POSITRACTION: Georgetown invited Sebelius


An email from “CatholicVote.org”

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Catholic Georgetown University announced late Friday that they have selected Kathleen Sebelius as the commencement speaker for their Public Policy Institute graduation awards 6ceremony scheduled for May 18.

Tell Georgetown: Stop dividing the Church!

Yes, that Kathleen Sebelius — the current Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services and the face of the new HHS mandate forcing all employers, including Catholic hospitals and schools, to provide free coverage for birth control, sterilization, and abortion-inducing drugs.

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Well, this is a positive reason to be inspired to take action.

Regardless of where you fall on the pro-life pro-choice spectrum, the “brand” Catholic is in trouble.

There is confusion in the marketplace of ideas as to what it means to be “catholic”. This is outside the “I’m a sinner” debate. We all, especially me, are admonished that we can do better. Let he who is without … This is deliberately thumbing the nose at Holy Mother Church.

Now, you may think that Islam is over the top with violence over sectarian issues. But, in a way, I can understand their passion.

SO what are you, my fellow alums, going to DO.

It’s all about what motivates action.

I once heard in Theology class from you know who, that even a “bad example” is in God’s Plan because it motivates us to do good better. Yeah, I got a D so maybe I didn’t understand. Maybe I still don’t.

But do you?

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One response to “POSITRACTION: Georgetown invited Sebelius

  1. You pose an interesting question: “is the Catholic brand in trouble?” In a sense, the HHS Mandate is a godsend. It united our Bishops. It has rank and file Catholics talking. At my morning Catechism and Coffee group, we spent a half hour talking about it. The “Catholic brand” keeps getting tarnished by us Catholics. I think, though, that the HHS issue is leading to a stronger Catholic core. What do you think?