POSITRACTION: The “catholic” vote didn’t show up

According to the news, the “catholic” (and I deliberately use the little c) didn’t show up for the election.

In 2008, the “catholic” vote went 53-47 for BHO44.

In 2012, the “catholic” vote went 51-46 for BHO44.

This is in spite off the Obamacare intrusion on our First Amendment religious freedom. And, an unprecedented USA-wide pastoral letter the Sunday before the election. Also, don’t forget, “pro-life” issues.

So when the “catholic” states of Pennsylvania and Maryland not only don’t show up and go the “wrong way”, one has to look very hard for anything positive.

Until Holy Mother Church takes “justice” seriously, the cause is lost.

* CINO politicians must be disciplined.

*  Dramatic actions, like shut downs, must be the response to tyranny.

* All “catholics” must have a hard personal review of what they really believe.

That may be a positive message.

“Christmas” “catholics” are not the problem. Those that give public scandal, like the CINO politicians, are.



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