ENDNOTE: Big Gooferment’s cheerleaders


Media Go to Bat for Abortion Giant, Ignore Catholics vs. Obama Controversy
Study: 76% of Sound Bites Favored Planned Parenthood Over Komen
By: Matthew Balan
Friday, February 03, 2012 6:35 PM EST

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When the Susan G. Komen Foundation, the U.S.’s largest breast cancer charity, announced on February 1 that it would no longer be donating to Planned Parenthood, the Big Three networks — ABC, CBS, NBC — rushed to the defense of the left-wing organization, which is the largest abortion conglomerate in the United States. Over the course of about 60 hours, ABC, CBS, and NBC emphasized the controversy with a whopping 13 morning and evening news stories. The soundbite count was loaded: 76 percent of the quotes came from supporters of Planned Parenthood (35 in total). Only 11 clips or statements came from Komen representatives or new allies.

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On ABC’s World News on February 2, Shipman concluded that the apparent outrage at the breast cancer charity “shows the passion in this country among women on the issue of women’s health care- access to services. I think we’re going to hear a lot more of that over this campaign year.”

In their coverage of the Komen vs. Planned Parenthood dispute, the Big Three clearly showed that they were willing to rush to the defense of the abortion giant over a few hundred thousands dollars in grant money. But when the Obama administration handed down a policy that clearly violates the consciences and the religious beliefs of Catholic institutions across the country, the networks barely raised a peep.



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There are two take aways imho from this.

* The Main Stream Media is the propaganda arm of the “Secular Progressives”. So, watch for the bias incoming.


* Pro-life is NEVER going to get fair treatment in the media or in the Democratic Party. Find a D who’s pro-life?

So regardless of where you come down on the issue, almost any issue, you should be concerned by the polarization and the fight for control of “the levers of government”.

Remember FDR and the Amendment to limit Presidential terms? The R’s pushed it to keep from ever getting another four term D. Guess who was the first Prez term-limited? You, an R! Ike.

So, even if “your side” has the controls now, you should be ABSOLUTELY opposed to increasing the power of the Gooferment. Why you ask? Because “your side” is not always going to be in control. DO you really want the “other side” to have the power. Whatever that power is.

The Dead Old White Guys were fearful of Gooferment, having just fought a revolution, having too much power. Have we forgotten it.

Kill anyone, even American citizens, without due process, to “fight the war on terror”? Don’t be surprised if that’s turned on you someday. Can’t happen here? Remember the Japanese America Internment, Waco, Ruby Ridge, the Philadelpia AIM fire?


Fight the duopoly on EVERYTHING they want to do. Because eventually it’ll be done to you.

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