POSITRACTION: Fighting poverty?


Writing in The Washington Post, Bishop Jaime Soto of Sacramento says that “Catholics must remind themselves and the world of the importance of fighting poverty.”

He begins:

Imagine the recent debate over the “fiscal cliff,” which found Democrats and Republicans alike obsessing over whose tax rates—people earning more than $250,000? $400,000?—might go up, and how different the debate might have been if the same attention had gone to the other end of the income spectrum. What if our leaders had focused on the lives of the millions who live in poverty and stand on the brink of despair? What if they had talked about the working poor and the tax credits that are vital to lifting millions out of poverty? What if keeping families together and saving mothers and children from the abortion cliff had been on the top of their agenda?

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I guess I’m really a fat old white guy injineer at heart, because to me “fighting poverty” means improving the lives of the poor by giving them effective ways out of poverty. Maybe it’s un-Christian or un-Catholic, but I want to succor those who have no options but not trap those capable of escaping poverty in the mire of de-motivating Gooferment “programs”. Those programs do nothing but create the modern day “slave plantation” for poor of all races. A woman who runs HomeFront in Mercer County NJ described the NJ Welfare program as “a trap to condemn poor women and their children to a life of perpetual poverty”. Her program, and it’s really “hers”, moves the needy from the grasp of the welfare bureaucrats by giving them the support need to pull themselves out. She’s a fighter and coach who puts the fight back into people that have been trained to be dependent.

I think that the irresponsible fiscal policy of the Gooferment is making us all poor. Giving the Government more money to do bad things is the wrong answer. Not only do they waste it and make war with it, they take it from the People who can use it for true charity.

Holy Mother Church has lost so many battles against the “King” (i.e., Secular Progressive Gooferment) I wonder if She, and we, can recover.

If I had to pick the battles — education, honest money, and the return of “charity” to Holy Mother Church and other such private organizations — that need to be fought and won to restore America and the American Spirit.

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