POSITRACTION: He handed Liam over and drove away


Driver ‘a hero’ for saving toddler

Last updated 16:30 23/01/2013

The Paraparaumu truck driver who slammed on his brakes and scooped a toddler out of harm’s way in February last year has been rewarded for his heroic actions.

Dennis Roderick was reunited with the little blond-haired boy for the first time today when he received the supreme Beaurepairs Highways Hero award in Wellington.

”You’re a little bit heavier now mate,” Roderick said as he gave Liam Adamson, now aged two, a hug.

The grandfather was driving at about 40kmh along Mana Esplanade, north of Porirua, last February when he saw Liam just metres in front of him attempting to cross four lanes of traffic.

He swung his 20-metre-long truck and trailer across both southbound lanes to prevent the toddler being run over. He then leapt out of his cab and picked up the boy, who was dressed in a nappy and singlet.

Roderick’s heart continued to race as he cradled the then 16-month old in his arms while trying to figure out where the tot had come from.

He spotted an open gate then Liam’s distraught mum Michelle Barr. He handed Liam over and drove away, not wanting to hold up traffic.

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What were all the other drivers doing?

Typical hero. Just drive away after doing the right thing. No big deal.

Hope I have an opportunity to be that heroic and humble.

But, small challenges only, in line with my limited abilities.

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