JEMAIL: Stebbins, Donald M. (MC1961) cites the Clean Air Act as why we can breathe

Dear Jasper John,

Your answer reveals a perverse way of looking at the world. A company sells
me a washing machine and then stops making parts for it and you say I
am demanding too much!! Your mode of thinking is way off base. They are
cheating me pure and simple and should be forced to comply with a law
requiring maintenance of the machines they sell – they have my money
not the other way around. Money seems to be your only god, especially when it is
in the hands of corporations and/or rich people.

Look up the history of pollution in New jersey and you will find the government
was responsible for cleaning it up. Face facts rather than just saying things without
proof or documentation of any kind for your claims

One small part reads:
“In “Protecting New Jersey’s Environments” ($23.95, Rutgers Press), Belton, who attended St. Peter’s Prep, reflects on the personal anecdotes that led him to his career in environmental protection, including losing his brother and father to cancer.

“Growing up before the Clean Air Act, there used to be coal furnaces in every housing project for burning trash,” Belton said. “I remember my mother would hang laundry up to dry, and it would get covered in the coal dust from everyone burning it”

There are thousands of articles backing up what I say- read them

Sincerely yours,

Donald M Stebbins
BS 1961

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[JR: It’s always fun how you pick the starting points of your arguments. So if I follow your logic: pollution became a problem and the (wonderful God-like) “State of New Jersey” rushed in an made it all better. Can we run the VCR back a few years? Are you asserting that the Federal and State Governments had no role in creating this Their laws and regulations had no inducements on CREATING the environment that caused the problem? And, that their actions — laws, rules, diktats — were powerless to predict, identify, and avoid the problem? But, yet they were magically able to rush in and save us? I see a flaw there. I’ll have to do some “digging” (pardon the pun), but I’m sure that in the end I’ll find a source that you can dispute that hangs the blame where it should be. By The Way, the smell that everyone makes fun of in Secaucus was the direct result of zoning and waste handling regulations; we learnt that in injineerin skrule. See the model is: Government uses force to make diktats, either intentionally or unintentionally problems result, and then the Gooferment rushes in to save us by making more diktats and assuming more control over our lives.]

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