ADMINISTRIVIA: Help wanted — Intern / Facebook Researcher

[JR: Maybe I’ve been going about this the wrong way? Instead of looking for a successor, I should build a a group of volunteers, like McEneney, Mike (MC1953), who each do a fun part of the job. With very limited duties and time commitment, alums would be more likely to take on a small task. Then, with fifty or so volunteers, CICing wouldn’t seem like an enormous burden. Comments? ]

Here’s the first sub-task.

*** begin quote ***

Intern / Facebook Researcher 

Help Wanted
No pay internship
Virtual work location 
Estimated 1 hour per day / perhaps 7 days per week
Duration: July 1 to December 31, 2012  


— Interesting challenge in Social Media / Facebook

— Build your personal network while reporting on your fellow Jasper alums

— Explore new avenues of “marketing” on Facebook


* Working virtually, under the supervision of the Collector In Chief (i.e., Publisher, Editor, Writer, Director), you will identify our fellow Jaspers, engage with them, and report news about them.

* Explore new Facebook capabilities (e.g., birthdays), Google search techniques (e.g., “, and other inet tools to identify Jaspers.

* Collect, compose, comment on, and submit one Jasper “finding” daily. Can be “front loaded” ahead of time.


* Build skills and confidence under the leadership of a fat old white guy injineer with a lot of dikw (i.e., data, information, knowledge, wisdom) that you can “absorb”.

* Gain visibility amoung your fellow Jasper alums that can lead to an extensive network and some modest recognizability.

* Get a reference from a well-connected below alum that can be used personally and professionally.


* Inet access and appropriate platform

* Ability to work self-directed

* Ability to meet deadlines

* Probably only of interest to a Jasper alum

*** end quote ***

[JR: How does that sound? Not too intimidating? Easy to suck someone in? I’m desperate to try anything to make this outlive me! Argh!]

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