POSITRACTION: The sad history of the decline of the family and the manly man


A History of the American Bachelor: Part III — The 20th and 21st Century
by Brett & Kate McKay on April 18, 2012

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During both World Wars, the United States used conscription and relied primarily on bachelors to quickly raise their troop levels. While both single and married men were required to register for the draft, married men with dependents were sometimes given deferments, while single men shipped out.

Before heading off to war, young GIs often decided to tie the knot with their girlfriends, ensuring they’d have love and support from the home front and someone to look forward to coming back to. Once the war was over, the men who returned still single had had their fill of violence, deprivation, and living in an all-male environment, and were more than ready to trade their ditches and cots for the tranquility and domestic comforts of hearth and home, along with the touch (and delicious meatloaf) of a woman.

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Today’s young bachelor often doesn’t have that same understanding nor the societal expectations of his predecessors. He also rarely has a group of positive, older male mentors to help balance his masculine desires to act out with some wisdom on how to segue into approaching life more maturely. Diminished expectations towards young, single men, coupled with a more crude, and in many ways less mature notion of masculinity, has resulted in a new, lowest common denominator idea of the bachelor: The Bro.

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Trends indicate that both men and women are marrying less. Only 51% of the adult population today is married. Most experts expect single folks to outnumber marrieds in the next few years–the first time that has happened in America’s history. While co-habitation without marriage has increased over 1500% since the 1960s, according to the Pew Research Center, the number of people choosing the single life (people not forming long-term relationships) has been increasing in the past 10 years as well.

There’s also an interesting trend taking place once you parse the general numbers further. While the percentage of people marrying has fallen for all socioeconomic groups, the decline has been much steeper for the poor and working classes. For college-educated, white collar people, the marriage rate has only declined 11% since 1960; in that same period, the marriage rate for blue collar workers without a college education declined 36%. The divorce rate among the college-educated is much less than the general population as well–just 11%. Thus it is possible that marriage will come to be seen as sort of a privilege and status symbol for the upper classes, which might make endless bachelorhood less sexy–something associated with being lower class.

At any rate, with America’s shifting attitudes towards marriage and the sub-optimal economic conditions in the United States right now,  bachelorhood will probably extend further into a man’s adult life for the foreseeable future.

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Very interesting.

Culturally, the Wars (continual) are a contra-survival for the species as the “strongest” males (i.e., “warriors”) are taken out for the gene pool and the “defectives” (i.e., non-warior losers like criminals, welfare recipients, and drug addicts) are encouraged to breed. Add to that the “sexual revolution” that deceives men, as well as women, into random casual sex as opposed to creating families, which are essential to the survival of the species. And, you have a formula for the death of the human race.

Maybe the fellow in the funny white hat calling this a “culture of death” isn’t such a wack a do?

Throw in the insane “(pseudo) War on (some) Drugs” and homosexuality! You’ve got a mix for the decline of the species.

Finally put everyone on the dole to get “free lunch” with train out any natural ability to survive. (Example, Katrina floods and people died waiting for rescue when their forefathers would have just made their own way. Example, decades after the flood, people are still living in temporary, substandard, or even destroyed housing, waiting for outside “help”.)

It’s insane and reflected in the birth rate falling below the replacement rate in most “First World” countries.

I’m sure my fellow alums can see the way out of this. A return to morality and ethics. Reward achievement and eliminate the dole for the able bodied. But, I can’t see how it happens. Hope I’m wrong. I’m sure I’m wrong. Usually, humans ALWAYS find away. That’s why dictators fail and there are drugs in prisons.

Dona Nobis Pacem.

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