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Manhattan College Launches New Lecture Series on Women and Religion
Posted on March 30, 2012

In honor of Judith Plaskow, Ph.D., professor of religious studies and a revolutionary scholar, Manhattan College is introducing the Judith Plaskow Lecture on Women and Religion on Wednesday, April 25 at 4 p.m. The lecture series will invite scholar-theologian experts to speak on religion and gender, religion and multiculturalism, and religion and globalization.

“This series recognizes Judith’s groundbreaking work in feminist theology, specifically Jewish feminism, and will continue the legacy she infused in her classes at Manhattan for more than 30 years,” said Michele Saracino, Ph.D., associate professor of religious studies.

Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza, Ph.D., Krister Stendahl Professor of Divinity at Harvard Divinity School, will commence the inaugural lecture with her vast knowledge of biblical interpretation and feminist theology. The title of her lecture is Prejudice and Christian Beginnings.

As past president of the Society of Biblical Literature, and co-founder and co-editor of the Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion for 27 years, Schüssler Fiorenza is an internationally acclaimed scholar, professor and author. In addition to her most recent publication, Transforming Vision: Explorations in Feminist The*logy, she is the author of many articles and books, including In Memory of Her (translated into 13 languages); Bread Not Stone; Discipleship of Equals; But She Said; Jesus: Miriam’s Child; Sophia’s Prophet; Sharing Her Word; Jesus and the Politics of Interpretation; Wisdom’s Ways; The Power of the Word; and Democratizing Biblical Studies.

Along with Schüssler Fiorenza, Plaskow co-founded the Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion, and is currently co-editor with Melanie Johnson-DuBaufre, and is also the past president of the American Academy of Religion. Since she first started her career in academia, Plaskow’s writing and research have focused on feminist theology.

Her book, Standing Again at Sinai: Judaism from a Feminist Perspective, has evolved into a Jewish feminist classic since it was published in 1990. Plaskow also co-edited the anthologies Womanspirit Rising: A Feminist Reader in Religion and Weaving the Visions: New Patterns in Feminist Spirituality with Carol P. Christ, and both publications on feminist theology are frequently used in women’s studies and religious studies courses. The Coming of Lilith: Essays on Feminism, Judaism, and Sexual Ethics 1972-2003, a collection of her essays, was released in 2005.

The Judith Plaskow Lecture on Women and Religion is open to the public and will be held on campus in the Alumni Room of O’Malley Library at 4 p.m.

For more information about the lecture, please contact Dr. Michele Saracino by email at michele.saracino@manhattan.edu or phone (718) 862-7412.

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Plaskow, Judith [MCfaculty]

[JR: OK, this fat old white guy injineer chokes on feminist theology, Jewish feminism, and feminist studies. But on the off chance that there are things in this Universe that I don’t understand, I’ll stipulate that study of these have merit. And, anything, that puts Alma Mater in the forefront of wisdom, is outstanding. And, anyone, who labors faithfully and productively in the Lord’s vineyard, for thirty years deserves praise. So for these reasons, the MC community should honor this “Jasper maker”. What better honor than to “pack the joint”. Even if it’s just with future fat old white guy injineers! ]

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