JHQ: Path covered and blue lights



Path to LEO and RLC Will Remain Open with Enhanced Security


For our students traveling between the north and south campuses, protective sidewalk sheds have been erected along Waldo Avenue and Irwin Avenue adjoining the project site. 
 A protective sidewalk shed covers the path to Leo Engineering and RLC. 

The pedestrian path will remain open 24/7 for the duration of construction on the student commons, except for brief periods when closures are necessary. The community will be notified about any closures.

An emergency blue light station has been installed and is operational at about the midway point of the path. 
The path is fully lit and security cameras will be installed to provide live images to the main entrance Public Safety booth. In the interim, Public Safety officers will patrol the path on weekdays from 8 a.m. until shortly after evening classes end. 

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[JR: Sure when I froze my a double q off humping up and down that @#$% hill in the dead of winter or the lazing hot sun, no one did squat. But let a little construction debris fall on one of “the precious”, they get protection. What no heaters or a moving sidewalk? In the bad snow, I remember running my scout up there between classes cause I was the only truck at the time capable of parking on the snow drifts. Was rather funny. The only time I didn’t have to fight for a parking space. That mountain was all mine! Argh!!! Funny the stuff that still ticks me off. How about a shuttle service?]

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