JNEWS: Brunetti, Alexandra [MC????] a SoulCyclist (Whatever that is?)


Got To Get You Into My Life
Thu, Oct 18, 2012
By Roxy Kirshenbaum

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Exercise is work. It’s supposed to be uncomfortable and most people would rather take a nap instead. SoulCycle is exercise in disguise. It takes an aggressive form of exercise and makes it fun. Turning a difficult workout into an enjoyable experience can be a great motivating tool, but for some it can be a problem.

Indoor cycling, otherwise known as spinning, has been around since the early 90s, but in 2006 a spinning company called SoulCycle entered the workout scene. Picture a dark room lit with candles and 50-plus stationary bicycles packed closely together, full of people you see so often it feels like a club. The doors are closed. Upbeat music blasts over the surround sound speakers. Riders aren’t just spinning; they are pedaling on beat almost as if they were dancing.

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SoulCycle is meant to be an all-encompassing experience. Alexandra Brunetti, 19, a student at Manhattan College spins six times a week. The fervent SoulCyclist says it frees her mind and when the instructor gives motivational speeches it applies to more than just the bike.

“I remember the last song (during my last class) was ‘Fix You’ by Coldplay. The instructor made us close our eyes and ride at our own pace,” she says. “When we were at the top of the third hill, it wasn’t about the bike anymore, she talked about what we wanted to be on and off the bike,” Brunetti says.

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Brunetti, Alexandra [MC????]

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