convince the British to leave India?  Peaceful non-cooperation. (Note 4) Likewise if 350 million American refuse to cooperate with the Gooferment, what are they going to do about it.  My current example is the speed limit laws.  Most folks pay absolutely ZERO attention to them. It’s a waste of taxpayer money to post them.

So that’s what has happened to your “checks and balances” and how imho we can take our country back one jury at a time.

Remember the sources of my education! I’m just a fat old white guy retired injineer who’d now a poor old senior citizen on a fixed income with:

  • Law “degree” from watching Judge Judy; 
  • Medical “degree” from watching Doctor Phil; 
  • Building “degree” from watching “Holmes on Homes”; 
  • Investing “degree” from reading about Bernie Made-off; 
  • Finance “degree”from listening to Ric Edelman; 
  • sensitively managing Human Resources from watching Chef Ramsey; and 
  • creating loving / caring human relationships from studying the movie roles of Gunny Ronald Lee Ermey

Go Jaspers!

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Note 1: “Government is not reason, it is not eloquence — it is force! Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master. Never for a moment should it be left to irresponsible action.” — attributed to George Washinton but unverifiable

Note 2: Why did alcohol prohibition require a Constitutional Amendment, but “drug prohibition” did not? 

Note 3: “Prosecutors could get a jury to convict any one on booze arrests; that’s why they had to get Al Capone on Tax Evasion.  So regardless of what the Gooferment, the politicians, or the bureaucrats say, American Juries can put an end to this nonsense all by themselves.  No victim; no crime.  Sorry.  A juror doesn’t have to explain or even talk; just vote “not guilty” and this house of cards will come tumbling down.”  https://tinyurl.com/y4dzfxb8 

Note 4: “Yes. In the end, you will walk out. Because 100,000 Englishmen simply cannot control 350 million Indians, if those Indians refuse to cooperate.” — movie Gandhi (1983)

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JOBIT: Tobin, John P. [MC???? RIP] 2019-Sep-12



John P. Tobin, 80
Educator, coach, Staten Island Sports Hall of Famer and Advance Service Award recipient, founding president of Board of Trustees of New World Prep Charter School

John P. Tobin, a retired New York City high school principal, administrative superintendent, assistant to three chancellors of the former New York City Board of Education, vice president of the Siemens Foundation and founding chairman of the Board of Trustees of New World Prep Charter School in Port Richmond, died Sept. 12, 2019, at home, surrounded by his loving family.

John was a 2006 inductee to the Staten Island Sports Hall of Fame and a former recipient of the Staten Island Advance’s All Star Service award in 1968.

Born in Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan, John was brought to Staten Island as an infant. During World War II, he attended schools in North and South Carolina while living with his family, returning to Staten Island in 1950, where he resided the remainder of his life.

An alum of St. Peter’s Boys High school and Manhattan College, he was a member of the legendary Manhattan College track and field teams of the late 1950s. John began teaching and coaching on Staten Island in St. Peter’s Boys High School and Port Richmond High School. As a young teacher, John continued his graduate work at Wagner College, St. John’s University, Long Island University, and Kean College in New Jersey, where he achieved his professional certifications for leadership roles in schools in New York State. He then served as an assistant principal and athletic director at Tottenville High School until being selected to serve as an administrative superintendent in the role of executive assistant to Chancellor Frank Macchiarola, continuing to serve in the chancellor’s office for the next two successive chancellors until returning to the role of principal at John Dewey High School in Brooklyn, Tottenville on Staten Island, and finally at Brooklyn Technical High School.

“Coach” Tobin’s role as a cross country, track and field coach at Saint Peters, Port Richmond and Tottenville was legendary, as his teams won many major events and developed some great runners, jumpers, and throwers. His Tottenville team of 1982 still holds the record for scoring the most points in New York City PSAL outdoor track and field championships with over 240 points. For his coaching and leadership in the track and field community, John was inducted to the Staten Island Sports Hall of Fame in 2006 where his efforts as a “driving force in the New York Empire State Games and the New York City Big Apple Games” were noted.

After leaving the Board of Education, John became the director of apprenticeship training for Siemens Corporation, North America, where he developed apprenticeship training in community colleges around the country. While at Siemens, Mr. Tobin initiated the Siemens Westinghouse Science and Technology competitions and formed the Siemens Foundation which named him as its executive vice president.

During his career with Siemens, John was recognized as a national expert of American “Tech Prep” and “School to Work,” models of education for adolescents training to enter the workforce before entering into a college. He served on many national boards including the National Employers’ Leadership Council. After eight years at Siemens John retired and began working together with Project Hospitality and a consortium of leaders from the Port Richmond and immigrant communities to develop a charter school. This project culminated with the September 2010 opening of New World Prep Charter School on Sharpe Avenue in Port Richmond. This was Staten Island’s first middle school charter. Mr. Tobin was at the helm of the Board of Trustees from inception until July 1 of this year, after which Mr. Tobin became president of the Friends of New World Prep.

A member of many professional organizations, John was active with Staten Island Track, Running and Community (SITRAC) in its early years, where he served as its first president. He was selected as a “non-trustee” member of the Staten Island Catholic Regional strategic planning committee and was a member of the Ancient Order of Hibernians. His passion for education allowed him to serve as vice president of the PSAL Wingate Memorial Fund for over 35 years and as a member of the Board of Advisors for the Gateway to Higher Education program at CUNY’s City College for over 30 years as well.

