ENDNOTE: Williams, Harry Roger III [MC1970] urges library support; CIC not!


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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Who Needs Libraries? We All Do!

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I was at the world premier of this wonderful video at the Massachusetts State House this morning as part of Library Legislative Day. Enjoy.

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Williams, Harry Roger III [MC1970]



POLITICAL: Too many parks; Socialism’s economic calculation problem

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Only at the very grossest level can we opine on government spending. Suppose that a park was a “for profit” operation, like Disney World, and it had to carry its costs. This is the specific argument that I have with the South Brunswick “Public Library”. They take money from property taxes and “fund raising” that they do. People in and around South Brunswick didn’t support a movie theater; it went out of business. How can the “Public Library” go out of business? It can’t. The State Gooferment “legislates” that there be one for every Municipal Gooferment. It’s politics; not economics.

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[JR: Do we need “libraries”? Absolutely! Should they be funded by taxes extracted at the point of a gun?  Absolutely not! The South Brunswock library is beautiful. Well used. Some what innovative. And, mostly funded by extortion of the property owners in South Brunswick. It’s fiscally irresponsible. And, there’s not a thing that this taxpayer can do about it, but use an get some value out of my stolen wealth. When the people didn’t support that movie theater, it folded and it’s now a drug store. That’s the invisible hand of the free market giving consumers what they want. At a cost they are willing to pay. So shouldn’t the library be the equivalent of Gold’s Gym for minds? Rise and fall on how well it serve the consumer in a free market. Argh! Sheeple!!! ]

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