ENDNOTE: “Wrong” Twin killed


Hospital Kills “Wrong” Twin in Abortion, Both Babies Now Dead
by Steven Ertelt | Melbourne, Australia | LifeNews.com | 11/23/11 6:28 PM

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A hospital in Australia making news for having killed the “wrong” twin in an abortion of a healthy unborn child when the mother of the babies wanted an abortion on her child who doctors said had little chance to live. Now, both babies are dead.

The Herald Sun newspaper reports that the unnamed woman from Victoria had already named her unborn children when doctors told her one of the unborn babies had a congenital heart defect that would requires years of operations, assuming the baby survived long enough to have them. The mother decided to have an abortion, terminating the life of one of her unborn children and allowing the other baby to live.

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[JR: This is a tragedy in thinking. The meme is all wrong. By trying “to play God”, everyone involved is responsible for this disaster in miniature. And, while the best “medical minds” may have presumed that the “sick” twin would have all these troubles, how can they be sure? And, that ignores the possibilities of medical progress in knowledge, new technology, someone with better skills, someone with a novel approach, new drugs, or even just an old-fashioned miracle. And, so what if the “sick” twin has a shortened lifespan, even if it’s just a day. Are we judged by how we treat everyone on this life boat called “Earth”. To the best of our ability! Makes the moral choices much easier. And, “accidents” like this aren’t as likely. Seems an appropriate rant for Christmas Eve. Dona Nobis Pacem!]

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