JOBIT: Pierro, Annmarie Sofo [MC1996 RIP]

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Good Evening,

Michelle Colamartino ’98 has informed Tom McCarthy of the death of fellow Jasper, Annmarie Pierro (Nee, Sofa ’96). Annmarie died, Friday, in Riverview Medical Center, Red Bank, N.J. Surviving are her Husband of 15 years, Paul A. Pierro, their four Sons Anthony, Jonathan, Reese & Jake, her Mother Phyllis, her Father Anthony, her Brother Anthony Sofa ’01, and her Sister Melissa Johnson.

Speaking for the Family, Annmarie’s Mother, Phyllis said of Annmarie; ” Annmarie’s love for her family gave her strength. She unknowingly taught us an important lesson. The challenges she faced never altered her compassion for others. She lived life to its’ fullest for her family and she nurtured them with special loving qualities. Her boys are her treasures. Annmarie’s smile will live in our hearts forever.”

Annmarie was most recently Director, Learning Tree Pre-School, Red Bank, N.J., a position she held since 2006. She taught in the City School System for some time as well as at Learning Tree before taking over as Director. She was well respected for leading Symposiums regarding the needs of children and teachers.

Annmarie was a parishioner at St. Leo The Great Roman Catholic Church, Lincroft, N.J.

The Funeral will be Tuesday, 5/15/12 from:

Evergreen Memorial Funeral Home
Middletown, N.J.

Mass At: 11:00 AM
St. Clare’s Roman Catholic Church
Great Kills, N.J.

Please keep Annmarie and her family in your prayers during this very difficult time. She is in God’s Embrace in the Kingdom of Heaven but will be greatly missed by her family.

Thank you. God Bless.

Phil Colon


Pierro, Annmarie Sofa [MC1996 RIP]


[JR: This makes me sad. 38! Are you kidding me? With so many “bad people”, politicians, dictators, and such available for “reassignment”, makes me sad. And around Mother’s Day. All I can say is “Dona Nobis Pacem”.   ]

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[JR: Reported on SILIVE dot com. Still makes me sad.]

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[JR: I’ve been corrected. Her maiden name was Sofo. The SILIVE story has it right. The original email had a typo and I picked it up and ran with it. I’m truly sorry. I’ll try to be more careful in the future. Thanks, Anthony for the comment.]

Pierro, Annmarie Sofo [MC1996 RIP]

[JR: The story still makes me sad. Brings back the passing of my own wife, who was much older. I know how the death of her Mom at a relatively young age affected her. I pray for the family that they can survive this sadness. It’s a tight road. But, we’re left with few choices. Other than to make the best of a bad situation, what else can one do.]

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  1. Just a correction, her maiden name is Sofo.