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November 23, 2012
The Church Lost the Marriage Debate Decades Ago: It’s Time To Get Out of the Game
Posted by Ryan W. McMaken on November 23, 2012 02:48 PM

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Another reason to give up on the civil marriage game is to recognize that the American bishops actually threw in the towel on this decades ago when they made peace with no-fault divorce. According to Catholic theology, unless the marriage started out as unlawful (i.e., is incestuous or invalid for another reason) marriage does not end until one of the parties dies. Case closed. No exceptions. It says this in numerous places in the New Testament. Yet, the American bishops recognize the state’s alleged prerogative to define a “marriage” as a union between divorced people. This violates what the Church has always taught. So, why is a fake and adulterous marriage (as defined by Catholic theology) acceptable as long as it’s between a man and a woman? Yet, a fake and adulterous marriage is not acceptable if between a man and a man? Apparently, the state can recognize that a man who has been divorced 5 times is “married” if the state says so. And the bishops have no problem with this.

None of these situations is morally acceptable for Catholics of course, and never have been, but the American bishops abandoned their political consistency on this in the 60s when no-fault divorce was accepted because the bishops were either too eager to compromise or too asleep at the switch to take a stand back then. So, you’ll forgive the public for not noticing when the American bishops recently decided that “oh, this time, on gay marriage, we’re going to stick to our guns.”

It’s time to cut the cord. Let’s swallow our pride and say that we’ve been wrong about marriage ever since that day centuries ago when we started allowing civil authorities to decide who was married and who was not. It’s time to say that all civil law about marriage is null and void, and that we don’t care what the government has to say about it. Divorced people aren’t “married” any more than gay people are. If other private individuals wish to define matters differently, they can have marriages in their own churches or living rooms or where ever, and the state should be removed from it just as the state should be removed from the activities all consenting adults.

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[JR: Interesting when secular conservative writers have insights into the Catholic Church. When they are spot on, then it’s even better. Whule it may not make a big difference at this point, seems like a start to deny performing a “state marriage” in Church. Should take down the American flag as well. If the State / King is not going to recognize the First Amendment, then it’s time to fight. Excommunicating all the CINO politicians would be a good start. Closing the Catholic hospitals is not “unimaginable” either.]

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