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What if American Catholic hospitals close?
March 02, 2012

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If Catholic hospitals close their doors because of the Obama contraception mandate, could the public sector absorb the cost of substituting for those medical services? The Fiscal Times examines that question.

The Catholic Church administers roughly one-eighth of all American hospitals and serve roughly one-sixth of the patients, running up total expenses close to $100 billion. The Catholic institutions serve a disproportionate number of needy patients.

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These sobering statistics, the Fiscal Times analysis notes, do not account for Catholic institutions other than hospitals: nursing homes, clinics, infirmaries, and other facilities that provide health care.

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Sorry to say, but if Holy Mother Church is going to be force to perjure its beliefs, them She has no choice but to withdraw.

To do less will allow the gutting of the First Amendment.

Once again The Church has to protect the peasants.

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