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Ironman Review
by Dana Miscia on Monday, November 28, 2011 at 10:15am

Thought I’d give you a summary of what went down yesterday.


1:10 out of water 1;11 clock time. Felt amazing, drafted off swimmers entire time, was never strong enough to do that before to the extent I did yesterday so proud of myself that I did that + met my goal time.


I was so xcited about the swim time that I had some cliff shot blocks + ran out without my bib # not realizing I had forgotten it until mile 5 on bike lol. Def rookie mistake!! Should of been a little faster in t1

Bike- 6:05

Started out more conservative + decided to progressively pick it up… Only now I’m left wondering if I ‘should have’ picked it up more the 1st loop. (Was 3 loops) the heat set in like crazy the last loop + was all out of fluids so I had to keep snatching the ice cold water bottles every 10miles they were handing out. Just missed my 6hr/sub 6 goal time was happy it was apx but would of been happier w 6 flat.


This is where it went down hill, as soon as I got off my bike I literally collapsed and they had to sit me down + pour water on me. It took me 15 mins to refuel, use bathroom etc to feel decent enough to run… I left t2 walking 1st few mins + then started my run. In tent I ate more shot blocks and salteen crackers.


If I didn’t have this dizzy spell, my legs + cardio endurance could of DEF brought me to a 350-4 hour marathon for sure, so it was the worst feeling to feel great 1 way, yet feel like ur gonna pass out if you pushed it. The entire 1st loop (8.5 miles apx) was brutal, I felt very sick/light headed… Not only that, the skys got real dark + when I left t2 there was a tropical downpour like u wouldn’t even believe, there were lakes in the street!!! However, I was thankful for that as I don’t know if I woulda made it through if the sun was pounded hot.

The 2nd loop I started drinking more gatorade but bc of the electrolytes had to use pj every few miles…+ the last loop was so-so as it was dark by then + just wanted to finish. Also tried to eat but all I could eat were bananas and gels as I was too natious to eat anything else. I sprinted into the finish and then fainted… I ended up in med tent w an iv… :/

Total time 12:10, 1 hour off predicted time, but considering the circumstances, happy I was a warrior that battled it out. :) I’m happy I finished, but I think I’m gonna stick to sprints + halfs… Idk if my body is meant for this! Lol However, after much thought, if I can race w a friend around same pace in an Iron man in future, +/or have a friend go w me to a wkd racing trip for support, I would so do it again as my friends mean the world and inspire me most. (opinions?)

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[JR: Suggest you go to her page on FACEBOOK and give her some applause. I can’t imagine ever doing this. It takes a special person to do it. (Crazy?) But it’s an impressive accomplishment.]

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