ENDNOTE: Alaska develops agriculture; too little, too late?


October 24, 2012 · 9:57 am
Homegrown revolution — Gardeners expand to tackle Alaska’s food insecurity
By Jenny Neyman Redoubt Reporter

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Here’s something to chew on with your breakfast: The eggs for that omelet you’re eating — or the milk in your cereal, the meat in your sausage, the honey in your tea, the jam on your toast — probably wasn’t produced in Alaska. But half a century ago, it probably was.

The factors contributing to this fact are many, and about as complicated as making a soufflé in an Easy-Bake Oven with no electricity at the 17,200-foot camp on Denali’s west buttress.

Convenience, cost, and consumer demand related to those, are big parts of the equation. It’s also a product of changes in globalization, infrastructure, transportation, supply chains, the increase in corporations and conglomerations vs. privately owned businesses, marketing strategies, subsidies, technologies and growing conditions. It doesn’t break down into an easy recipe, with one part of this to two parts of that, or three tablespoons of this whisked into four cups of that.

The result, however, is quantifiable: In 1955, 55 percent of the food consumed in Alaska was produced in Alaska. Today, a mere 5 percent of the food Alaskans eat is produced in Alaska.

And that, say experts concerned with the health, stability and economy of Alaska, is as bitter a problem as mistaking salt for sugar.

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You have to recognize that the people are recognizing their mistakes.

Gooferment interference in markets is the reason that Africa starves.

Alaska could be in the same boat.

And, why is it part of the “United” States anyway?

Hopefully, as the decline of the USA proceeds, the people in Alaska will get even more capable.

We all should!

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