POSITRACTION: Start a Catholic Home School movement?


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My mind understands why Catholic schools need to consolidate. My heart hurts though.
Archdiocese of New York – Press Releases – Local Boards and Reconfiguration Committees Make Prelimin

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Holy Mother Church lost this battle decades ago when they didn’t vigorously oppose the whole concept of the Government running “skrules”.

From that point on, it was a losing battle for the hearts and minds of the young. Eventually, it will kill the Church.    

The only trend to reverse it, — put your seatbelt on — is homeschooling. If parents wrest back the battle for the hearts, minds, and spirits of their precious gifts from God from the “Secular Progressive” Gooferment Skrules then maybe, just maybe, the Church and America as we know it can survive. The Prussian Model of education brought to the USA from Germany by Horace Mann was designed to produce: good cannon fodder for the army, willing factory workers, and useful idiots who can be controlled by the elite. Want proof? Where do politicians send their children to school? Catholic schools can NOT complete with the Government’s “free education”. Any wonder that the Gooferment Skrules teach the worship of the Gooferment? Argh!

So what does it take to get those who still call themselves “Catholic” and act that way — not the CINO politicians; nor the 48% of “catholics” who voted for Obama — to start a Catholic Home School movement?

Will it be hard?


Can it work?

Absolutely! Look at the Homeschoolers. Mostly fundamentalist Christians, who are portrayed by the media as loons. 

Do we have the capability of picking up this relatively minor Cross?

Suffer the little children to come unto me.

(From the fellow with no kids!)

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