ENDNOTE: An amusing “theft” case that deserves a laugh


Man Accuses Ex-Girlfriend of Stealing Sperm, Making Twins

by Steven Ertelt | Houston, TX | LifeNews.com | 11/25/11 6:01 PM

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A new and unusual criminal case out of Houston, Texas highlights some of the problems with the fertility industry shown in a new video that is getting attention within pro-life circles.

In this case, a Texas man is upset his former girlfriend stole his sperm and used it to produce two twins via in-vitro fertilization without his permission. The man says he had no idea what happened until he received a receipt from the fertility clinic addressed to him.

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From the story:

“Actually, I couldn’t believe it could be done. I was very, very devastated. I couldn’t believe that this fertility clinic could actually do this without my consent, or without my even being there,” Pressil said, adding artificial insemination is against his religious beliefs.

Pressil’s ex-girlfriend sued for and was granted child support after blood tests confirmed he is the father.

“That’s a violation of myself, to what I believe in, to my religion, and just to my manhood,” Pressil said.

“It’s not what you’re thinking when you’re in a relationship,” said Jason Gibson, Pressil’s attorney. “That’s not what most people are thinking, that their partner is going to get a special condom, use that condom as soon as you’re done having sex, run off to the fertility clinic to go have an IVF procedure. That’s certainly not what my client was thinking,” Gibson said.

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[JR: Excuse me? “his religious beliefs” Now that’s a real thigh slapper. I’ll have to call on Key West Lou, my friend John D, Tax Defender, Richie F, and all the other Jasper lawyers to opine on this one. I imagine, that under cross examination of the complainant, the defense attorney might inquire as to the depth of those beliefs. Given that it was his obviously religious fervor that led to filing charges. Hmmm, having pre-marital sex with one’s GIRL FRIEND is OK religion-wise. How about that condom stuff? ROFL! I’d order, as they say on Law ‘n’ Order, 731 psych evals all around. Why would the woman want to have children with this “catch”? And, ewww, running around with a “special condom”. Used! Yuck!!! I’d expect this on Comedy Central. And, hey Esquire, (the guy’s lawyer) , we know exactly what your Client was thinking … … with his “little brain”. Guess the guy should have went to MC Biology class: “If you don’t dip your pen, you never have support problems.” Argh! To me, this is symptomatic of what’s wrong with “us” and a waste of the court time, better spent on corrupt politicians. About the only thing that would make this story funnier, would be if he was a politician. Please, make my day! I feel true sorrow for the twins in this case. One can only hope that they can over come a rough start. Certainly will make for interesting “family time” at the holidays.]

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2 responses to “ENDNOTE: An amusing “theft” case that deserves a laugh

  1. Sorry I missed this one John. I could have used the laugh a couple of days ago. It is a Ding Dong world. I suppose that masturbating isn’t OK but schtumpfing is. Or…wait a second I have to go back to my formal logic course to figure this thing out. And since I pulled a “D” in that I never will.


  2. And the paper says it’s a criminal case? The woman is charged with??? B&E and Burglary?