Mr. Tobin is survived by his wife, Alice Garand Tobin; his children, Beverly (Rob) Morganbesser, Maureen (Tom) Buneo, Kathleen (Rob) Roesler, Stephanie (Tom) Duffy, Kevin (Kathy) Tobin, Michael Tobin; and his stepchildren, Mary Alice Rowan and Stephen Rowan; 12 grandchildren, and three great-granddaughters.

John was predeceased by his son, John P. Tobin III; his granddaughter, Shannon Elizabeth Tobin; and his stepson, John Garand Rowan, Esq.

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to New World Preparatory, newworldprep.org/donate

For further information, visit dignitymemorial.com

Published in Staten Island Advance on Sept. 14, 2019


Tobin, John P. [MC???? RIP]

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JOBIT: Schoenberger, John Nash [MC1959 RIP] 2019-Sep-11



John Nash Schoenberger
July 24, 1937 – September 11, 2019
New Windsor, NY

John Nash Schoenberger of New Windsor, a retired teacher and coach, and a gifted lifelong athlete, passed away on September 11, 2019. He was 82.

Son of Charles and Ann (Nash) Schoenberger, he was born in Cornwall, NY, on July 24, 1937, and lived in Newburgh and New Windsor for most of his life. He played varsity baseball, basketball and track at Newburgh Free Academy, graduating in 1955 and heading to Manhattan College on a four-year baseball scholarship. A proud Manhattan Jasper, John won the New York State batting title in 1958 with a remarkable .421 average, and earned varsity letters in baseball, basketball, and track. In 2000, he was inducted into Manhattan College’s Sports Hall of Fame.

Signed by the Baltimore Orioles as a college senior, John played for minor leagues teams in Bluefield, West Virginia; Leesburg, Florida; Pensacola, Florida; and Raleigh, North Carolina, before injuries ended a promising baseball career.

John then taught school for 30 years, mainly in Tuxedo, NY. He also coached varsity soccer, basketball, and baseball for Tuxedo’s George F. Baker High School, and coached the Newburgh Nuclears American Legion baseball team to a state championship in 1963. He earned his M.A. in Education from the State University of New York at New Paltz and won three National Science Foundation grants to advance science education. While a young teacher in the 1960s, he also served in the Army National Guard and the Army Reserves.

He was a longtime member of the Optimist Club and a devoted tennis player with a sneaky drop shot. He went to the gym almost daily well into his 70s and threw perfect spirals at the family’s annual Turkey Bowl games. He did multiple crossword puzzles every day, only occasionally looking up the answers, and was a dedicated fan of the New York Yankees.

John met his wife Joyce at Newburgh Free Academy, and on September 10, they celebrated their 59th anniversary. He was a kind and loving father and grandfather who will be greatly missed.

In addition to Joyce, he is survived by four children: his three daughters: Mary Ann and her husband, Darrick, Susan and her husband, Kevin and Nancy (King) and her husband, Chris; and son, John Jr.; as well as his seven cherished grandchildren: AJ, Sam, Christopher, Bridget, Jenna, Claire, and Matthew. He is also survived by his brother, Fred and his wife, Nora, along with four nieces and nephews.
Visitation will be from 9 to 11 a.m. on Saturday, September 14, at the Doulin Funeral Home, followed by a Mass of Christian Burial at 11:45 a.m. at Saint Joseph Catholic Church.

In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital (www.stjude.org), Manhattan College (www.manhattan.edu), or the charity of your choice.
Published in Times Herald-Record from Sept. 12 to Sept. 13, 2019


Schoenberger, John Nash [MC1959 RIP]

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September 14, 2019

We are deeply saddened to learn of John’s passing. His influence on my life was beyond measure as he introduced me to my husband, Hans Siebert on October 10th, 1972. I enjoyed team teaching intermediate grades with John at Tuxedo Elementary School. His quick wit and skillful use of
puns always kept life upbeat and engaging.

Hans and I recently celebrated our 46th wedding Anniversary. We often reflect on that wonderful first meeting at John and Joyce’s home surrounded by their four fabulous young children and dining on Joyce’s elegant fondue feast.

The warm memories abound and the gratitude for his valuable friendship will live forever.

Hans and I send our sincerest sympathies to Dear Joyce, Mary Ann, Susan, Nancy, Johnny, Fred, Nora, and all of the Grandkids and nieces and nephews.

Love to All,
Hazel Siebert
Hazel Siebert, Issaquah, WA

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September 13, 2019

Joyce..John was one of my heroes, growing up in Newburgh. I send my sincerest condolences to you and the family.

Rodney Coleman

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September 13, 2019

To the Schoenberger Family. Our sincerest condolences on the passing of Mr. Schoenberger. He was our teacher and baseball coach at Tuxedo High School from the mid 60’s to 1971.He was a great teacher and baseball coach, one of our favorites.
Stephen & Helen Heater.
Stephen Heater, Tuxedo Park, NY

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September 13, 2019

Joyce,We were so sorry to hear of John’s passing. Please accept our sincere condolences to you and your family. Vera and Bill Birdsall

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JOBIT: Rostkowski, Stanley [MC???? RIP] 2019-Sep-07



Stanley Rostkowski
September 12, 1931 – September 7, 2019

Stanley was born on September 12, 1931 and passed away on Saturday, September 7, 2019.

Stanley was a resident of Connecticut at the time of passing.

He was a proud graduate of Manhattan College, attended on the G.I. Bill.

Stanley served his country in the U.S. Army, was stationed in Alaska for four years and honorably discharged as a Corporal.

In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made in Stanley’s name to the American Diabetes Association , PO Box 15829, Arlington, VA 22215.


Rostkowski, Stanley [MC???? RIP]

Guestbook: http://www.tributes.com/condolences/leave_memory/107514832

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