POSITRACTION: Community comes together for disabled Marine


The Good Sheppard is Healing Our Heroes’ Homes

“Seldom do we hear stories of people who give.  We always hear stories about people who take.  Meet the good Sheppard and learn something.” 
by Ken Smith

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I got an email from someone who knew someone who knew something that they thought might be important to me.  ”You wantta hear a story about how a combat wounded, disabled Marine in California had repairs done to his house by a group of 50 college students he asked?”    Sure I said, what’s the story?   Read the email I am about to send to you.

50 San Diego Students Volunteer 24 Hours of Labor to Renovate the Home of Purple Heart Marine Veteran for Embrace H3 Nonprofit Program on December 10th

Over $30,000 worth of labor and donated or purchased materials went into the restoration of disabled Marine Sgt. Jason Swofford’s Oceanside home

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[JR: Why don’t these stores get more coverage. As opposed to the politicians and bureaucrats who “support the troops”? A good deed is its own reward. ]

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