JEMAIL: Nicholas, Douglas (MC1964) wants FACEBOOK likes

Hi John,

Something Red’s pub date is September 18, 2012. Since it was picked up by Simon and Schuster early in 2011, Theresa says it’s like elephant gestation: close to two years. Or like Zeno’s arrow….

Anyway, I’d like to ask any of the Manhattan family who are on Facebook–which among those graduating this millennium is probably everybody–to motivate over to my author page and hit the “Like” button. It’ll make my publishers very happy, and myself as well. Here’s the link:


Best to all,

Arts ’64

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Nicholas, Douglas (MC1964)

[JR: Happy to do it. And, spread the word. Having done an ego project and self-pub-ed it, I know a little but of the torture you’re going through. You’ve got one sale here. Send JJ’s the link when it goes live. Good luck!]

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