JBlogger: Cetinski, Andreas [MC1992] for the Ronald McDonald House on June 5th


TUESDAY, MAY 24, 2011

Well, today my dream came true, after mixing and polishing up my songs over the last 6 weeks, i now have in my hands my finished 12 song cd titled “Freedom Is Not Free” ;))))))) i now have the finished songs uploaded on my website at andreascetinski.com ;-) luv ya A

My first 3 singles from my new music cd called “Freedom Is Not Free” are now on iTunes, Amazon, Verizon, Cd Baby plus a few other music websites for downloading, 1) Gone But Not Forgotten 2) My Angel 3) Eye Candy, next week the whole 12 song cd will be available ;-) A

******my first live performance will be at a charity event for the Ronald McDonald House on June 5th at the Harley Davidson Dealer in New Rochelle, NY which holds the annual charity event called “Hogs for Hope”, a few bands will be playing that day, i will probably be one of the opening acts and play a 30-45 minute set from what i’m told.

****** just on a side note, i have at least another 12 songs pretty much finished so my second cd will be coming sometime in the spring of 2012, i will be playing some of these songs live this year and may release them as singles after the summer or during the fall ;-) we are here to stay and play my friends ;-)))))) and on another side note, my first music video will be comin in 3-4 weeks, hopefully sooner but its all new ground for me so i think 3 weeks or so will be more than enough time, my first video will be for the song “Gone But Not Forgotten” i’m thinking but that could change, but a real video is coming to youtube veddy soon ;-)


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[JR: Hope the New Rochelle Jaspers can get over and support one of out own.]

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