POSITRACTION: The Odd Couple’s Jack Klugman


PHARMA & HEALTHCARE | 12/25/2012 @ 1:06PM |6,820 views
How The Odd Couple’s Jack Klugman Helped Create The Biotech Industry
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Jack Klugman, the actor famous as Oscar from “The Odd Couple” and the crusading medical examiner from the socially conscious “Quincy, M.E.,” died on Christmas Eve, according to The New York Times. He was 90. It’s no exaggeration to say that in the latter role he forever changed the drug business and helped set the stage for the biotechnology industry that was just then emerging.

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Now as a little L libertarian, I don’t think that actors testifying to Congress is something to be celebrated. 

It’s a flawed system. Recognizing that, using one’s platform for good, is a big positive.

Now I knew about this, but how many people did?

Not all our accomplishments will ever be known by others, but aren’t we taught to do “charity in secret”?

(On a personal note, I was sorry to read of his passing. Certain friends and relatives think I modeled myself after him. Minus the cigar, they might be right. I’m a slob at heart. But, then I know my flaws. Oink, oink, oink.)

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