MNEWS: Apel, Marge (MCstaff) seeks Hastings Board seat

11 hours ago
Former Trustee Seeks Election to Hastings Board
by Redmond Zmudzien

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HASTINGS-ON-HUDSON, N.Y. – Marge Apel will be seeking re-election to the board of trustees in Tuesday’s election, having served on the board for six years. However, Apel has not served since 2007.

The 66-year-old was nominated by the Hastings Democrats in January and will be running unopposed along with Nicola Armacost for the two open seats on the board.

“I have the experience, I’ve been on the board for six years,” Apel said.  “I know the issues, I was instrumental in getting the Comprehensive Plan put through.  That was my big push in those days and my desire now is to implement it.”
Apel, who has lived in Hastings since 1979, works as the director of career development at Manhattan College and said she is looking to return to the board to offer a voice familiar with the issues.

“I think having the background and knowing what we went through is vitally important because we went through a lot of changes in how we dealt with the planning and the zoning board in those days and how we deal with the developers,” she said.  “Now those plans are in place and knowing the background of that property is going to be very, very helpful.”

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Apel, Marge (MCstaff)

[JR: The “jobs lady” is a help to students and alums; I’d vote for her. But unopposed, it’s a formality. Even token opposition would make everyone better.]

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