MFound: Nice words about MC


February 09, 2010
Recognizing Brand Leadership
Rex Whisman

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Yesterday and today I have the pleasure of facilitating a number of meetings on the campus of Manhattan College as part of a national education brand initiative that will connect over 40 secondary schools and six colleges and universities throughout the United States and Toronto. All schools are a part of an international network of Lasallian institutions.

These schools and the Christian Brothers order were founded by St. John Baptist de La Salle, the Catholic Patron Saint of Teachers. Just outside of our meeting spaces here at Manhattan, hang a number of banners that includes De La Salle and the Past-Presidents of the College. What a great way to honor the teachings and traditions of the past, and help visually recruit and retain brand champions. Each banner starts the conversation about story of this fine institution.

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[JR: Yup, the “brand” is critical to keeping the doors open.]

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One response to “MFound: Nice words about MC

  1. Thanks for your kind words. We greatly enjoyed our experience at Manhattan College this week and love your blog!