ENDNOTE: Coddling politicians has to stop


February 22, 2012The Coming Age of the Laity
by Christopher Manion

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Well, that is going to end.

Why? Because for years the USCCB has coddled the Democrats who are now our most hostile enemies in this war. Obama, Biden, Pelosi, and company will not care a whit that we cheered them on with partisan pastorals on racism, economic justice, and amnesty, while we pulled our punches on homosexuality, reception of the Eucharist, and ObamaCare. Laymen understand what bishops apparently don’t: politicians have allowed us to play in their taxpayer-funded trough because we have played by their rules. To put it bluntly, politics is tit for tat. Our former pals are not going to continue scratching our back if we punch them in the nose.

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[JR: I don’t think that the R’s are any better than the D’s. But it seems that there are a lot of CINOs with a D label. “Secular Progressives” preaching “Social Justice”! Think that the Church Leadership is ready to say “no” to the Gooferment? It’s going to be messy. Will a Catholic Hospital just shut its doors? Not sell out. Not allow the Gooferment to take it over. Just close. Make a fight! First Amendment, Fifth Amendment, Fourth, Tenth. Any? What “hill” will Holy Mother Church “die on”. And, how many of us will be there with her? May be surprising. Have we reached the breaking point?]

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