POSITRACTION: Broken necklace on live UK TV


The most funniest moments are those that you are not allowed to laugh!

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[JR: I find these “bloopers” funny. You really have to develop the ability to laugh at yourself. Whatever minimal capacity I have to do that, I developed from my “ego reducing” partner. She had that ability to laugh at herself. And, me. Of course, as she would save, I gave her so much material to work with. I got even; I wrote a book about her for the family and told all her secrets. Almost all. Have a few left for the next version. But back to the video, and it went viral on the inet. She got through the script before she got the giggles. I’m sure that she became the “butt” of a lot of jokes. But it was funny. I’m sure my fellow alums partake of a much higher level of humor. But then I’m just a fat old white guy injineer and have a lower standard. Have a laff at me, with me, or for me.]

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