JFOUND: Fraser, Jessica [MC2000] a four-year point guard mentioned


2/7/2012 6:03:30 PM

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With the airborne puck located behind Ferriero and Lupul in varying degrees they both had to twist and reach back to catch the puck. From this posture, with their skates already in motion and as they continued to move, it was a natural motion and reaction to twist forward and drop the puck to the ice onto their stick.

It would take a Michael Jordan manoeuver to bring the puck from behind the back or through their legs which would also involve a closing of the hand on the puck. As a matter of fact my daughter Jessica, a four-year point guard at Manhattan College in N.Y. could dribble two basketballs at one time, bringing both behind her back and through her legs. She of course wasn’t wearing hockey gloves at the time! Travelling in the modern game of basketball is pretty much non-existent as well.

What I’m suggesting here is that neither Ferriero nor Lupul could catch the puck and drop (or “place” it as the rule states) behind them nor would it be reasonable to expect that any player would do so.

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?Fraser?, ?Jessica? [MC????]

[JR: Could NOT quickly find any such person? Maybe a different last name or it was a while ago. Have to rely on others to fix this. But I did love the “traveling non-existent” comment. So true. Especially in the Pros. Bball was a game of style and grace. Now it’s push and shove. Mens and womens. All about offense to make an “exciting product” for the consumer. Never forget it’s all about money! Argh!!!]

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Dear John,

I find a Jessica Fraser listed in the Class of 2000.


McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

[JR: Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated.]

Fraser, Jessica [MC2000]

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