POSITRACTION: Olympian aged 71


Japanese man qualifies to compete at London 2012 aged 71
• Hiroshi Hoketsu to break record as Japan’s oldest Olympian
• Oldest ever Olympian was 72-year-old Swedish marksman
by Gregg Roughley    guardian.co.uk, Tuesday 6 March 2012 05.23 EST

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A 70-year-old man has qualified for a place in Japan’s Olympic equestrian team. Hiroshi Hoketsu earned qualification after finishing in first place of the International Equestrian Federation’s Asia-Oceania dressage rankings.

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The oldest Olympian in history was the Swedish marksman Oscar Swahn, who won a silver shooting medal 88 years ago during the 1920 Olympics in Antwerp. He was 72 years and 10 months old.

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[JR: As we ALL get older, here in the USA we keep children in “school” till they’re in the 20’s and we force the old into retirement way too early. We have to get out of this stupidity. Oscar Swahn and Hiroshi Hoketsu should be the exemplars. The value of our elder “Human Resources”; way too valuable to be shoved aside. Financially we have to align the Social Security Retirement Age with the longer life expectancies. So we better get over “age discrimination” on both ends of the spectrum. I’m sure all my fellow alums are wearing out; rather than rusting out. So hopefully I, and the USA, can follow their fine examples. As well as Olympian Hiroshi. A hero of humanity. Hope he wins!]

[p.s.: Happy Annunciation Day. My first grammar school. The Good Nuns said this was a special day for us little kids. And we should remember it.]

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